A Quick Guide: Know How to Delete AOL Email Account

Do you have an AOL email account that you want to delete? You must want to open a new AOL account? Do you have several email addresses? Or do you believe your AOL account is inactive?


Whatever the case may be, you must erase your AOL account. The main question now is, “How do you delete your AOL Email account?” Whatever the cause for your AOL account deletion, you must complete the process by simply following the guidelines listed below –

How Do I Delete My AOL Account?

To be honest, you can’t delete/deactivate the AOL account without canceling all AOL accounts, which means you’ll lose access to all AOL services, including AIM instant chat.

Furthermore, the emails and address book are completely destroyed after three months, and you cannot retrieve your old account after 90 days.

You can also reactivate AOL and retrieve your address book by logging in again with your AOL username and password.

Here are steps that you have to follow if you want to delete your AOL Email Account


Step 1: Launch your web browser and navigate to your AOL website. To access the AOL page, sign in to your AOL account by simply trapping your login options on the right-side top corner of the AOL web page.

Step 2: After logging into your AOL account, scroll down and pick the “My Account” option. Finally, this will direct your account to the service page. Furthermore, you must be careful not to click on the option “My Account” on the left side of the web page, as this would lead you elsewhere, which is irrelevant.

Step 3: Now, on the left-hand side of the ‘My Account page, click on the option labeled “Manage My Subscriptions.”

Step 4: Now, navigate to the ‘Cancel’ option, which is located on the lower right side of the ‘Plan Information section. Simply click on it. While doing so, you will be taken to the cancellation section.

Step 5: When you’re on the cancellation screen, select “Cancel my AOL Account.” It is situated at the bottom of the Window. When I click this button, my AOL email account will be permanently deleted.

Things to Remember Before closing AOL email account

Because payments are processed in advance, if you cancel your paid AOL account in the middle of the monthly cycle, you will still have access to your services until the end of your payment cycle. However, once your paying cycle is complete, you will no longer be able to access your AOL account’s address book unless you resume your account within 3 months of cancellation.

In this manner, you can permanently and quickly delete/close the AOL email account. I hope the step-by-step instruction above answers your question concerning “How to Delete Your AOL Email Account.”

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