A Full Guide: What is AMPDevicesAgent? Fishy or Genuine? Find It Out Now in 2022!

If you possess a Mac, you may have noticed an AMPDevicesAgent notification message asking for your permission to enter keychain credentials. The notice appears on your Mac screen from time to time and reads: “AMPDevicesAgent wishes to use your personal information stored in iOS backup in your keychain.” Enter the login keychain password to authorize this.”


Though it is not obvious from the message that it is from Apple and appears suspicious, it has created many security worries for users; so, we have compiled this blog piece to explain what AMPDevicesAgent is and why it requires your password.

So continue reading to get answers to all of your AMPDevicesAgent-related inquiries.

About AMPDevicesAgent:

Because the message does not clarify whether it is from Apple or not, most people interpret it as a harmful software notification. Furthermore, the notification does not explain why the process requires keychain access.

To understand the situation, you should know that AMPDevicesAgent is not like any third-party program and is not the consequence of a virus (or malware). So, what exactly is it? Let’s find out here…

What is AMPDevicesAgent?

AMPDevicesAgent is a new background process device manager included with macOS Catalina that is in charge of synchronizing and backing up iOS or iPadOS devices using Finder. This normally shows when you try to sync your Mac devices over Wi-Fi or when you connect your iPad or iPhone to your Mac Device for the first time via a USB cord. It is also useful for restoring and updating your Mac devices.

In truth, AMPDevicesAgent is depicted as an Apple process and is a component of the Frameworks in your Library folder, which can be found at:

(/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AMPDevices.framework). You can also confirm its authenticity by going to Activity Monitor.

Why AMPDevicesAgent needs your Password?

AMPDevicesAgent is not a virus or spyware, but rather a component of the MacOS ecosystem. As a result, seeing this AMPDevicesAgent notice message is quite typical, and you need not be alarmed.

AMPDevicesAgent wishes to use your sensitive data and other keychain information at “iOS backup.” The message requests your passwords in order to gain access to your keychain, which contains a list of all your saved passwords as well as sensitive information such as credit/debit card information.

This notification appears on your device when AMPDevicesAgent in MacOS Catalina wishes to run a local backup of all Wi-Fi-connected devices. If you reject access, the error message will constantly ask for your password.

It is normal behavior, and you should not be concerned about entering your keychain password. To allow this, enter the login keychain password.

If you don’t know what your keychain password is, you should know that it is the same as your login password. It is possible to update it by going to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General > Change Password.

You should receive your answers about AMPDevicesAgent by now. Continue to visit us for more such tech stories.


What is AMPDevicesAgent on my Mac?

On Mac, the AMPDevicesAgent is a device manager that can backup, restore, and update devices. It happens when you sync your devices over a Wi-Fi network..

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