10 Best Download Managers For Windows 7/8/10

What is the purpose of a download manager? due to the multiple downloads you perform every day. A good download manager will help you organise them better. See this list of the top 10 download managers for computers running Windows 7/8/10/XP. In today’s world, downloading content from the internet is commonplace. Movies, songs, videos, and other types of data can all be downloaded from the internet. Every browser has a built-in download manager that works specifically for this purpose and keeps all of your downloads organised in one location.


Download manager

The main issue is that these built-in downloads only have a limited number of functions. That is why we are going to provide you with a list of some of the top download managers in this article, all of which have a tonne of essential features!

Here are the top download managers:

1. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

The best download manager in the world is Internet Download Manager, or IDM. Instead of starting the download from scratch, Internet Download Manager enables you to restart it from where it left off. Additionally, it speeds up the download of files. It works with popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and others.

Your download speed can be increased by IDM by 500%. There is no Download Manager that can compete with IDM. It is the top download manager on this list because of this. You should read my review of IDM for additional details on this fantastic programme. The main benefit of Internet Download Manager—possibly its USP—is how readily it integrates with all the popular browsers on the market, many of which include built-in web browsers that make downloading videos easier.

2. FlashGet

flashget screenshot

A completely free manager for Windows is called FlashGet. In addition to downloading the files, it also maintains them all organised in one location. Among the transfer protocols that FlashGet supports are FTP, HTTP, etc. You can download a variety of skins for FlashGet from the internet to give it a unique appearance. By selecting Tools and then Add Browsers Support, you may easily integrate with a browser.

FlashGet Download

3. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

In terms of features, this manager is fairly comparable to FlashGet. Up to 30 different languages are supported by FDM. It is compatible with practically all well-known browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and others. It has a user-friendly UI. You can download the free version of Free Download Manager, popularly known as FDM, as a browser plugin. For those who enjoy media, Download Accelerator Plus can help you avoid annoyances like slow servers and traffic jams. It can also be set up to switch off your internet access once the last download is complete. There are so many options, whether you’re looking for a standalone piece of software or something that integrates with your favourite web browser, that it can be challenging to know where to start. Try this one out.

Free Download Manager Download

4. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus

The main function of Download Accelerator Plus, sometimes known as DAP, is to accelerate all of your downloads. You can use its built-in search engine to look for the specific file you’re looking for. It features an extremely helpful internal MP4 to MP3 converter. Using DAP, you may also download videos from websites that broadcast videos online, including Vimeo, YouTube, and others.

Download Accelerator Plus Download

5. JDownloader


JDownloader offers a lot of helpful functions. You may establish bandwidth restrictions, pause and restart your ongoing downloads, download an infinite number of files at once, and do a lot more. Since JDownloader was created in Java, any computers can use it without any issues. More than 300 plugins, including WordPress and UCM, are available. JDownloader also offers a variety of themes and language options.

JDownloader Download

6. Orbit

One of the ideal download managers for Windows is called Orbit. Its user interface is straightforward. It supports a wide range of protocols, including HTTP, FTP, RTSP, and many more. For better download management, you can even get a different proxy server.

Orbit Download

7. Ninja Download Manager

Chrome is the browser that NDM works best with. It has various cutting-edge features, including speed limiting and file shredding. It includes a range of themes that are customisable and supports multiple languages. – Ninja Download Manager Download

Ninja Download Manager

8. GetGo Manager

This manager was created by the GetGoSoft firm to download music and videos quickly. Any song or video can be downloaded from a social media platform or online streaming service like Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, or YouTube, among others.

GetGo Manager Download

Multiple file downloads, support for well-known multimedia websites like Vimeo and YouTube, add-on support, and more are a few of my other favourite features. Additionally, you can quickly manage the bandwidth allocation for all downloads or bandwidth to downloads, create batch downloads, download torrents, preview ZIP files before they are downloaded, deselect files from the compressed folder, download entire websites, resume broken downloads, download all links from the clipboard, and download entire websites.

9. Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager

This manager has the capacity to use algorithms and data compression techniques to boost downloading speed by five times the standard rate. It integrates effectively with practically all widely used browsers. The HTTP, FTP, and HTTPS protocols are supported. Other features of Xtreme Download Manager include support for proxy servers, authentication techniques, the ability to pause and restart downloads, scheduling download times using the integrated smart scheduler, speed limiter that helps manage bandwidth allocation, and more.

Xtreme Download Manager Download

10. Microsoft Download Manager

Microsoft Download Manager

The Microsoft download manager is last but certainly not least. It is incredibly simple to use and supports all Microsoft Windows versions. Microsoft Download Manager, sometimes known as MDM, has a truly amazing UI and can manage all of your important downloads despite being less than 2 MB in size.

Microsoft Download Manager Download


Having fun while reading the article? You don’t initially get fast enough download speeds, and even then, your download could stop working at any time. You should always use a download manager because of this. A good download manager will not only speed up your downloads but also let you pause, resume, and run many downloads simultaneously. Once they have been downloaded, you can check them out in your browser’s download library. They are simple to locate. Now all you have to do to finish is click on the links.

Additionally, you can create batch downloads, download torrents, preview ZIP files before downloading them, and even deselect files you don’t want from the compressed folder. You can also download entire websites, resume broken downloads, download all links from the clipboard, and quickly control the bandwidth allocation for all downloads.

In addition to providing faster download speeds, a good download manager should also allow you to pause and resume downloads, support torrent downloads or torrent files, streaming video downloads or video files, or any other file types, support download scheduling or schedule downloads, advanced download scheduling, make simultaneous connections, built-in file converter, find exact file extensions, built-in smart scheduler, smart clipboard monitoring, and command-line download utility. Without worrying about video content processing or a video converter, you may download videos from major video platforms and well-known video hosting websites with the correct management.

Some bosses permit browser tracking. If you’re having trouble deciding which programme to use, keep reading to learn about our picks for the top free download managers, each of which includes all the features you’ll need for frequent, dependable, and rapid downloads.

Tell us which of these top 10 download managers is your favourite in the comments section. Simply leave a remark below.

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