Top 10 Best Wish list apps for android and iOS

Online shopping has become a popular pastime in today’s digital age. You can get a wide range of clothes, books, gadgets, accessories, and other items to give to your family members. With this goal in mind, various best wish list apps have been developed to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones.
These fantastic apps can be extremely useful at Christmas and other special occasions such as weddings and birthdays. Isn’t it a wonderful way to brighten the day of your loved ones? You can send your favourite item to anyone with a single click.
The following are some of the best wish list apps for Android and iOS users to help them choose the best gift for friends and family. Let us investigate.


Best Wish list apps for android and iOS


Download for: (Android & iOS)

WishMindr is a new app from Wrightlabs. It aids in the creation and dissemination of the list. As a result, this best wish list app is both time-saving and hassle-free. It is a universal app for giving gifts to loved ones because users can add favourite items from any website. You can share the list via text, email, Facebook, or any other social media platform. The items that have already been chosen have been marked as purchased. It has a very user-friendly interface, making online shopping easier.


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Buying gifts for your loved ones is now easier thanks to Gifster, another amazing best wish list app. You can use this app to create a gift registry for a different occasion. You can also add your favourite items from various websites, just like Wishmindr. Not only that, but users can invite friends and family to join a personal group to share ideas.
Another useful feature is the ability to create a drawing that can be added to the group. You don’t have to ask anyone about the gift you want in this case.

RightGift for: (Web & iOS)

This is a popular gift registry website and one of the best free wish lists for iOS. It provides a large product barcode database. As a result, users have a wealth of options for creating their own personalised wish list. You can get the prices of any item in the store by scanning it with this app. As a result, this wish list app is both simple and practical.


Giftry Available for: (Web, Android & iOS)

Giftry is the app to use if you need to buy a gift for a special occasion. This is because, with this app, one can quickly select a gift online and add it to the list. Furthermore, you can instantly share that gift with your loved ones. To avoid sending duplicate gifts, label the items with purchase as a caption.
Another important feature that you should not overlook is the ability to take pictures of favourite items from local stores and add them to your wish list. Not only that, but you can save your special occasions to keep track of when you might need to buy a gift.

Gift It

Gift It Available for: (Web & iOS)

Switchback Media has released a Christmas wish list app called Gift It. Using this app, you can easily organise your gift list and keep track of the items. You no longer need any paper to make a wish list. This app will help you with your task. You can also use this app to plan activities you want to do with your loved ones. The app’s design and interface are very user-friendly.

Wish Explorer

Wish Explore: (Web, Android & iOS)

With Wish Explorer, you can easily find a gift that can make your loved ones really happy. Users can note the various gift options, list them down and can even share with anyone. This app makes it simple to manage and organise one’s wish list. It has also an amazing feature where users can share their opinion on items and compare the various features of the same.

Shopping buddy

Available for: (Android)

Using this app, you can easily create a list of your desired products, sorting them by priority as well as type and price.
This app computes the total cost of your purchase and even allows you to search for the product online. The app’s design is quite good. You can share your gift ideas with family and friends.


Available For (Web & iOS)

MonkeyWish is a one-of-a-kind gift and online shopping experience. It provides a customised list of items based on the interests of the users. You can easily find out what your loved ones want with the live streaming option. You can select and add the product from any store. There is also the option to scan the product barcode and upload a picture of the product you require. The app is a lot of fun to use.


Available for: (Web, Android & iOS)

GiftBuster, a legal shopping app, is one of the best free wish list apps for Android and iOS. It has some amazing features, such as a search tool for finding the desired products to gift to your loved ones. You can also view another person’s wish list and gift accordingly.
There is no possibility of gifting the same item because the person who created the list cannot see what item was reserved on the list, whereas others can.


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The meHappy app was designed primarily to send gifts on birthdays. It has a reminder feature which allows users to set a reminder for sending gifts on birthdays of loved ones. Your friends get notified, once you add the desired product in your wish list which you want on your birthday. This list is editable at any time.

Final words

The meHappy app was created primarily to send birthday gifts. It has a reminder feature that allows users to set a reminder to send gifts on loved ones’ birthdays. When you add a product to your wish list that you want for your birthday, your friends are notified. This list can be edited at any time.

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