Full Guide To Fix It: Calendar Invitation Cannot Be Sent

No, I haven’t just accepted or rejected a calendar invitation, but instead received an error warning reading “Calendar Invitation- Your response cannot be transmitted – OK” when I tried to respond to it on my iOS iPhone. An explanation of the problem, along with a solution, can be found in the following troubleshooting guide: Calender Invitation Cannot Be Sent From Apple iOS Calendar App.


How Calender Invitaion works on iPhone/iPad?

In order to access the iCloud calendar, you must use the Calendar app for both iOS and MacOS. You may now send email invitations to other Apple users directly from your iPhone. Apps like these make it easy to manage invitations once they’ve been received; as soon as someone accepts or rejects your invite, their response is promptly forwarded to you for confirmation.
However, a number of Apple iPhone and iPad customers have reported experiencing a Calender Invitation cannot be delivered error. All iPhone models display this problem notice while using the Calender app, and it appears every five minutes or so even after you’ve pressed the OK button. Users’ iPhones/iPads may also hang or freeze as a result of this in rare cases.
This causes you to become irritated when you receive the notification over and again. So, here’s what you should do if you keep getting this annoying error message on your device.

Fixing Calendar Invitation Cannot Be Sent Error on iOS Devices

These troubleshooting solutions can help you fix the “Calendar Invitation cannot be sent” error on your iPhone or iPad if you encounter it.

Method#1: Restart/Reboot Your iOS Device

Start by shutting down your iPhone or iPad and then turning it back on. Restarting your device should solve any issues you’re having with the error message “Your response to the invitation cannot be sent.” Rebooting your smartphone should resolve any issues you’re having with the calendar app.

Method#2: Toggle Off/On the Calendar App

Toggle the Calender app off and then on again to fix the Calender invitation not being sent problem on an iOS device. Please follow these instructions for reactivating the app on iOS.

  • Navigate to the iOS device’s Settings app (iPhone or iPad)
  • At the top, tap on your name/Apple ID, and you’re done.
  • Search for calendar apps in iCloud by tapping iCloud.
  • Turn the Ca off.

The end. To see if the issue has been fixed, restart your phone and respond to the invitation in the Calendar app.

Method#3: Update Your Apple Device to Latest Version

Getting the most recent and updated version of the iOS Calender app is another option for resolving this problem. The iOS version must be updated if your device has not been updated to the latest version. Make sure your iPhone is up to date with the current version of iOS in order to cure this problem. In the event that it isn’t, you can update it following the techniques outlined below:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone or tablet to get to the settings.
  • You should then pick Software Update from the General drop-down menu.
  • If there is a software update available, select the Download and Install option.

Check to see if the Calender Invitation problem is fixed after updating to the latest iOS version.

Method#4: Remove and Add iCloud Account to Calendar App

In addition to iCloud, the Calendar app is compatible with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange. Therefore, uninstalling and then re-adding your iCloud account to your Calender app is one method of resolving the issue. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  • The Settings app can be accessed by opening it.
  • To access the Calendar, find it on the left side of the screen and tap on it.
  • Select iCloud from the Accounts menu.
  • The option to log out of your iCloud account is located at the bottom of the page.
  • Thereafter Do a system restart and re-enter your iCloud login credentials

Note: The same procedure must be followed for each additional account that you’ve added.

Method#5: Approach Apple for Help

The only thing you can do if none of the above solutions work for you is to wait for Apple to release a remedy for the problem.
Alternatively, you can visit an Apple Store or contact Apple Customer Support to report the problem and ask for assistance.
Kudos..! On your iPhone or iPad, you’ve learned how to fix the Calendar Invitation cannot be delivered error in a matter of minutes. You can simply fix this problem by following the steps outlined above one at a time.

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