Quick Guide To Fix: ‘Can’t share post to story’ Instagram issue

Instagram is clearly the first choice of today’s teenagers. The social media sharing platform includes a lot of intriguing features that contribute to its success. One such feature is the option to share posts to stories. It’s remarkable that users may share not just their own posts as Instagram stories, but also those of others. However, several Instagram users have complained that they ‘can’t share post to the story on Instagram.’ If you’re wondering why this happens and how to fix the can’t share posts to stories Instagram error, keep reading. We have an answer for you.


So, without further ado, let’s go over everything related to Instagram’s can’t share a post on the story issues.

What’s the point in sharing post to Story?

Instagram users can share posts from their feeds to Instagram Stories. This is as simple as tapping on the PaperPlane button at the bottom of the post and sharing it to your narrative with a single click.

Now, you might be wondering, “What’s the point of sharing posts to stories?” As a result, we must inform you that it has various advantages for you. For starters, it increases the visibility of the posts by allowing them to reach more individuals. Next, it makes the post more personal and engaged, which aids in the growth of a company account. Finally, posting a post is far simpler than taking screenshots and then adding them to your story.

However, if you are unable to share a post to your Instagram story or discover that option absent on your account, there could be several causes for this. Simply keep reading to learn about the possible causes of this problem.

Why “Can’t share a post on the Instagram Story” occur?

There could be several reasons why you are unable to share posts to your Instagram story. If you are unable to view the resharing of a post option on your Instagram account, there could be a few difficulties ranging from Instagram internal settings to the presence of a bug or virus.
Let’s get started by becoming acquainted with some of the most important ones, as listed below:

  • The following information is not public: The first and most obvious reason is that the post is either marked as private or comes from a private account.
  • Instagram on its own: One cause for this could be that your Instagram app has not been updated or that the feature is missing.
  • Because Instagram often rolls out features in phases, there is a good risk that the function will be absent from your account.
  • Type of Instagram Account: Only public accounts have access to the ‘Add post to story’ button. If the post is from a private account, you will not see the option to share the post.
  • To determine whether an Instagram account is private or public, follow these steps:
  • Open the Instagram website in private mode.
  • Go to the profile after conducting a search for the specific account.
  • If you can read their posts, the profile is probably public; if the posts are hidden, the profile is probably private.
  • To double-check, look for the text ‘This Account is Private’ on the profile page.
  • Permission to Share: Even in the event of a public account, another factor that may result in the absence of the ‘Add post to narrative’ option is permission to share. Here’s how you can enable or disable the ability to share your posts:
  • Navigate to your profile page in the Instagram app.
  • Select Settings by tapping the three-bar symbol at the top.
  • Now, choose Privacy, and then Story.
  • Finally, toggle the button next to Allow resharing to stories to allow or disable the option.

Now that we’ve identified the root causes of the problem, let’s look for solutions to the ‘can’t share post to a story on Instagram’ problem.

How to Fix ‘Can’t share Post to Story’ on Instagram?

It’s time to learn about the ways for resolving this problem and making some fast fixes, which are listed below:

Fix#1: Restart your Device

First and foremost, you should try the fundamental troubleshooting procedure of restarting your device. Simply turn off the gadget and wait a few moments before turning it back on. Relaunch Instagram to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Fix#2: Turn Resharing Off And On

To resolve the issue, try repeating the procedures outlined above to grant permission to reshare. You can flip the toggle button next to Allow story resharing on and off. Make sure to disable it and then restart your phone to re-enable it.

Fix#3: Clear Cache Memory

If you are an Android user, you can remedy the issue by emptying the Instagram App Cache. Follow these procedures to clear damaged cache memory and data for the Instagram app:

  • Go to Apps & notifications on your Android device’s Settings.
  • Then, under All apps, locate and press on Instagram.
  • Finally, go to Storage and press the Clear cache button.

Fix#4: Update your Instagram

Because Instagram is one of the causes of this problem, you can resolve it by updating your Instagram app from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Fix#5: Uninstall Instagram

You may also try removing the Instagram app from your phone to see if that solves the problem. After which it was reinstalled.

Fix#6: Login From Alternate Device

One possible solution is to try logging in from a different device. Many customers have claimed that they were able to resolve this issue by logging in from a new device; if the chance is on your side, this option may also work for you.

Fix#7: Contact Instagram for Help

If the option to share a post is not present on your profile, you can contact the Instagram support staff to resolve the issue. You can reach the Instagram support center from your device by following the instructions below:

  • Go to your profile in the Instagram app.
  • Now access the account settings and scroll down to find the “Help” option. Tap it.
  • Soon after, four options will display on the screen, including “Report a Problem,” “Help Center,” “Support Requests,” and “Privacy and Security Help.” Choose “Help Center.”
  • You will now be routed to Instagram’s support center on your web browser.
  • Fill in the blanks with details about the problem and inform them about the missing feature. Complete all required fields and submit your request.
  • Finally, wait for the Instagram team to investigate the issue and respond with solutions to your problem of being unable to share posts to stories.

Following one of the solutions listed above, you should be able to resolve the Can’t share post-to-story Instagram problem.

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