Simple Ways On How To Change Name On Reddit

A fictitious character or a TV star is the most common inspiration for a social media user’s name. After some time, the name begins to sound a little funny or silly because of the changing trends or the loss in the popularity of the celebrity in question. Is it possible to change your Reddit username? TechMirror is here to assist you if this is an issue for you as well.


Changing Reddit Username and Display Name:

Reddit is a one-stop shop for just about anything. If there’s anything you can think of, there’s a community for it. Create an account on our social news aggregation site to begin exchanging ideas and material with other users. It’s also possible to vote up and down content uploaded by other Redditors if you have a Reddit account.
When creating a Reddit account and selecting your username and display name, you must exercise caution because you do not want to use anything that could be associated with your unique identity.
Keep in mind that your Reddit username is permanent and cannot be changed for security reasons; however, if you want to, you can do so. Reddit Display names can be altered in a matter of seconds by following a few simple procedures.
Note: You have the option of changing your Display name at any time, or you may choose not to have one at all.
The methods listed below can be used to modify your Reddit display name. Let’s get started right away!

Method 1: Changing Reddit Display Name via Desktop Browser:

By signing into your Reddit account via the website, you can modify your display name. You can get the same result by following the steps outlined in the approach described below.

  • Reddit users can find a down arrow next to their usernames if they log into their account and check for it on the right side of the screen. It’s just a matter of clicking.
  • Go to the User settings and select the profile option. Please click here to access the ability to customise your profile.
  • Reddit will save your Display Name automatically when you enter it in the Display name (optional) text box.

Method 2: Changing Reddit Display Name in Android/iOS App

Change your Display name in Reddit’s app is also simple. Let me show you how:

  • Using the Reddit app on your smartphone or tablet, tap the profile avatar button and pick my profile.
  • A new window will open when you tap edit.
  • The third step is the most important. Click the Save button after you’ve entered the Display name you want.

That’s all there is to it! We sincerely hope our assistance in altering your Reddit Display Name was helpful.

How to reset or delete Username on Reddit?

The only way to change your Reddit username is if you’re a new member, and that’s not something you can do. It’s also possible to delete your account and lose all of the karma points you’ve accrued.
Reddit’s forget feature makes it simple to get your login back if you’ve misplaced it.

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