How to Delete a Disney Plus Account or Profile in 2022: Full Guide

Disney Plus was launched in 2019 and features films and series from the likes of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. It costs $7.99 a month to access the OTT platform’s content library, which includes over 7,000 TV episodes and 500+ movies. If you’ve decided to cancel your Disney+ subscription, here’s how to do it in 2022. We’ll also show you how to remove Disney Plus profiles from your account if you wish to do that.


How to Delete a Disney Plus Account?

Cancelling any current subscriptions is the first step in closing your Disney Plus account. Logging into your account and looking for the Cancel Subscription option will do the trick.
The Disney Plus subscription has been cancelled. You must now request the deactivation of your Disney account by contacting Disney by phone or live chat in their Help Center.

How to delete a profile on Disney Plus?

It’s a cinch with profiles to keep track of the favourite shows and movies of you and your loved ones. Additionally, Disney Plus provides you with customised recommendations. One account can hold up to seven different profiles. Here’s how you may deactivate a friend or family member’s Facebook profile.

Step 1: On your Disney Plus profile, click on the ‘Profile’ Icon to begin the process of signing in. (You’ll find it at the top right corner on a desktop browser, and at the bottom right corner on a mobile device.)

Step 2: Click or touch Edit Profile to continue.
Step 3: Select the profile you wish to delete and then click Delete Profile at the bottom of the page.

Once you’ve confirmed the deletion, you’re done!


Do I get a refund if I delete my Disney Plus account?

Not at all! There are no refunds or partial payments for Disney Plus memberships.

How do I permanently delete my Disney Plus account?

In order to completely remove your Disney Plus account, you must send them an email or use their live chat service.

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