Simple Manual: How to Delete Grubhub Account

Grubhub is a necessity if you are a foodie who likes to try new things and explore new restaurants and cuisines. However, if you have a legitimate cause to want to stop using Grubhub and wonder how to cancel your Grubhub account, this simple guide is here to help. It explains how to delete your Grubhub account in a few easy steps.


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About Grubhub:

Founded in the United States, Grubhub is an online food ordering and delivery service. Just Eat, the world’s leading online food delivery marketplace, operates this segment. More than 300,000 restaurants in more than 4,000 U.S. locations are currently affiliated with the platform.
More than 33 million diners and foodies use the service every month. Online meal ordering service Grubhub is a simple-to-use platform that provides innovative technologies and a top-notch delivery service for customers. At the same time, Grubhub gives restaurant owners access to the company’s hassle-free technology and marketing resources to help them develop their business.

How it works:

Grubhub will take care of the rest for you as a diner. You can search by cuisine, restaurant name, or specific menu item, and it will bring up a list of hundreds of nearby pickup restaurants. For free, it enables you to order online or over the phone. Besides that, you may read reviews, get discounts and special offers, and contact customer service at any time with this service.

Why delete Grubhub Account?

You’d be hard-pressed to get rid of your Grubhub account with all of the perks it offers. If you wish to delete your Grubhub account because you’re getting too many promotional emails, you can do so here. You don’t have to keep getting these emails because you may just unsubscribe. But if you’re moving to a foreign nation for any other valid or unavoidable cause, this guide may help you erase your Grubhub account.

How to Delete Grubhub Account:

Several tried-and-true approaches may help you permanently deactivate your Grubhub account. Contact Grubhub’s customer service via the website, email, or even a phone call to cancel your account. Let’s take a look at each of these strategies in turn.

Deactivate Grubhub Account via Web:

Grubhub’s official website is the simplest and most usual method for deleting your account; just follow the steps below to remove your account.

  • Go to Grubhub’s Data Management section (the official support page of Grubhub)
  • Submit a request by clicking the Submit a request offered below the ‘Delete your personal information’ heading.
  • When prompted, enter your email address in the provided field and click the “Verify my email” button to continue.
  • Afterwards, click “Submit.”
  • An “Are you sure you want to delete your account?” prompt appears as soon as you submit the form.
  • Selecting “Delete” confirms your action.

Everything has come to a head!! Your request has been submitted and a confirmation email has been sent to you.
Note: Please keep in mind that it may take up to 45 days for your account to be permanently terminated after you submit your request. Until then, you can use your existing profile and log in to take advantage of the service.

Delete Grubhub Account via Request Mail:

Sending an email to Grubhub’s support team to request that your account be deleted is the next option on the list. To cancel your Grubhub account, submit a request email to Grubhub stating the reason for doing so in the body. Here is a step-by-step guide to accomplishing this:

  • Go to your email account and sign in (preferably the one which you have registered with Grubhub)
  • Send an email requesting that your account be deactivated.
  • “GRUBHUB ACCOUNT DELETION” or “REQUEST FOR ACCOUNT DELETION” should be written in the subject line.
  • Send an email to with a statement in the body explaining why you want to deactivate your account.

With that, you’ve effectively submitted a request to the Grubhub Support Team for the deletion of your account.
Note: It is not required that you use your registered email address to send the message. From any email account with your name, you can submit a request for help message to our team. As long as the information of your Grubhub account are included in the email, it will be possible to delete the account.

Delete Grubhub Account via Request Call at Grubhub Customer Care:

The next way to remove your Grubhub account is to call Grubhub customer service and ask them to do it. You can call (877) 585-1085 to raise a ticket and have your account terminated.

Final Thought:

Every foodie’s dream to have a Grubhub account, thanks to its lightning-fast service and unmatched features. However, any of the methods listed above can be used to remove your Grubhub account. After raising a support case, your account will not be disabled immediately. You must wait 45 days (maximum) before your account is completely cancelled. However, the best part is that you can still access and utilise your account throughout this time.

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