Best Discord Role Ideas for 2022 : Cool, Aesthetic & Random

Adding roles is a terrific method to help out while running and maintaining a Discord server. Furthermore, coming up with unique and creative role concepts for your server is a great approach to raising community morale and keeping them involved. If you want to add some spice to your Discord roles and community, or if you want to give it a unique flair, you can consider a special name convention relating to the hierarchy of your Discord role concepts. Starting with administrative roles and progressing below, you can select and apply interesting roles based on your preferred server theme!


Today, we’ll talk over simple yet great Discord role ideas for 2022.

What Does Discord Role Mean And How It Works?

If you have a Discord server, you must configure it with roles. Adding roles is necessary since it creates a hierarchy. Roles allow you to organize your server members and delegate authority to them. You can tailor each member’s permissions by assigning roles. If you have certain staff members, for example, you can assign them the roles of “Admin” and/or “Mod.” Similarly, if the server has a co-owner, you may establish a “Co-Owner” position and many more.
Discord’s default settings provide a “@everyone” role for members of your Discord server. This position has normal permissions such as accessing channels, sending messages, and generating invites. Aside from this, you may grant users access to a variety of other features such as checking server insights and handling webhooks.
In addition, you can always alter the role of any member to activate or prohibit particular permissions. After you create a role, you must assign people to that role on your own.

Here Are Exciting Discord Role Ideas You’re Looking For:

General Corporate Hierarchy Role Ideas

The most effective strategy to obtain server jobs is to keep things as simple as possible. You can use the following general corporate phrases to reflect the organization’s hierarchy:

  • CEOs/CFOs = Administrators 
  • Managers = Mods
  • Workers = Staff
  • Clients = Members
  • Office Equipments  = Bots

Military Hierarchy Discord Role Ideas

You could go out and locate your own version hierarchies, and another hierarchy to consider for assigning names and duties on Discord servers may be military as:

Commander/Major = Administrators

Sergeant = Mods

Corporal = Staff

Infantry = Members

Guns/Canon = Bots

Medieval Hierarchy Discord Role Ideas

Taking another clan into consideration, you can even build your role structure on a medieval ranking system, which could look like this:

  • King/Queen = Administrators
  • Prince/Princess = Mods
  • Lord/Bishop = Staff
  • Peasants = Members
  • Armory/Cattle/Carriages = Bots

Entertainment Discord Role Ideas

If you enjoy movies, television shows, video games, or other forms of entertainment. You may then choose a certain movie, TV series, or game to name your server roles, making it appealing as well as catering to a broad audience. Consider the following Marvel Cinematic Universe example:

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • The Avengers = Administrators
  • Guardians of the Galaxy = Mods
  • Spider-Man/Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel = Staff
  • Agents of Shield = Members
  • Ultron/Vision = Bots

Random Discord Role Ideas

If you don’t have anything particular in mind right now but still want to give your server a unique name and assign roles to users, you may always go with random discord roles, which may include animals, colors, flowers, fruits, and so on.

Here’s how to do so:

Colors Role Ideas

  • Black = Administrators
  • Reds = Mods
  • Greens = Staff
  • Orange = Members
  • White = Bots

Animals Role Ideas

  • Loin = Administrators
  • Elephant = Mods
  • Other Animals = Staff
  • Monkeys = Members
  • Fish = Bots

Flowers Role Ideas

  • Lotus = Administrators
  • Rose = Mods
  • Lavender = Staff
  • Marigold = Members
  • Sunflower = Bot

Fruits Role Ideas

  • Mango = Administrators
  • Apple = Mods
  • Grapes = Staff
  • Cherries = Members
  • Watermelon= Bot

Emoji Discord Role Ideas

Including some emojis that provide the finest expressions for a specific position can be a lot of fun to employ. It is possible to bring fun and a cool twist to the roles by just browsing through Discord emojis and selecting one to get started!


How do you make a cool role in Discord?

You can always consider a theme and create a hierarchy around it. It might be from your favorite movie or a recent television series.

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