You Must Know how to Download Discord Emojis

Have you recently come across an appealing emoji on a Discord server and considered keeping a copy for yourself? So, if you don’t know how to Download Discord Emojis, here’s a must-read post that will teach you all you need to know about downloading emojis on Discord.

Without further ado, continue reading to learn the step-by-step procedure for getting Discord emojis.


Downloading Discord Emojis:

Almost all Discord servers have their own set of emojis that members can use while chatting or sending messages. The “manage emoji” capability allows both server owners and users to upload emojis. In addition, they can download the emoji from the Discord server.

In practise, some servers have greyed out emojis to limit their free usage around the world. Users must subscribe to Discord Nitro in order to use these emojis. Instead, users can download the emoji to their desktop PC and submit it to their server from there.

On Discord, a similar procedure may be used to download and save animated and non-animated emojis. To do so, you must first open the emoji’s URL and then right-click on the emoji. Then, using the “Save image as” option, save it to a selected location on your system’s storage. The saved emojis can be viewed and used from your computer at any time.

Let us now go over the procedure in detail.

How to download Discord emojis

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on downloading Discord emojis/emotes:

Step 1: Open the emoji’s link

The first step in downloading Discord emojis is to click on the appropriate link. This can be accomplished by following the underlying instructions:

  • Launch Discord on your PC and sign in with your authorized credentials.
  • Now go to the Discord server where you discovered the specific emoji.
  • Then, on the server, navigate to the emoji.
  • Find the emoji and click it. It will open a menu with several options such as “Add Reaction,” “Reply,” “Mark Unread,” and others.
  • Scroll down to the “Open Link” option in the navigation menu. Click it to access the link to the emoji.

Note: If you are using Discord mobile, you will not see the “Open Link” option because it is not available on mobile.

After you’ve opened the emoji’s URL, right-click on it and follow the instructions below to download the emoji.

2. Right-click the emoji & click on “Save image as”

When you click “Open Link,” you will be taken to a webpage that has the emoji. The aforementioned emoji is more likely to be found at the centre of the webpage. If it is an animated emoji, you will also be able to witness its animation. You are required to complete the following tasks:

  • When you right-click on an emoji, a menu will appear.
  • There are various alternatives on the navigation menu, such as “Open image in a new tab,” “Save image as,” “Copy image,” and so on.
  • You must save the image in order to download it.
  • So go ahead and click “Save picture as” to save the emoji to your computer.
  • If you want to be sure the emoji is properly stored, proceed to the final step.

Step 3: Name the file and save it

Soon after you click “Save image as,” it will prompt you to save it. You can select a preferred place on your device’s local storage.

To accomplish this, you must first establish a folder in which the emoji will be saved. If you do not create a folder, it will be saved in your “Downloads” or “Pictures” folder according to the usual settings. However, it is critical to establish a separate folder for Discord emojis so that you can discover all downloaded Discord emojis in one location.

This manner, the emoji will be saved in the designated folder after you click the “save picture as” button. If the link is to an animated emoji, save it as a GIF by right-clicking it and selecting “Save image as.” Finally, choosing “Save” will result in the saving of an emoji GIF file on your PC. If you choose to save a non-animated emoji, it will be saved as an image.
This can be accomplished as follows:

  • Consider a name and enter it in the “File name” field. For example, if you have an emoji depicting a dog barking, call it “Barking-Dog.” (Adding dashes to the file name makes it easier to understand.)
  • The emoji will be saved with the file type’s extension. If it’s an animation, it’ll be saved as a “.GIF” file. In the case of a photograph, it will be either “.PNG” or “.JPG.”
  • To finish, simply click “Save.”

Kudos! You now understand how to get Discord Emojis!

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