Download Hike for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

You should read this article if you haven’t heard of Hike Messenger. One of the best chatting apps available is Hike Messenger, which is among the best. It is incredibly dependable and easy to use. And it would have been fantastic if their devs had just produced a version of Hike for PC. You see, not everyone is glued to their smartphone. Some people spend their whole working day on a computer or laptop. Since mobile devices are not always permitted in the workplace, having a Hike for PC would have been fantastic and well appreciated. A top-notch internet messenger would be lacking if group chat wasn’t an option. This is another place where Hike Messenger shines. There can be up to 1,000 participants in a single group forum or chat room.

Download Hike for PC Windows

You may make free audio and video calls using this social media messaging software, which is the best. Both the Google Play Store and the internet market provide a wide variety of social media applications. Due to its simplicity, the Hike Messenger software is the most used chatting programme. The price increase is comparable to that of other messaging services like Facebook, IMO, and WhatsApp. You can start a group chat and keep a conversation log using this application. Create a private chat option if you want to talk privately with your friends and family. Consequently, nobody can view your communications.

It’s pretty easy to use the hike. Consequently, you can download and install this programme on an Android device. It provides you with an easy, personal, and incredibly quick communication experience. Regardless of whether your pals are hiking or not, you may still send them messages. The connectivity on 2G, 3G, and Wi-Fi was excellent. Even if your friends and family are not online, you can still send them SMS messages.

For a better communication experience, Android users are attempting to install the Hike messenger application on their PC. If you’re serious about installing a hike for PC, read our comprehensive guide to learn everything there is to know about hike messenger. Along with showing you how to use Hike messenger on your PC or Mac, we also cover its features in this guide.

The best feature of this time period is how adaptable practically everything is. Additionally, there is a workaround for the Hike app’s lack of Windows functionality. So, in this article, we’ll talk about how to cross that bridge and make a Hike app that runs flawlessly on a PC or laptop.

Download Hike for PC

Name Hike v6.3.95
Size 39.52 MB
System Requirement Windows 7/8/10
Author Hike Limited

How to Install and Download Hike for PC

We’ll use an Android emulator because we’re discussing a workaround for installing Hike on PC. And in this case, BlueStacks App Player will be a big assistance.

  1. Download BlueStacks

    Start by launching your web browser. And because downloading the BlueStacks emulator requires quite a bit of data, I strongly advise utilising a top-notch download manager like IDM, also known as Internet Download Manager. The download speed will increase by up to 5 times as a result.

  2. Run installer

    Run the BlueStacks installer once you have it to begin the installation.
    Specify a location for the installer to save its files, or use the Program Files folder by default under Windows.

  3. Launch BlueStacks

    Locate the BlueStacks icon on your desktop after the installation is complete. The all-purpose Android emulator will launch when you double-click the icon. A brief introduction presentation will be presented to you upon first access to help you become comfortable with how to use and control the emulator.

  4. Install Hike

    In order to look for the messaging app, locate the App Center and type Hike.
    Click on it to install as soon as you locate it.

  5. You’re all set

    Launch Hike for PC and take a look around.

Features of Hike Messenger

Just because we said so doesn’t make Hike Messenger popular. It’s incredibly handy and effective killer features are the reason it’s so well-liked. And by its millions of users worldwide, I mean. I’ll tell you everything about it.

Hidden Mode

  • For those who respect their privacy so highly, this is one of the most used features. This gives the user the capability to use a unique password to hide their whole conversation history from the public. You can feel secure knowing that none of those discussions will be accessible in any way if someone borrows your phone.


  • This is a wonderful app if you’re one of those persons who has stalkers. You can enable the secret mode on Hike Messenger, which conceals your profile photo, tales, and timeline. In order to prevent people from finding out where you have been or what you have been doing recently, it is also possible to conceal where you were last seen. And do you realise how much safer your online activities will be because to that? By utilising a VPN, like Psiphon for PC.

Group Chats

  • An effective internet messenger must have a group chat feature. And Hike Messenger excels in this area as well. 1,000 people can be added to a single group forum or chat room. Play games with your friends, exchange any file type—from papers to MP3—and share films of any size. When you and your pals can’t agree on what to do or where to travel the following weekend, there is also a vote tool available.

20,000+ Free Stickers

  • On as many stickers as you can handle, express all of your thoughts and feelings. When you can’t type or want to talk to your pal at your own pace, this is the perfect option.

Hike Wallet

  • Hike is ideal for businesses because of this. You have the choice to share money within the app with your friends, family, and coworkers. Hike will enable you spend or use the money as you choose when you load your account wallet with money from your bank account, debit card, and credit card.

Timeline and Stories

  • By using the timeline and story, you can describe your day and how you’re feeling. Additionally, you can only share it with the individuals who mean the most.

Magic Selfie

  • For those who want to share their OOTD, a native camera is supported as well. To keep it interesting and enjoyable, it features a lot of live filters and animation.

App Themes

  • The Hike Messenger is also a place for your creativity if you enjoy customization. Choose your Hike’s appearance to match the general design of your smartphone. You can collaborate with someone or a group to customise your chat box.


Additionally, Hike Messenger features a secret mode function that covers your timeline, stories, and profile picture. You can also choose to hide your last known location, keeping others in the dark about your whereabouts and recent activities.

What do you believe draws you to Hike for PC so much? Why do you believe it is superior? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments area. Have you heard about the Hike Messenger? The Hike Messenger is already great on mobile devices, but using it on a Windows PC will improve and make the experience more pleasant. Use a larger screen to combine the natural control of a PC and a smartphone in one device. You can do it by playing the PC game Hike.

If you want to know more about Hike for PC, Hike Web, Hike emulator, Hike Functionality For Users, and its Android experience while you’re there, you can also ask some questions.

If you have friends or know someone else who wants a Hike for PC, don’t forget to share this information with them. We would adore aiding them as well.

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