Download iMessage for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

Download iMessage for PC Windows: Do you using iMessage? Are all of your contacts using the Apple ecosystem and the iMessage app? What happens if you need to communicate with someone using iMessage but only have access to Windows OS? The issue now manifests. But did you know that iMessage is now available for PC? Now, installing it on your PC is quite simple. You’ll find the answers you need in this article. You can download it instantly by clicking on the link provided below the instructions.

download-imessage-for-pc-windows/Apple’s instant messaging service, iMessage, uses your personal data to deliver messages over the Internet. They only function if your internet connection is steady and reliable.
Using this application requires a data plan, however you can also send messages over WiFi. WiFi usage is free of charge.
Your data plan will be reduced if you use data from your mobile device, nevertheless. Data usage when sending films or photographs using iMessage might be high. It’s important to keep up with changes to your cell phone’s data.

Using the default messaging app makes sending and receiving iMessages as simple as sending and receiving an SMS message.
Simply enter your message in the text box and hit the green send arrow to send it. I’m done now! When the keyboard vanishes, simply tap the text field to make it appear again. For a while now, this application has consistently produced the greatest outcomes. This program is bundled with the default iPhone texting program. SMS and iMessages can be sent with this program. Text messages are green, whereas emails are blue.

How to Download and Install iMessage for PC

There are various ways to install iMessage on your computer. Select the one that best meets your needs.

Install with an Emulator

  1. This approach is simple. To run iOS apps, all you need to do is search for the iPadian iOS emulator in your Windows web browser. Alternatively, you can obtain a copy of the iPadian installer via this direct link.
  2. IDM can be used to accelerate downloads. Run the installer after the download is complete, then select where you want the software to be installed on your Windows PC. You can make a new folder or adhere to Windows’ standard installation procedures, which take you to the Program Files folder.
  3. Once the installation is complete, you can run the iPadian emulator by going to the desktop shortcut and clicking on it.
  4. The emulator will request your Apple account credentials when you use it for the first time.
  5. Find the App Store when you eventually reach the main desktop, which should appear somewhat familiar.
  6. You may then look for and install iMessage there.
  7. IMessage is now available on PC. Enjoy.

Install Using WeMessage

For this strategy to work, you must have a Mac on hand. Please keep in mind that there is a good probability that this method will only function temporarily because Apple does not fully support it. or at the very least till the developer came to a standstill. However, for the time being, this strategy only functions with the bare minimum of the iMessage app.

Download WeMessage

Name WeMessage 1.6
6Size 19.15 MB
Requirement Android 4.0
Author Communitext

Download WeMessage APK

Install on Mac

  1. The first step is to confirm that a Java Development Kit is installed on your Mac.
  2. If not, you should download one from the Oracle (Java) website.

Install on Mac

3. Go to Security and Privacy in System Preferences on your Mac. Then select Privacy, then on the left side of the box, select Accessibility.

4. A list with the Terminal listed should be present. If not, there is a lock icon in the box’s lower left corner. To activate modifications, click it.

5. Once you’ve checked it, click the plus symbol to add Terminal to the list.

6. This time, download WeServer from its official website to your Mac. To download the most recent version, select “Download for Mac.”

7. Pull the ZIP file apart after the download is complete.

8. Double-click the run-command file that will be present.

Install on Mac

  1. If a pop-up window with the message “Unidentified Developer” appears, simply click Open.
  2. The terminal will request your iMessage email and password if you grant it permission. Never use the same password twice. Use the same email that you use for the official iMessage. For your security, use anything else, such as your name with additional numbers.

Install on Android

  1. Now comes the point when you install an Android emulator like BlueStacks and start running Android apps on Windows. You should install WeMessage after setting up an Android emulator. Open the Play Store and look for the WeMessage app there to achieve this.
  2. Activate the app.
  3. The WeMessage software will request the IP address from the WeServer on your Mac after installation. Your authentic iMessage email address as well as the new WeServer password you generated earlier.
  4. There are two options to choose from depending on how you want to use WeMessage: the public and private IP addresses.
  5. Only when you wish to use WeMessage within your house or just on your WiFi network should you use the private IP address. You can use WeMessage anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection or data connection if you use a public IP address.
  6. Go to System Preferences> Network> Open Network Preferences> Advanced> TCP/IP to find the Private IP address. That is the private IP address of your Mac on the IPv4 address. When logging onto WeMessage with your Apple account, type it in.
  7. You should be able to use your browser to access the web UI or settings page for your router’s public IP address. You must consult your router’s documentation to determine the default gateway because every router has a different one. Try or for the default gateway of a typical router, then press Enter.
  8. For the username and password, enter Admin. You can also look on the back of your router, where this information is typically located.
  9. Once inside, select Advanced Options and search for Port Forwarding. Make a profile for port forwarding called WeServer.

Install on Android

Install on Android

10.Use the private IP address from for the IP address.

Install on Android

  1. Use the Safari browser on your Mac to go to WhatIsMyIP and you will be able to view your Mac’s IP address.

Log into WeMessage on your Android Device

  1. To access the service, tap the WeMessage app icon.
  2. Select either a private IP address or a public IP address for your WeMessage account now.
  3. You’ll be presented with a box asking if you want to sync or ban contacts.
  4. After that, you can use your WeMessage, which is already linked to your iMessage, anyway you choose.

Please be aware that WeMessage is only a short-term fix if you don’t have direct access to your iMessage. Although this app is promising and useful for the time being, given Apple’s history, this approach will eventually be restricted. But for now, take pleasure in this.

Additionally, do not have high expectations for the WeMessage’s features. It is primarily restricted to chat with a few emojis on the side. The rest is up to you to discover. However, be aware that it does not include all of iMessage’s capabilities.

Did You Know?

iMessage is only accessible on Apple hardware and software. As a result, there isn’t a single official iMessage programme available for download anywhere that can be used to send and receive messages on any Windows-based computer. In spite of this, individuals will always discover a hack, a workaround, or a solution for these kinds of issues because we live in an age of innovation and breakthrough. Giving you a means to utilise iMessage on a PC is the main goal of this.

iMessages are different from conventional emails and conversational emails. Additionally, the Apple messaging software only runs on Apple hardware. Email and iMessage, a straightforward conversation style similar to that of android phones, have several distinctions.

Now, this will only work if you commit all of your Apple login details to memory. And given how likely that is, using the method described here should be simple for you. Without further ado, here is the simplest method to download and install iMessage for PC.


Even some websites will advise you to use Chrome Remote Desktop. But for the time being, if you want to install it quickly, read the post and follow the instructions.

On Reddit, users have also asked about this, although the answer is nuanced. The majority of them offer a few ideas, many of which are stupid or subpar. Nevertheless, we’ve provided you with details and answers in this post that you might find helpful. You may also come across a lot of ridiculous solutions, but make sure you read the right publications.

You face the danger of being followed if you use WeMessage and WeServer with a public IP address. WeMessage is a closed-source programme, hence we are unable to access its source code. It might be used to hack into your account. WeMessage should only be used in extreme cases, so use it at your own peril.

Of course, if you wish to use your Windows 10 PC as a host in the future, you must choose the Enable remote Connection button on the Chrome Remote Desktop screen. Your Mac’s screen should also have a little box at the bottom that states Your desktop is currently shared and a Stop sharing button. It is available right now on our website. The download process is easy and clear. Now that you’ve located the links from the aforementioned article, you can begin. For you, that is. That’s all we can say about it, at least.

Therefore, most individuals, especially Android users, will want to try iMessage on their remote desktop window. Even iPhone users want to use their phone on their PC because receiving text messages requires you to unlock the phone every two seconds to check your personal messages, and doing so can interfere with your job. Downloading it on a PC using the aforementioned link would be the best option for this problem.

And if your friends want to learn how to use their iMessage, please forward this post to them.

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