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Do you know the book Until Dawn? Supermassive Games created the award-winning game. If you like the game’s spectacular storytelling, Supermassive Games has more in store for you in their recently released title. Man of Medan is the curtain opener of the engaging cinematic storytelling Supermassive Games possesses, and it is the first game in “The Dark Pictures Anthology.” You can download the game immediately from the links provided below, and it is easy to understand. Do you find that intriguing? Learn how to get it and read more about it.


About the Game

Man of Medan is a cooperative horror survival video game created by Supermassive Games and distributed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. On August 30, 2019, it was made available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. Your enthusiasm for this game will be different from your enthusiasm for RPGs.

The Man from the City of Medan is a significant theme in this game. Dark Picture Collection: A group of people—Alex and his fiancée Julie, his geeky brother Brad, and Julie’s brother Conrad—are on vacation when the horror video game Man of Medan begins. The gang is interested in diving to find underwater wrecks. Even if they circumvent local restrictions, they will go somewhere they shouldn’t.

Start to get hooked on this amazing, widely-awarded game that you should play! As we delve deeper into the information we all need to know, let’s learn the history of both the game’s creation and the game itself.

Download and Install

you will be taken to our website. If you use Windows, you can also hunt for a download manager. You can also use Zapya to share Man of Medan with your friends. Anyway, go to the directions there to download and fully install the game. Make sure you launch the game in administrator mode. Enjoy!
To finish the game, it is necessary to assess your device’s system capacity. The system requirements for Man of Medan on your device are listed below.

Memory 8 GB RAM
OS Windows 7 64-bit
Processor Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD FX-8350
Storage 80 GB available space

Download Man of Medan

The game’s file size on PC is expected to be 80GB. Typically, this download size is forcedly equivalent to that of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game. However, there is no official file size for those versions as of yet. It is to take the game’s capability into account. You can search for and download a WiFi hacker to connect your device to another internet if you’re concerned about the security of the internet.

Ways to Play Man of Medan

  • Solo: As a lone player, you can experience the entire narrative.
  • With a maximum of four pals, you can play and control a variety of characters in the movie night mode.
  • Shared Story: Use the 2-player cooperative option to play the entire horrific game with a friend online.

Although they advise users to “don’t play alone,” the game does support a single player for those who prefer to play it alone. The characters’ points of view may change during the game’s numerous events.


You are considering what fun activity you wish to undertake with your buddies and companions throughout those times. The video game Man of Medan will leave your bond with a lifetime of memories. The primary benefit of this game is the “Don’t Play Alone” option, which allows you to play with others.

You can hand the controller to your pals so they can turn around in the game by assigning the characters to them using this option. This is done by telling the game how many players there will be and assigning each player a moniker. When you hand the controller to someone else, the game will tell you by flashing notification on the screen.


As I play the game, I come to the conclusion that Supermassive Games, the development studio, strove to improve the methodology used to create “Until Dawn,” the predecessor to Man of Medan. This game, however, is one that you won’t be able to help but promote to others.

My cousin joins me to play Man of Medan after I have already been playing it for over an hour; believe me, he finished it in just that amount of time, but he continued playing the game despite getting married. This let me realize that playing the game with a friend is the best option. The game is made much more exciting by the music that is played.

The game isn’t terrifying. However, the plot is amazing, particularly the adventure it contains. It’s difficult to deny the similarities between Man of Medan and Supermassive’s previous PS4 title, Until Dawn.

How many acts are there?

This game should be played repeatedly, not just once. To avoid missing what could happen, you should make the right decision at the appropriate time.

Game Length

The journey a player takes while playing the game lasts between four and six hours. However, with only one character, this game’s length is assumed. The recommended playthrough duration for the game is longer when replay value and multi-player are taken into account. The brief period began depending on whether each character in the title would live or die.


The game’s purpose is identical to how Until Dawn was created in all respects. There are five characters to depict in this story. They are Brad, Fliss, Conrad, Alex, and Julia. The survival of these characters in the game’s events will depend on the plan you suggest. Either they all make it through or none of them do.

At the game’s conclusion, you will view cutscenes of those that died. There is one exception to this, though. The party might not be able to escape aboard the ship in a different version of this game’s finale. If you don’t get the Distributor cap from Olson during the QTE and it gets destroyed, your party could be stuck on the ship for all time.

When their group contacts a military frequency and requests a rescue, things could get worse. You have the option of giving them your location and the name of the Medan ship. If you accomplish this, the army helicopter will arrive, the distributor cap will break, and the group will be detained for boarding a military vessel, all of which will prevent you from escaping the ship.

Saving the Characters

You can find some advice on how to retain each character in the game in the section that follows. As well as the places where the figures can be slain so you can plan how you’ll keep the characters alive.

Tips to Save Conrad

Conrad is the game’s opening character. He will be put in danger. You must decide how Conrad will live during the runoff excerpt on the boat, which takes place after all of the key characters have been held prisoner by Co and Olson. The choices are as follows:

  • On the deck, take the knife.
  • Grab the gun Olson is holding out for you.
  • Don’t talk to Olson in any way.
  • As Olson beats Conrad, ask him what he wants.
  • Alex and Julia asked Conrad what to do, and Conrad decided to sneak by them.
  • Conrad refused to respond when Junior instructed him to behave.
  • In rhythm with the thunder, release the right trigger to smash the window.
  • Complete the heartbeat’s sequence on the boat’s side.

Making a choice in the midst of the kidnapping scenario while keeping Conrad alive is challenging. Keep in mind that there are other solutions to all of this. The scenario in which Conrad uses a speedboat to flee rather than taking a knife. It is more difficult when Conrad and the controller decide to stop after finishing the two short QTEs so Conrad can avoid being shot by Olson.

On board the ship, there will be one more vital situation. The elderly woman attempts to pursue Conrad as he runs in a series of three events, each of which consists of three button hits. You will have the option to either hide or keep running as you run. If you need any guidance, go for running until the end of the next QTE. You will decide whether to “jump” or “confront” when you are at the top of the ship.

Additional details

You must decide whether to approach Fliss in the circumstance because the person you are seeing is only an illusion. Conrad will face off against Olson in the cargo hold. Even if Conrad attacks Olson or manages to flee from him, Olson will still flood the area and destroy the cargo bulkhead. It still doesn’t make sense when Conrad orders Julia to wait or shut the door because you’ll find yourself in the same predicament where Olson will hammer Conrad down.

To escape Olson, you’ll need to complete two rapid QTEs, so get ready. Press Square/X to drive Olson away, Circle/B to escape his hold for the final time, and O to kill Olson.

Tips to Save Alex

Alex took center stage for Man of Medan’s climactic scene in the chapter titled “Matters of the Heart.” It’s difficult to keep Alex alive, but if you can do it, you’ll have a good chance of making it through.

  • when three rats attack you during the fighting.
  • Never use a knife to attack the monster or the rat.
  • Take the distributor cap off Olson’s corpse.
  • To properly jump over the gap, press the three buttons on the pathway.
  • Ask the monster, “Who are you?” as you converse with it.
  • When you come across a creature with two heads, do not skew it with a knife.

Tips to Save Julia

The longest time Julia and Alex were able to survive was when they were being pursued by another “Alex” on the ship. You should make these decisions if you want to survive the character.

  • Finish the last QTE as you reassemble all the characters, then sneak away with the other Alex.
  • When given the option, choose to “keep moving” rather than “fight back”.
  • Whatever it is, you have to finish another QTE.
  • When given the option, you are allowed to select either “run” or “leap.”
  • Complete the QTE to ascend the steps.

Tips to Save Brad

Now, it’s very peculiar in Brad’s circumstance in the game. In most of the game’s events, he has the option of remaining safe or encountering a potentially dangerous circumstance. It depends on the character that you send down the hole after they utilize the ship’s radio. These are the procedures to take if you decide to send Brad down the shaft to protect him from danger!

  • You both held your breath the entire time, so tell Junior.
  • Finish the first QTE when Brad comes under Olson’s glare.
  • Decide to stand your ground with courage.
  • Continue with the second QTE sequence while Olson is still after you.
  • Admit that the final room has a peculiar object.
  • First, inquire of Junior what the mist does when up against him.
  • Instead of selecting “take the rifle,” choose “distra”

Tips to Save Fliss

At the very end of the game, saving Fliss is necessary as you try to ensure Alex’s survival. When battling the rat and the creature with two heads, avoid using a knife. You now have more proof that Fliss is the monster with two heads thanks to the decision you made. When you decide against stabbing the beast, the characters experience a double survival moment.

The Curator

Everyone, in my opinion, is baffled by the enigma surrounding The Curator’s persona. Pip Torrens, a British actor well recognized for his roles in The Crown, Preacher, and Versailles, played this paradoxical character.

Note: Select “Don’t Play Alone” from the Man of Medan main menu to play the campaign cooperatively. After that, select “Shared Story” and ask a friend to play alongside you.


Man of Medan, the first game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, features otherworldly horror on a ghost ship. In the third-person horror video game Man of Medan, one or more players control one of five unique people who are marooned on a ghost ship. Man of Medan, the first game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, introduces supernatural terror to the South Pacific.

The game takes between four and six hours to complete for the player. However, this game length is presumable with just one character. It is recommended to play this game more than once. You should choose the right course of action at the right time to prevent missing out.

Man of Medan, the opening film in Supermassive Games: The Dark Picture Anthology, isn’t particularly frightful. This is a co-op, original adventure game instead. This game is similar to Supermassive’s previous PS4-only title, Until Dawn. The two-headed, four-armed monster that reportedly killed the soldiers on board the SS Man of Medan haunts the ship.

This creature continued to resemble the fragmented skeleton that had been found inside one of the coffins in Cargo Hold 3A. Similar to simulation games like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Hay Day, you should choose wisely and to the best of your ability because the lives of the major characters depend on it. Make sure to avoid errors. And keep your attention on your objective—keeping everyone alive.

Do you like the information provided about this gorgeous multiplayer game that Supermassive gifted us following “Until Dawn”? With a horrifying plot and a story mode, Man of Medan is unquestionably a bonding experience that you and your friends playing Medan – Multiplayer will cherish.

Share your unique experience or ideas with the game if you have them. It might help a lot for other people to find the game. We will respond to your comment as soon as possible.


How long to beat Man of Medan?

Man of Medan can typically be finished in the first gameplay in 4-6 hours for most players.

Who is the Man of Medan?

The myth of the Ourang Medan, a ghost ship rumoured to have been a shipwreck in Dutch East Indies waters in the 1940s, served as the inspiration for the Man of Medan.

What is Man of Medan about?

Developed by Supermassive Games, Tale of Medan is a cooperative horror survival video game. This story is about a bunch of vacationers who later come across underwater wrecks.

Man of Medan: What is the monster?

The two-headed monster, which resembles a conjoined skeleton, can be found in one of the caskets in Cargo Hold 3A.

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