Download PixelLab For PC [Windows 11/10/8/7/XP & Mac OS]

Ordinary photos aren’t much fun. It’s much easier to take great photos now that so many smartphones come equipped with cameras.
However, the real fun begins once you have complete control over how your photos are edited. When it comes to writing text on a photo, for example, using an ordinary photo editor app can be a challenge.
Because of apps like PixelLab, you don’t have to worry about creating a visually appealing image.
That’s why we’ve written a guide for those who want to get PixelLab on their PC or laptop.
PixelLab For Windows & Mac users will remain the focus of our efforts. Keep your attention and we’ll begin with a brief introduction to the app.


PixelLab Overview

There is a free photography app called PixelLab in the Google Play Store that can be downloaded by anyone. Because of the app’s simple interface and user-friendly photo editing features, it has become extremely popular. It’s typically used to add text to a picture, but you can customise how your text appears on a photo with this tool. For the time being, the app’s basic services are free, but in-app purchases are also available.
Using the app’s camera or one from the phone’s gallery are the only two options available to users.
Both methods are best if you’re trying to take a picture that looks good.
In addition, you can add watermarks, texts, and even emojis of your own choice directly from the device’s storage to the images you’re taking.
There are a variety of free text templates to choose from. It is up to the users to choose one and apply it to the photos they want.
However, there is no limit to the number of images that can be added to a photo. There are no limits to how many effects you can apply to a photo.
You’ll never get bored reading all the different text styles that are available because there are so many good ones.
It’s not just about adding text to a photo with this application. Because you can also perform other types of editing on your photos using this programme.
As if altering or erasing a photograph’s background were possible. In-app sharing of edited images to social media networks. The ability to save edited files to any disc storage location is also included.

Guide To Download PixelLab For PC and Laptop (Windows 10/8/7/XP & Mac)

It’s time to walk you through the process of getting PixelLab for your desktop or laptop computer.
This is an Android app, as I mentioned earlier, and as such, it is only accessible via mobile devices.
So if you want to run PixelLab on a PC or Mac, you’ll need an Android emulator to do so.
Forget about paying for PixelLab For PC Download access; these third-party programmes are completely free.
To learn how to do it, simply follow the steps outlined below:

⇒ Download & Install an Android Emulator

BlueStacks or NoxPlayer must be installed on your computer before you can play any games.
An in-depth tutorial on how to set up each of these programmes on your computer can be found here. You can navigate to our guides for getting the right version of BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.
PixelLab For PC can only be downloaded once the emulator has been properly installed.

⇒ Using Google Play Services on PC

PixelLab for PC requires you to sign in with your Gmail account before it will allow you to download the app.
Because it’s the only way to get Google Play Services on a PC.. In fact, you’ll be asked to do so by the emulator.
In this case, however, it will only be asked when the app first launches. You can, however, do this in the Nox Emulator prior to opening the Google Play Store on your PC.

⇒ Installing PixelLab For PC and Laptop

To access the Play Store, go to the emulator’s home screen and look for and open the app. It can be found on the main screen of Bluestacks.
You’ll find it in the same folder as NoxPlayer: Google.
You can search for PixelLab on PC in the play store’s search bar when you’re already there.
Installing an app is as simple as clicking the “install” button once you’ve found it in the Google Play store.
Installing PixelLab For PC on a PC takes about 20 seconds.

PixelLab Main Features:


As many text objects as you like can be added and customised.

3D Text:

Create 3D text and use it as an overlay for your images, or use it to create a cool poster on its own.

Text effects:

Dozens of text effects, such as shadow, inner shadow, stroke, background, reflection, emboss, mask, and 3d text, can be applied to your text to make it stand out.

Text color:

Simply choose a color or an image texture as the fill for your text, or use any of the other fill options available.

Text font:

Hand-picked fonts are available in over 100 styles. Alternatively, create your own fonts from scratch!


Use as many different stickers, emojis, and shapes as you’d like.


It’s up to you what you draw. You can then resize it, rotate it, or add shadows using the drawing’s shape properties.

Remove the background:

For example, if you find an image on Google Images with a green screen, blue screen, or simply a white background, PixelLab can make it transparent for you.

Download PixelLab For Windows 11:

PixelLab requires Windows 11 to work properly. You only need to download BlueStacks on your Windows 11 computer to get started. Follow the steps outlined below after that.

  • BlueStacks -> Google Play -> Search PixelLab -> Install.

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