Download Senuti for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

Users of iOS and Mac OS frequently request Senuti for PC as a means of file transfer. The Senuti software, which promises flawless file synchronisation between the iOS device and iTunes, is the reason for this.

Senuti was first designed exclusively for laptops and desktop computers running the Mac OS. Although the user interface is simple and uncomplicated, it offers all of the key capabilities of file-transfer software, which makes it a great iTunes competitor.

Download Senuti for PC Windows

Additionally, the software supports up to 30Mbps of transfer speed. The file transfer and synchronisation should be completed in a matter of minutes if your internet and device are compatible with this speed.

The name of Senuti comes from iTunes. It is just written backwards. And Senuti accomplishes precisely that. The Senuti accomplishes the reverse of what iTunes is supposed to do, which is transfer files and data to the iPhone and iPad. From iOS devices, it sends files to iTunes. It’s unfortunate that Senuti doesn’t support Windows. Yes, there has never been a Senuti official app created for a Windows computer or laptop. The goal of this post is to provide you with the next best thing.

We’ll outline the top Senuti substitutes for you. When it comes to file transfers between iOS devices and iTunes on the Windows platform, these software substitutes can deliver results that are comparable to or even superior. If you’re ready to begin, then let’s.

Best Senuti Alternatives

Senuti is a great file transfer application running on Mac to copy music and videos from an iOS device to iTunes. But since the app is not available for Windows OS, it becomes a bit of an issue for iOS users with only Windows device to deal with. So this article is going to bridge that gap and give the Windows users the means to do the same thing on the Windows platform.


FoneTrans has been around for a while and has previously shown that they are capable of delivering on their promises. This app makes it simple to perform a full backup of your iOS device on Windows.

Many iPhone and iPad users who are forced to use Windows platforms or who just prefer Windows as their PC operating system turn to Fonetrans for help.

It is dependable, easy to use, and seamless while copying or moving files back and forth. Here are a few of the features and what FoneTrans can accomplish for you.

  • Permit the sharing of multimedia files, including contacts, music, eBooks, photographs, and videos.
  • Supports full device backup of your personal data, including use of native Apple applications like iMessage, FaceTime, and iMovie.
  • Convert music and video files so they will work with iTunes and iOS. This means that you can use FoneTrans to convert the file inside the application if you have foreign media files coming from other devices that iOS and iTunes do not allow.
  • Supports saving a backup to a PC to aid in managing your iTunes and iCloud storage.
  • Using FoneTrans, files can be synced between various iOS devices.
  • Easily backup contacts. The best time to do this is when switching from an old iPhone to a new one.
  • Free to test for 30 days after initial use, but with constrained features.


The aTunes should put you at ease if you’re looking for an iTunes substitute that shares the majority of features with iTunes. And this software functions flawlessly on every Windows version.

The aTunes is primarily designed for users who just want a similar experience, even if they are only momentarily using a Windows device. And the project’s developers did a fantastic job. Even though it won’t be precisely the same, with a little time and patience, you can easily use the UI.

  • Enables media scanning for all of your locally stored files.
  • Has a built-in media player made primarily for music fans who want to view their playlist on a Windows platform from an iOS smartphone.
  • Features a tabbed design for convenient navigating by kinds, genres, and other information while reducing clutter.
  • Provides the user with 27 skins for a more customised experience.
  • Supports the use of MP3 players with local discs and external devices.
  • Has a facility built in that allows you to search the internet for artist information about a particular media file.
  • Playback of MP3, Ogg, and Vorbis, WMA, WAV, FLAC, MP4, APE, MPC, cue files, and Mac are all supported.
  • The use of it is free.

iSkysoft iTransfer

The iSkysoft iTransfer may take first place if we are discussing the greatest and most feature-rich file transfer for iTunes. Undoubtedly, it is a one-stop shop for Windows users who require access to iTunes and their iOS devices.

The fact that iSkysoft iTransfer is not free to use is its lone drawback. You are only permitted to complete ten assignments in the trial version. You must pay $59.95 for lifetime use on just one device or $49.95 for a one-year subscription if you want the complete version.

  • Guarantees best-in-class privacy protection.
  • Dependable round-the-clock client assistance.
  • You will receive a lifetime’s worth of updates and feature upgrades if you purchase a lifetime subscription.
  • You may backup and restore all of your iOS device’s data.
  • Supports the file manager tool, allowing users to browse and alter the files and folders inside the folders of an iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even other flash drives.
  • Has complete file transfer capability, including the ability to transfer files from iOS to other devices or even from a phone to another phone.
  • Utilize the iSkysoft iTransfer programme to install and uninstall the application.
  • For 30 days, it’s free to try, although it has very few features and capabilities.
  • It even supports flashing ROMs, managing files, and rooting Android cellphones.


And now for the conclusion that might permanently make you forget about Senuti. Even though it may be the last on this list, AnyTrans is undoubtedly one of the best and can compete with any file transfer you are already familiar with.

If you’re unfamiliar with AnyTrans, it’s the programme that can perform nearly all of iTunes’ features as well as additional ones. Numerous well-known websites have essentially branded it as being superior to iTunes itself.

We’ll explain why so you won’t claim that this is just mere rhetoric. And this list of features will help you comprehend the full scope of the “better than iTunes” claim.

  • Connect your iOS device to iTunes and sync whatever you have on it.
  • Additionally, you can synchronise everything using the built-in Windows storage.
  • Utilizing AnyTrans on your iOS device, recreate a damaged iTunes library from scratch.
  • The majority of its capabilities are essentially too simple to use with only one click.
  • Supports Mac OS and Windows. That implies that moving files around from iOS, Windows, and Mac is incredibly simple.
  • With the help of this programme, you can also transfer all of your iOS files to a device running an alternative operating system, such as an Android or Windows phone.
  • Be shocked at how simple the one-click feature it gives is when switching from an old phone to a new one or any new iOS device.
  • Supports combining two devices as well as cloning one via the AnyTrans interface.
  • Boasts the drag-and-drop functionality, which makes file transfers simple and stress-free.
  • Having the ability to transcode videos so that they work with any iOS device.
  • Just $39.99 for a single licence that is good for life

DeTune (Mac)

You can transfer your music from your Apple device back to your PC with DeTune, a Senuti for Mac substitute. The fact that you can download and use it for nothing else is an additional advantage. The user interface of the free programme is straightforward and resembles that of iTunes. On DeTune, you can watch videos and listen to music. You can transfer data quickly to and from your iPod’s file system.

  • Simply launch DeTune and connect your iPod to begin file transfers. Your device will be recognised, and the media contents will be shown.
  • You just need to choose the tracks you wish to copy back to your Mac from the list of media files.
  • Once you’ve chosen them, you can drag them to any location or file folder you like (for instance, the Finder). It is that simple.

YamiPod (Windows and Mac)

YamiPod is a Senuti-free substitute that resembles DeTune in terms of design. The only distinction is that YamiPod supports both Windows and Mac. You may relatively easily transfer your mp3 and AAC files from your iPod to your computer with this software because it doesn’t require a download. Additionally, you may use the programme to sync your iPod, import and export playlists, and listen to music.

  • Open YamiPod and plug in your device to transfer files. Your music collection will be immediately recognised by YamiPod.
  • After choosing the files you wish to save, simply right-click on a computer or control-click on a Mac to display a drop-down option.
  • Click “Copy to,” then enter the location where you want the files saved. Your computer will then save the files.

DiskAid (Windows and Mac)

DiskAid is a fairly straightforward Senuti substitute that offers tools for device cloning, backup, and restoration. This is crucial if any specific data needs to be reset to the device itself when the user upgrades to a new iPhone. The restoration process only requires a few clicks. Any device can be utilised with Diskaid. However, iCloud, iTunes sync, or iTunes are not involved. Additionally, it has a unique version for Windows 6.7.6.

  • Launch the application
  • Use the USB cable to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  • Open the music files you want to move, choose what you want to move, and then click “Copy to iTunes” to begin moving the music from your iOS device to iTunes.

Touch copy (Windows and Mac)

TouchCopy aids in the recovery of any lost iTunes data caused by corruption or device replacement. It restores the iTune library and can retrieve any music, playlists, photographs, and videos from any Apple device. Both Windows and Mac OS X support it.

  • Use TouchCopy by downloading and installing it.
  • Double-click the TouchCopy desktop icon to launch the programme.
  • Connect your PC and iPod. Choose the tracks you want to copy to iTunes, then do it.

In Conclusion

Given what it claims to achieve, we are certain that Senuti is a good application. However, the truth is that there are plenty of programmes and applications available today that can outperform Senuti in many ways and features. And if Senuti is the only programme you are aware of that can transfer files from iOS to iTunes and vice versa, this list’s goal is to provide you greater freedom.

Which of the following applications, having got this far, do you think has the most chance of success? Additionally, if you are familiar with or have previously used any of the apps listed above, could you please share your experience?

Feel free to share your personal experiences with the software with us. To assist us analyse this programme more effectively, we would love to learn the more user-based points of views. You can also leave a message below if you have any questions.

Share this information with your friends if they need file transfer software, don’t forget to do so. If this topic has already been helpful to you, it might be very helpful to them.

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