Download Shareit for PC, Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista Laptop & Mac – Ultimate Guide

Moreover, we demonstrated a variety of ways in which viewers could learn how to download Shareit for PC. Advances in data transportation are occurring alongside those in real-world transportation. We used Bluetooth and Infrared to transfer files before file transfer apps. They were wasting a lot of time just to move a few megabytes of information. Now, in a matter of seconds, we can distribute gigabytes of data thanks to services like Shareit. As a result of a lot of interest from the public, we’ve created this guide. Shareit’s features, methods of operation, and comparison to other apps are all covered in this guide. Let’s Get This Party Started!
The official version of Shareit for PC and Android has been released. In 2015, SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd. released this app. This app was initially only available on Android and iOS. Later, Shareit for PC was released for Windows and Mac computers. This app was designed to make data transfer and sharing easier for its users. Shareit is capable of handling any type of multimedia, document, or software package. The hotspot technology is utilized by Shareit for PC. This app allows you to share files without the use of an internet connection.

Download Shareit for PC, Windows


Transfer all type of files

Transferring files of any type is simple with Shareit, whether on a PC, Android, or other supported device. Transferring photos from Android to Android, and vice versa, is an example. Data can now be transferred across platforms without the use of a USB cable. Share files with ease by downloading Shareit for Windows 10 and previous versions. Like WhatsApp, there is no limit on the number of photos that can be shared.
Using Shareit for PC, you can also move other types of files, such as videos, documents, APKs, and even stock apps. Shareit will work with data in either megabytes or gigabytes. Multiple file formats are supported. Sharing music files is something you’ll be surprised to learn about. Users have the option to send entire playlists at once.

Shareit Music

Now Shareit is much more than just a file-sharing platform. It is becoming a full-fledged search engine. There’s even a Music section where you can discover new tunes every day. Hundreds of thousands of songs in a variety of languages can be downloaded for free. Is there a song you’d like to hear? Find out what’s hot in the music industry with one tap. Using a custom option similar to YouTube Offline, Shareit for PC also allows you to listen to the songs offline.
It’s a powerful player of music The Wellcome user taps any song to play. In order to fine-tune and adjust various aspects of music, such as bass, Music Player includes an equaliser. These are all of the powerful music features of the Shareit app. Using Shareit for Laptop or Desktop, you can get a Spotify-like experience for free.

Shareit Videos

It’s not a big deal anymore that audio music exists; the real deal has arrived. Among the app’s offerings, Shareit video is the most prominent. A new video is added to the site every day. Only videos that do not violate copyright infringements will be shown. Shareit for PC allows you to watch trending and viral videos for free.
The video player in Shareit is superior to the audio player in terms of quality. For example, HD, Full HD, and so on are all supported. The video quality can even be adjusted by the end user. The video list is updated on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis. It’s possible to watch videos offline in the same way that you can listen to music. The video should be kept offline. No internet connection is required to watch them. Fortunately, you can download Shareit for Mac from this guide.

General Information about Shareit

Android has a total of 35 apps that have been downloaded more than one billion times. The most recent addition is this app. As a result, Shareit is now one of the best Android file transfer apps ever. Keep in mind that we’re only talking about Android apps here. These stats exclude downloads of Shareit for PC, Shareit for Windows, and Shareit for Mac.
When you have so many users, it’s difficult to keep up with the ratings. Shareit consistently receives positive feedback and ratings from its users and the general public. Shareit received an average rating of 4.6 stars from more than 11 million users. The legacy isn’t over yet; it’s just getting started. This app can transfer data at a rate of up to 20MB/s, which is 20 times faster than of users. Shareit never fails in getting good reviews and ratings also. More than 11 million reviewers gave ratings to Shareit and it got 4.6 out of 5 overall. The legacy doesn’t end here, it still continues. This app is 200 times faster than the Bluetooth and transferring speed can go upto 20MB/s

Shareit vs Xender

One of Shareit’s main competitors is Xender. Xender, on the other hand, doesn’t even come close to Shareit when we look at the facts and figures. Shareit’s success is largely due to its status as a trendsetter among the best Android file-transfer apps. The only thing that sets Xender apart from Shareit is that it has no ads. In spite of the fact that Shareit for PC and Android display a lot of advertisements, rival has a clean bill of health.
We have Mi Drop for PC, SuperBeam for PC, Zapya for PC, Send Anywhere for PC, etc. in the best alternatives to Shareit for PC. It is our personal opinion that all of these recommended tools have worked well for us. Our final conclusion is that the best file transfer app is Shareit.

Download Shareit for PC

Filename Shareit 5.0.28_ww
Developers SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd
APK File Size 25.6 MB
.EXE File Size 6.15 MB
PC Requirements Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista & Mac

Download Shareit APK


 Download Shareit EXE File

How to Install Shareit For PC (Windows)

The official PC version of Shareit is not a proper application. It’s nothing more than a web-based version of WhatsApp. Using a mobile hotspot or scanning a QR code, you can connect to the Shareit app via Shareit Web. We must use an Android or iOS emulator in order to get a proper Shareit app for PC like the Android version. The interface, stability, and performance of Android emulators are all superior to those of other platforms. As a result, in order to get Shareit for PC, we suggest using the Windows app installers for Android apps.
BlueStacks and Nox App Player are two of the best Android emulators we’ve found over the years. Genymotion, Ko Player, and a slew of other options are all readily available. However, our two recommended Android emulators for Windows are the best of all time. Windows users should use BlueStacks, while Mac users should use Nox. On supported operating systems, you can, however, select any of these. To install Shareit on a Windows PC, follow these instructions.


1• First of all, you need to visit the official website of BlueStacks to download it on a PC.

 Visit Website


2• Wait for the BlueStacks Setup.exe file to finish downloading before clicking the Download button. Using NordVPN or ExpressVPN on your PC will speed up your downloads. Internet download managers are another option.

3. Installing BlueStacks on PC is the next step. It was just like installing any other piece of software on a computer. Do a double-click on the BlueStacks exe file that you downloaded. In order to download this file, you will need to be patient.

4.BlueStacks can now be used on a PC after it has been installed. To make use of BlueStacks, you’ll need to set it up. Choose a language that is simple for you to understand. The next step is to sign in with the Google Account you already have. In the event that someone does not already have a Google Account, he or she will be prompted to do so. Select the option to create a new account.5. Share it for PC is now installed and ready to use in BlueStacks. Add the Shareit APK file to BlueStacks by dragging and dropping it into the app. Wait for the Shareit APK to be downloaded and installed.
6. Open the Android version of Shareit and take advantage of all the features it has to offer.

Downloading Shareit for Mac

If you want to use Shareit on your Mac, then Nox App Player is the best choice for you. In our hands-on testing of BlueStacks vs. Nox on Mac, Nox emerged victorious. As a result, Nox App Player is our top pick for installing Shareit on Mac. It’s also possible to use Shareit on the Nox platform to run on a Windows computer.
Installing Nox App Player on Mac is the first step. Visit to learn more. Wait for the download to finish before continuing.

 Visit Website

2• Install the Nox App Player on Mac just like you install any other software.

3• After installation, launch Nox on Mac, you will be redirected to Nox Home Screen.

4• Click on the Google Play icon, Search for the Shareit app.

5• Click on the install button, let the installation begin.

6• Your Shareit for PC Mac will be ready to use in a while.

Shareit for Windows 7 Free Download (EXE File)

The Shareit official PC web version is all you need if all you want to do is transfer data between your Android device and your PC. Shareit for PC can be obtained using this method because it is the simplest. The PC version of Shareit, on the other hand, is not compatible with the Android version.

1• Click on the Download Shareit EXE File button present above.

2• Wait for few seconds and let Download complete.

3• Click on the downloaded exe file of Shareit.

4• Allows the software to make changes in the computer.

5• Click on the Next option.

6• Wait for the installation it will take a couple of seconds.

7• Now you can use Shareit for PC to transfer data on cross platforms.

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