Download VidMate App for PC, Windows 10 & Mac

Take advantage of the offline viewing feature of VidMate by downloading it to your PC. YouTube, Facebook, and the app don’t like it when users can download videos directly from the website or app. As long as they don’t allow direct downloading, the content creators will lose money and viewers if they do. As a result, the majority of online websites and apps, including Facebook and Instagram, do not allow direct video downloads.

vidmate-pc-download-freeThis app is not supported on Android. The VidMate app can only be installed on PCs and Android smartphones using the APK file. You must first download and install the VidMate App APK file in order to use VidMate on your PC or Android device.

How to Download VidMate for PC – Requirements and Procedure

An Android Emulator is required to run VidMate on a laptop or desktop computer. The app is designed primarily for Android users who want to download videos to their phones and tablets. The only way to use this feature on multiple platforms is to use the emulation technique.
For Android emulation, we’re looking for an emulator that’s reliable and stable. When it comes to Android emulators, our teams test many, and BlueStacks and Nox App Players consistently come out on top. Every emulator recommends these two as the best options. The Tencent Gameloop is the third option, but it is restricted to the use of video games.
Please use BlueStacks for Windows and Nox for Mac if you value our recommendation. The best way to install VidMate on Windows is with BlueStacks, and the best way to download VidMate on Mac is with Nox.

VidMate for Windows – Installation Steps

VidMate is a simple program to set up on a Windows computer. If you have a Windows Laptop/Desktop, you should first download BlueStacks and install it.
Install VidMate APK on your phone or tablet now. Any APK provider, such as Uptodown App for PC,, etc., will have the VidMate App APK available for download. NordVPN for PC or ExpressVPN for PC can be used to secure your connection while downloading.


  1. Drag and drop the APK file into the BlueStacks home screen. If a confirmation message appears, select the “Install” option.
    VidMate for PC can be used only in an emulator after the APK file has been installed.

Installation Steps of VidMate on macOS

As with VidMate for PC Windows, VidMate for PC Mac is also simple to set up. The VidMate.apk for Macbook Air/Pro and other macOS devices can be downloaded and used as follows.

  1. Download Nox App player from our guide, or use the official source that is their website.
  2. Install the Nox on Mac and complete the initial formalities.
  3. Once the Nox home screen appears, drag and drop the APK file into Nox and click on the install option.

Using this method, you can get VidMate for PCs running Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You’ll need to enable Google Play Services on both emulators if you want to use any of these features. On both emulators, the Google Play Store must be clicked on. The first time you use the emulator, it will prompt you for your Google Account credentials. Existing Google Accounts can be used. Alternatively, if they haven’t signed up yet, you can create a new account for them.

Warning: Downloading or copying any content from the official platform without the owner’s permission is strictly prohibited. If someone does this, they are breaking the law and can be prosecuted by the authorities. As a result, if you intend to install any video that is subject to infringement claims based on copyright violations, you must stop immediately.

How do I download the original VidMate?

VidMate’s rise in popularity has spawned a slew of fake versions of the app. Only a reputable source can be used to obtain the original VidMate app. Many trustworthy sources were mentioned in the first step.

Is VidMate an HD Video Downloader?

Yes! VidMate can download HD videos from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, and more. But, it depends on the Video either it is available in HD quality or not because VidMate only supports the Video URL. A video in HD quality can be viewed offline if it is accessible online.

Additional Features

The VidMate app not only allows you to download videos from video hosting sites and social media, but it also lets you save your own status updates and Instagram stories. VidMate, for example, is the best app for saving someone’s WhatsApp Status or Instagram/Facebook Story.

Copy URL and paste

Copy and paste the URL to get started with VidMate.

  • Paste the video URL into the VidMate search bar after you’ve copied it. Depending on your preferences, the app will download videos in a high-quality or low-quality format automatically.

Format Conversion

After you’ve copied the video’s URL, paste it into VidMate’s search bar. The app will automatically download videos in either a high-quality or low-quality format depending on your preferences.

VidMate Language Support

The most important requirement for any platform is that the user be able to understand what is being presented to them. In addition to English, the VidMate app is available in a variety of other languages. If you live in India, you can use this app to learn other Indian languages, not just Hindi.


This time, we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions about VidMate for PC downloads and use.

Is VidMate available for PC?

Even before we get into the meat of the discussion, it’s important to note that VidMate for PC is not installed by default. Only a tweak will allow us to download and run the VidMate PC app.

Is the VidMate app harmful?

No, it’s safe to use. When a file asks for “Access to Storge,” many people think it’s a bad thing. VidMate also necessitates access to your phone’s media storage in order to download and store video. There are no bugs, glitches, or malware in the app that the author has found after using the app for a long time.No, it’s safe to use. When a file asks for “Access to Storge,” many people think it’s a bad thing. VidMate also necessitates access to your phone’s media storage in order to download and store video. There are no bugs, glitches, or malware in the app that the author has found after using the app for a long time.

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