Download Xender for Desktop Windows 11 [32-Bit & 64-Bit] – Transfer files from Laptop to Phone

Download Xender for PC by following the instructions at the end of this article. It’s safe to say that Xender is one of the best file-transfer apps available on the internet.
Second, only to SHAREit, this app is the most commonly used method of transferring files between smartphones and computers. Xender’s Android app was previously available.
A smartphone or tablet can be used to transfer data using this app. Using Xender for Desktop, we can now transfer files from our PC to our smartphone and vice versa.
A Windows and Mac client, Xender, is responsible for this. Xender doesn’t look like a proper app on a smartphone.

download-xender-for-windowsA simple connection source, it’s a breeze to set up and use. To use Xender on your desktop, all you need to do is download the most recent version and then connect your phone.
Xender’s Windows version is the simplest and most up-to-date method of connecting devices.
QR Codes may be something you’ve heard of. A QR Code scanner is used to connect a phone to a computer via Xender for Desktop, which uses the same technology. In many ways, it’s like logging into WhatsApp through the web.

Advantages of Xender for Desktop:

It’s all done for you now, so you don’t have to worry about anything. For PCs, Windows, Mac Laptops/Desktops, etc., the following are the main advantages of Xender.

  • A wireless connection can be made between the phone and the laptop without the need for a USB cable.

  • Media files can be moved between a phone and a computer with ease.

  • Unless your WiFi is disrupted, Xender will never lag.

  • Move large and small files with ease.
  • The speed of data transfer is many times greater than that of a USB connection.

  • Xender does not require a high-end PC to use.

System Requirements for Xender:

Requirements Windows 11-10 (32Bit)-(64bit)
Space 1 GB
Dedicated Card No

How to Download Xender for PC?

Xender for Desktop can be downloaded in a matter of minutes. We’ve put the most recent version of Xender Windows on Google Drive. You’ll find a download link at the beginning of the article.

 Download Xender for PC.

You’ll be taken to our Google Drive page if you click the Download button.
Select your Google account from the drop-down menu and repeat the process.
You’ll see a pop-up warning, so click the Download Anyway button to proceed with the download.
Your download will begin in a matter of seconds now.
Press CTRL+J on your Windows or Mac device once the download is complete.
Under the Xender.exe file, select Show in folder.
When the computer asks for permission, double-click on the exe file and click “Yes.”
To complete the installation, follow the on-screen instructions.
It only requires a few seconds of your time to complete.

Download Xender for Windows 11:

For Windows 11 PCs and laptops, click here to get Xender. The Xender Mobile app for Windows 11 can also be used. For this, you’ll need BlueStacks.

  • Download BlueStacks -> Google Play -> Xender -> Install.

 Download Xender (32-bit) / (64-bit)=

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