How to find a Facebook profile using a reverse image search

One of the most popular social media platforms since its launch is Facebook. There are over 2 billion active users on this engrossing web app. There are numerous advanced features available on Facebook, making it a popular choice amongst users of all ages and backgrounds. However, as a Facebook user, have you considered a way to locate someone on Facebook via their profile picture or to conduct a profile picture search on Facebook? Is it possible to recognize a face and do you know what a face’s name is?

facebook-image-searchYou won’t believe it, but the answer is yes! Yes, you can use Facebook Image Search or reverse image search to find out more about a photo on Facebook.
Using Facebook photo search, advanced Facebook search, or Photo ID search, a new method has been discovered to identify a user’s profile on the social network. However, Facebook’s reverse image search differs from Instagram’s reverse image search.

About Facebook Image Search

It’s a great way to find a Facebook user’s profile through their photo ID. You can use a search engine to find a person’s Facebook profile if you only have their name. Additionally, the Advanced Search Option allows you to focus your search even further.
As a social media image search, Facebook’s image search is completely distinct from Google’s. While Alt text is used by Google to crawl and index images, Facebook’s picture search takes into account three key factors to display images relevant to a search query. These are some examples:

  • It consider the privacy setting of FB user
  • It display only public pictures
  • It crawl photos depending upon Profile ID

How to search picture on FB

Among the many ways to look for photos on Facebook are the following:

  • typing the keywords on Facebook to get photos based on the query,
  • using a social search engine to find the profile of the user and
  • visiting Facebook People Search to get details of profile and images of users.

But it should be noted that the privacy setting restricts access to a user’s Facebook account, so images with a public setting are more likely to show up when a user searches for them. It’s difficult to find a photo if the privacy setting is ‘friend’ or ‘friend of a friend,’ which is what it defaults to when someone chooses this option.

Methods to Find Facebook Profile of User With An Image

Method#1. Using Reverse Image Search Engine

Searching for images in the opposite direction of the original With Facebook, it’s easy to find out the photo’s information. This search makes it simple to locate images that are virtually identical across the web. You can find similar images on the internet by uploading your photos to a search engine.
As soon as you select “Search By Image” to upload a photo, it will show you all images that share the source. If the picture’s source URL can be traced back to a Facebook profile, you’ve found the information you need.
“Reverse Import” services can be found on the Internet.

  • Google Image Search:
  • Visit Google Images site
  • Find “Camera Icon” in the search bar
  • Now click this icon & upload photo from the device
  • Press enter and wait for the search results
  • It will then show you images corresponding to the photo uploaded
  • RIS Mobile App:

Google play store and Apple’s app store both have this app available. Using an automated scanning of your photo on multiple search engines, this application provides you with the best search result possible. Using this smartphone app, you can check the Facebook image source by uploading the photos.

  • TinEye:

In order to reverse an image search, Tineye is only available. There are only a few simple steps involved. Upload or paste the URL, and you’ll be presented with a list of related images and their source information.

  • Bing Rev Image Search

A similar feature is included in this image search as well, allowing you to look up information or a specific person based on an image. Using Bing Image Search, you can upload a picture by clicking the “Camera Icon,” and then view all of the picture’s information.
Search results may vary depending on the Facebook settings of the user you are searching for.

Method#2. Using Facebook ID Number

To find out the identity of a Facebook profile photo, use the following steps:

  • Take a look at the picture’s file name.
  • The image file name will have ‘FB’
  • The file name consists of 3 sets of number which are separated by periods. Identify the middle number set. For Eg: fbid=909242737837=a.71876258932590358.5432.10472957588&. The underlined part is what you look for. It must not have any decimal
  • This underlined number set is FB profile ID of the user
  • Type the URL “***
  • Replace ‘***’ with profile ID number
  • To view a Facebook user’s profile information, simply press the enter key.

Note: Using this method is subject to limitations imposed by the user’s selected level of privacy. The profile ID is still out there, though.

When deciding on this method, there are numerous things to keep in mind.
To begin, keep in mind that the person in the image may not be the same as the profile you found. Rather, it could be the person who first came up with the idea. In other words, the profile user might not have given much thought to the image’s subject matter before posting or reposting it.
Facebook and Instagram names will be the same, but these steps are only applicable to images on Facebook. Unless the images are from Instagram, it won’t work.

Use ‘SearchIsBack’ for Advanced Facebook Search

Search Is Back makes it simple to find people by school, city, first name, relationship status, and other criteria. You can also search for posts, events, photos, and other content. With the help of this service, you can easily find people on Facebook without using complicated search terms. This search facebook profile by picture tool assists people in quickly finding FB profile details with limited resources.

Overall Verdict

As a result, Facebook image search is regarded as the best way to learn more about a Facebook user by using a photo. You can also see if the photos came from Facebook or another website. If the photo was taken from Facebook, you can easily determine the photo ID. You can also use a generic URL to find the correct Facebook page.

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