Get Over The Issue: Facebook Marketplace Won’t Load

For a long time, Facebook has been an unwavering social media platform. It has evolved over time into an essential tool for businesses and brands looking to promote their products to specific audiences. The network has created Facebook Marketplace, which allows users to discover appropriate parties to purchase and sell products. They can look around and discover new stuff by refining the results by area, category, and price. However, customers have frequently reported that Facebook Marketplace does not load on their smartphones. The Facebook Marketplace not working issue is a common one, whether you try to access it on a computer or a mobile phone.


If you are having difficulties loading the Marketplace, this post will give you options to totally resolve the Facebook Marketplace won’t load issue.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with learning about the causes of this problem.

Reasons As Why Facebook Marketplace Won’t Load?

Before you can look at the remedies that could assist you to tackle this problem, you must first understand why it arises. We have gathered a list of the most common causes of the Facebook Marketplace not working issue. These are the reasons:

  • Inaccurate Login
  • Corrupted Cache
  • Browser Issue
  • Suspicious Browser Extensions
  • Unconfigured MarketPlace Settings

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be other variables that contribute to the Facebook Marketplace won’t load error.

Now that you’ve learned about the most common causes of this problem, let’s talk about how to solve it.

How To Fix Facebook Marketplace Not Working:

If you encounter this problem at any time, you can resolve it by utilizing the techniques listed below:

Method#1: Restart your Device

The first troubleshooting approach you should try is restarting your device. Restarting will help you resolve the Facebook Marketplace won’t load issue by removing certain minor software issues. Check to see if the problem has been resolved after restarting it.

Method#2: Un-install and Re-install Facebook

The next simple troubleshooting step that may help you resolve the issue is to uninstall the Facebook application and then reinstall it on your device.

Method#3: Re-login to Facebook

If the problem is caused by an incorrect login, you should try again by logging into your Facebook account.

To do so, you must first log out of your account by clicking the log-out icon in the top-right corner and then log back in after a short delay.
It’s fine if re-logging into Facebook helps your cause. If not, you should try the alternatives listed below.

Method#4: Clear the Cache

Your browser’s cache and cookies are another big cause of the Facebook Marketplace not working issue, and removing them would most likely resolve the issue. To remove the cache in Chrome, follow these steps:

  • Launch Chrome and then click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Choose “More Tools” and then “Clear Browsing Data.”
  • To delete everything, use the “Specify the time range” option at the top and pick “All Time.”
  • Next, choose the checkboxes next to “Cookies and Other Site Data” and “Cached Images and Files.”
  • Now, choose “Clear Data” and restart your device.

Check to see whether the “Facebook Marketplace not loading” issue has been repaired. If the problem persists, you can reinstall your Chrome browser as described in the following way.

Method#5: Reinstall Your Browser

  • Using “Windows + R,” open the Run box and navigate to “Control Panel.”
  • Look for “Add or Remove Programs” and then choose “Google Chrome” from the list of installed applications on your machine.
  • Right-click on Chrome and select “Uninstall.”

After successfully uninstalling Chrome, reinstall it by clicking here.
Simply follow the on-screen instructions now.

Reinstalling Google Chrome will almost certainly help you to resolve the Facebook Marketplace not working issue.

Method#6: Try An Alternate Web Browser

If you are experiencing this difficulty on your normal browser (Chrome), switching to another browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or others may be beneficial in resolving the Facebook Marketplace issue.
Alternatively, instead of browsing it through your Facebook profile, you can directly access the Marketplace via its official website Facebook Marketplace from a web browser.

Method#7: Disable Browser Extensions

If the problem is caused by some browser extensions, you can attempt disabling such suspicious add-ons to address the issue. To do so, do the following steps:

  • Turn on your computer and launch the “Chrome” browser.
  • Select the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • Find “More Tools” and then “Extensions.”

By selecting each extension individually, you can “disable” it.

Restart your browser, log in to your Facebook account, and check to see if the problem has been resolved.

Method#8: Configure Facebook Marketplace From Menu

Unconfigured MarketPlace Settings are one of the possible causes of this problem. You can resolve the problem by following the instructions below:

  • On your device, open the Facebook app.
  • Select the “Menu” icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Look for and select the “See More” option. Now, select “Marketplace” and customize it as desired.

When you visit the Facebook Marketplace again, you might notice that the problem has been resolved. If it doesn’t work, you should try reconfiguring your account settings.

Method#9: Reconfigure Your Account Settings

To change your account settings, make English your default language and confirm that the location mentioned on your Facebook profile matches the one listed as acceptable locations/countries on Facebook Marketplace. If that is not the case, you can seek it by submitting an appeal through the Facebook Support page.

Method#10: Contact Facebook Help Center

The majority of people who encountered this issue indicated that they were able to resolve it by contacting Facebook’s help center. To get help from Facebook, send an email to Support Email or phone the Customer Support Number (+1 877-398-6240).


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