How to Find Someone’s Comments on Instagram

Instagram, a Facebook-owned American social networking service, has captured the hearts of social media users. It has a large fan base due to its features of uploading and sharing stories, videos, and photographs with individuals you follow or are followed by. When friends in the list see the posts or stories, they can show their interest in the post by liking, commenting, or sharing it with others. Previously, it was simple to find someone’s Instagram comment.


If you are an Instagram user with a large number of followers and followers, and you publish something on Instagram, the people who follow you will have the ability to like and comment. The user who wrote the post has the ability to re-comment, react, or report the comments.

On Instagram, there are two kinds of accounts. There are two types of accounts: public and private. Only followers can remark on a private account, however, everyone can comment on a public account’s post. The comments are sorted by popularity. So, when there are a lot of comments, it’s difficult to identify any unpopular or less popular person’s comments under a post.

Instagram provides constant updates. Reels have been added in the latest version, but it previously included an activity tab that allowed users to see what other users were up to. For example, a user may see what other users they follow like, remark on, and who they started following. This function made stalking the account possible, especially for those in a relationship. This feature allows users to see the activity of the persons they follow.

However, Instagram has deleted the fantastic function of the activity tab, which allows you to see the activities of others. Because it was invading other users’ privacy. Because of the loss of this capability, no one can now see what others are doing. With no Instagram indicating their activities, it is now hard to know what individuals are up to.

How To Find Someone’s Comments on Instagram

Instagram removed the activity tab owing to an infringement of the privacy regulation, thus there is no way to determine what comments someone has made on this social media handle. Instagram does not have an area where you can view who has commented on a user’s post.

However, if you are fully free and desperate to discover what someone has been commenting on Instagram, you can utilize this method.
To begin, go to the individual’s list of followers and look for an account that is not private. Open their account and skim through their posts, looking for any comments he/she has made. Instagram has an interesting function in that it favors comments from individuals you follow. You will be able to see the user’s comment as a result of this.

On the other hand, if you want to know whether someone has commented on your post, look for their remark in the notifications section. It’s likely that the comment you’re looking for has been pushed down owing to the volume of comments. Then you’ll only have one option: go through each of your account’s posts and look for the exact person’s comment. This is how to find someone’s Instagram comment.

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