Download Fitbit App for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop

For Windows 10, do you want to download the Fitbit app? Learn how to install the Fitbit app for free on your Windows computer. With the aid of the Fitbit app, users may monitor their health and lead more active lifestyles. It rose to prominence as a top fitness tracking app today. Fitbit App is for you if you’re an avid exerciser or just starting out and want to keep your health in check. Read the article down below and get it now.


Staying Fit

Most people today, particularly ladies, are more focused on keeping their physical appearance than living a healthy lifestyle. They’ll do anything to keep their weight under control and keep their 25-inch waists. Their idea of healthy life changed from following a balanced diet to having a small, trim body. To avoid gaining weight, they either eat harmful foods without realising it or skip meals.

Some people held the belief that eating healthy foods was expensive, and this is actually true. As a result, they will just purchase packs of hot dogs rather than eating white meat, and they will prefer to eat an instant noodle rather than prepare something healthier. Or, if they are too lazy to cook, they could order delivery from a fast-food restaurant while taking into account the quantity of ingredients needed to prepare one meal.

In spite of all these facts, we consistently overlook the most crucial elements of a healthy lifestyle: regular exercise and restful sleep. For this reason, programmers and developers came up with a solution to provide us with the greatest health tracking software. This programme includes a tool that may track our heart rate, water consumption, and weight management in addition to keeping track of our sleep and daily exercise. I’ll thus show you how to download Fitbit on your Windows 10 computer now.

The following features are available on the new Fitbit PC app:

  • To assist you quickly access your most crucial health and fitness statistics so you can better fulfil your health and fitness goals, more information and other notification types have been introduced to the live tiles.
  • Rapid actions to help you keep track of your healthy living habits, such as your food, water, and exercise intake, as well as quick alarm setting to encourage more frequent logging.
  • To automate and make exercise and food monitoring simpler, users can use Cortana on Windows 11, 10 tablets, PCs, and phones to speak commands such “Fitbit, I had chicken for dinner” or “Fitbit, I ran a three-miler.”
  • The notification centre has combined all of your notifications and messages into a single tab. This makes it much simpler to monitor your development and stay motivated by the yells, jabs, and encouragements you receive from friends and loved ones.
  • You can access your health and fitness data more quickly with improved Bluetooth synchronisation on all of your Windows 10 devices with suitable hardware, which enables you to make decisions more quickly to reach your objectives.
  • It’s simple to configure and view all of your most important personal data in real-time with an improved visual experience thanks to design and continuity support for all Windows 10 devices.

Download FitBit for PC

Name  FitBit v3.14
Size  91.79 MB
System Requirement  Windows 7/8/10/XP
Author  FitBit Inc.

Download and Install Fitbit App for Windows 10

Actually, there are two methods for downloading and installing Fitbit into a Windows computer. All of them need an internet connection, but because these are only the fundamentals, I’m confident you can easily follow the instructions. They are as follows:

  • Fitbit purchase in the Microsoft Store
  • Fitbit installation using Nox Player, an Android emulator

Method 1: Download and Install from Microsoft Store

With this approach, all that is required to install the application on your computer is a web browser and an internet connection.

  1. Your initial action should be to visit the official Microsoft Store.
  2. Use your Microsoft account to log in. You may easily make an account if you don’t already have one.
  3. When you see Fitbit, select “Install on my Device” from the menu.
  4. To download and install Fitbit on your Windows PC, wait a few minutes.

Note: This application is for Windows 10 only.

Method 2: Download and Install from Nox Player

Contrarily, using this approach necessitates the download and installation of additional software in order to use the programme on your Windows computer. To access the server and its contents, you also need an internet connection. The steps are as follows:

  1. Get Nox Player for your Windows computer. If you don’t already have it installed, you can go to the official Nox Player website and do so.
  2. To access your account after installing the Nox Player, you must log in.
  3. Search for Fitbit on the Google Play Store using the Nox Player interface.
  4. After the results are shown, you can download and set up Fitbit. The installation procedure is the same as when using an Android device. then watch for it to finish installing. Congrats! Fitbit is now a viable option for everyday health monitoring.

Fitbit Great Features

One of the most well-liked tools for keeping track of your daily activities, exercise, sleep, eating patterns, and other activities is the Fitbit. It enables you to keep track of your health and keep a record of it so you can know how fit you are. You will discover the advantages of utilising Fitbit as your health monitoring tool in this section.

  1. MobileTrack. Using the MobileTrack feature of the app, Fitbit can monitor and record your steps and distance. It can keep track of your sleep, active minutes, and calorie burn.
  2. MobileRun. This tool records the pace, duration, and distance of your runs, walks, and treks.
  3. PurePulse. This tool analyzes heart rate, identify the trends, manage stress, review the rate of resting heart to see if your fitness is improving.
  4. Log Food. Utilize a barcode scanner, calorie counter, and database of items to log the calories quickly and easily. You can look back on your eating patterns to gain nutritional knowledge. You can immediately track your water intake to ensure that you don’t become dehydrated when working out or exercising.
  5. Sleep Tracker. Use the app to track your sleep and see how much of it you spend awake, restless, or sleeping soundly.
  6. Share and Compete. With Fitbit, you can communicate with your friends, send them direct messages with your metrics, and compete on the scoreboard.


You can always leave the alerts on your device so you’ll get all the changes. Additionally, you can contact customer service. Customers using the app version 3.52 have reported issues with syncing interruptions. In summary, Fitbit is a great app for anyone who like to keep track of their fitness. Both your computer and phone should have it. Take advantage of the free Fitbit today. By selecting the download/install option above on your smart device, you can get it.

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Make that your tracker appears in the list of gadgets underneath your mobile device, marked with the word “Connected.” You can use the application in just a few easy steps.

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