“Found You via LinkedIn Profile”: An Insightful Guide

While you might be curious about who has viewed your profile and what “Found You via LinkedIn Profile” or similar terms entail, what do they actually represent? This post was put together to show you the various ways that people can find you on LinkedIn.


Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has mostly been marketed as a platform for professionals where job seekers can uncover opportunities and companies can post openings in search of qualified candidates. Users of LinkedIn were able to “connect” with others and develop profiles to match their actual business needs. By inviting as many people as possible to become “connections,” they can also develop business contacts and expand their network.

Knowing who has viewed your LinkedIn Profile:

When a profile is viewed, LinkedIn alerts its users. Visit the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” area on LinkedIn to find out who has looked at your profile. It will provide information about each visitor, including their name, profile photo, title, and degree of connection to you. It will also show when they last saw your profile and even the website they came from.

Where Do People See Your Profile On Homepage?

On someone’s profile page, your profile could show up in a variety of hooks and corners. It mostly consists of the components below:

  • Articles, activities, and
  • endorsements were also
  • viewed by visitors.

How People Can Find You On LinkedIn?

Let’s start by looking at how others can find you on LinkedIn. There are a total of four broad possibilities, which are listed below.

  • on the homepage.
  • through the Linkedin profile.
  • using the LinkedIn Company Pages.
  • using the LinkedIn Search.
  • by using Google

What does found you via Homepage mean?

As soon as you connect to your LinkedIn account, the homepage is displayed on the front of your screen. “Found you via homepage” denotes that someone has viewed your profile after seeing a suggestion about you on their home page, as the name would imply.

In other words, this indicates that someone clicked on a newsfeed element of your profile to access it. Your profile may have shown up as a LinkedIn offer to a particular user’s feed on their home page because you liked or remarked on one of their shared articles or blog posts.

What does found you via LinkedIn Profile mean?

The most likely route for someone to locate your profile is through your LinkedIn profile. “Found you via your LinkedIn profile” denotes that the person visited your profile after clicking a link provided by another LinkedIn user. It is also possible that the person is already one of your contacts and just visited your profile because they were already connected to you.
The majority of these views typically originate from the “People also viewed section.” You might also get these kinds of views through the “Viewers of this profile also viewed” option.

What does found via LinkedIn Company Pages mean?

People can also find you on LinkedIn by looking through the pages you follow. Having your LinkedIn profile “discovered via LinkedIn company pages” indicates that someone found it on the page of a business or organization that you have followed, liked, commented on, or identified as your place of employment.
The “Experience” portion of your LinkedIn profile must therefore include a reference of your place of employment. Additionally, you shouldn’t “Add interests on LinkedIn” to just random pages; rather, you should follow pages that are relevant to and reflect your professional history. Obviously, this will attract the appropriate demographic to your profile.

What does finding you via LinkedIn Search means?

The most popular method of finding people on LinkedIn is to enter their names in the search field. Simply said, “Found via LinkedIn Search” denotes that someone has viewed your profile after it appeared in search results. Like other social media sites, LinkedIn also features a built-in search engine with a comprehensive user database.
It is strongly advised to use your genuine name on LinkedIn in order to increase the likelihood that you will appear when someone performs a name search. You become more discoverable and accessible in this way!

What does found you via Google Search means?

The hardest to obtain is by far this. The phrase “Found you via Google Search” refers to someone who enters a search term on Google and just so happens to see your profile. If so, congrats on making an effect; only engagement and content production may account for your LinkedIn profile’s high Google position.

What makes your Profile an easy to find on LinkedIn?:

The actual indication that you have a strong connection and high reach to your target audience is if you have a lot of visitors visiting your profile via “Found you via the homepage.”
On the other hand, if these visitors to your profiles come from other sources, it shows that you are not well-known to the LinkedIn audience. As a result, you need to step up and boost your LinkedIn involvement. It can be done by becoming more engaging with connections nearby and more active in terms of comments and likes on the posts.
Changing the profile settings from “private mode” to “public mode” is another thing to think about.
All of that comes from our end. We’ve spoken about how people use LinkedIn to locate you and how you can make it more likely that people will visit your profile. I hope this article will assist you in expanding your reach and presence on LinkedIn.

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