Free Download Mi Home App on PC – Windows 11-10 and Mac OS

Have a smart home appliance and are looking for an app to control its functions? Take a look at the Xiaomi Mi Home App. Xiaomi devices can be easily managed and controlled through this app.
Android users can get a free copy of this app by visiting the link provided below. However, in this section, we’ll go into greater detail. We’ll show you how to get the Mi Home App for PC in this guide.
The answer is yes, thanks to the help of an Android Emulator (a third-party app for PC). Learn more about Mi Home App before we show you how to install it on a laptop.


Mi Home App Overview

A heater, LED lamp, air conditioner, doorbell, ceiling light, air purifier, and other smart and hardware devices can all be controlled via the Mi Home App. Xiaomi’s smart security cameras are also under its management.
It does not necessitate the use of wires or cables to carry out its functions. A working and stable internet connection is all that is needed. The Mi Home App was created with the user in mind. When you add a smart device, you can control it from your smartphone.

Xiaomi Smart Camera

Because it keeps an eye on Xiaomi’s IP cameras, this app has grown in popularity among its users.
It utilises the internet to deliver a real-time, high-definition feed of the camera to an Android device. Now you can build a more secure home with it.
You can keep tabs on your house no matter where you are in the world. It supports features such as video recording, motion detector, and alarm notification.

How to Download Mi Home App on PC (Windows and Mac OS)

Using an Android Emulator, you can easily install the Mi Home App on a PC.
The first step is to install an Android Emulator on your Windows or Mac computer.
There are a number of free emulators for both Windows and Mac. However, we recommend BlueStacks and Nox App Player. It is possible to run both of these emulators on Windows and Mac OS X.

Mi Home for Windows 10, 8, 7 (Free Download)

  • The Nox App Player can be downloaded and installed on Windows. 
  • It can be opened by double-clicking on its icon after it has been installed.
  • The Nox App Player’s user interface is identical to that of an Android device.
  • The PlayStore App can be found in the Google Folder.
  • To activate the PlayStore App on your PC, enter your Gmail credentials.
  • Install Mi Home by searching for it in the Google Play Store.
  • Accept the installation by clicking the Install button.

Mi Home can be used for free on Windows PCs after it has been installed.


Mi Home for Mac OS (Free Download)

  • BlueStacks Android Emulator for Mac can be downloaded and installed. 
  • Once it has been installed, simply open it.
  • BlueStacks services can be activated by providing the necessary information.
  • Select System Apps from the My Apps tab now.
  • Open the Google PlayStore App from this location.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and look up Mi Home.
  • Click on the Install button after finding the Mi Home app in the search results.

Once the app has been installed and is ready to use. To begin using Mi Home for free on your Mac, simply click the Open button.

Download Mi Home for Windows 11:

BlueStacks Emulator is required to run Mi Home on Windows 11. You have the option of following the above instructions or the ones that follow.

  • Open BlueStacks -> Google Play -> Search Mi Home -> Click Install.

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