4 Best Free iTunes Alternatives for Windows 7/8/10

A piece of software called Apple iTunes makes it possible to download, manage, and watch audio and video files. The application also makes it simple for users to access the iTunes Store. The majority of people who use iTunes have an iPhone or iPod, allowing them to listen to their music when they are not at their computers.

Regardless of the platform you are using, iTunes is the best app and is utilised by practically all iDevice users. Millions of people everyday use it all over the world, making it one of the top pieces of software. Without iTunes, you won’t be able to accomplish a lot of things because all of Apple’s gadgets, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPods, largely rely on the iTunes programme.

Free iTunes Alternatives

It is incredibly useful for transferring music and media, managing devices, updating software, and many other tasks. When downloading iTunes, the main issue is that just the iDevices will install on your PC, not iTunes. Even though this software’s UI is deemed to look better on your device, it still has the flaws of being bloated and unreliable.

iTunes Alternative

This software may fail or cause considerable loss due to the many utilities that are included inside it. In order to enable you use the application as your everyday driver whenever it is available, iTunes must address this issue. So, for your Windows, Mac, and Linux computer, here are some of the best alternatives to iTunes.


It is one of the top lightweight media players ideal for devices with distinctive user interfaces like Mac and iOS. Some elements, it appears, are only accessible at bigger display sizes. It is very helpful in instantly identifying and importing the iTunes library, and it also offers playback notifications to ease work. Your device’s screen will display the playback notice as the top widget. You may quickly connect with your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms using this tool. There is no need to pay anything to download it because it is free to do so.

WonderShare TunesGo

It is heavier than Ecoute and serves multiple purposes, which distinguishes it from Ecoute in terms of weight. You can easily stop going to iTunes altogether with the aid of a multipurpose package. It is a top media player/manager and one of the best iTunes alternatives. It is a premium piece of software that works with Windows and Mac.


Additionally, it is among the greatest substitutes for iTunes, which prioritises media playback over anything else. Swinsian stands apart from all other options thanks to two key distinctive characteristics. And those features include automatic detection of any available Airplay ports as well as simple metadata/ID3 tag manipulation. The only platform that supports Swedish and is commercially available is Mac.


All of your music and films can be conveniently gathered using this robust media management package. Additionally, it helps you remove all the duplicates and automatically create playlists according on your listening preferences. Additionally, it is simple to record music from audio and video discs. There are some differences in the features between the free and premium versions. Additionally, Windows is supported.

You can quickly search and download a lot more options based on your preferences and needs. Simply select your preferred iTunes alternatives and continue to the download stage.


WALTR PRO is my go-to iTunes alternative programme. Although this software is expensive, it is also incredibly useful and strong. The licence is also transferable to other Softorino applications. I have the choice of using WiFi or wires to connect my iPhone to WALTR PRO. Its WiFi connection is just as quick in transferring music and images as native AirDrop. Even large video files may be transferred quickly from my Mac to my iPhone.


MusicBee is one of the greatest programmes available if all you want is a player that can help you organise your music and listen to it without having to manage files. On your PC, MusicBee makes it simple to organise, locate, and play music files. Your Windows computer, Android device, and iOS devices can all effortlessly sync your music.

Vox: MP3 & FLAC Music Player

Check out the Vox Media Player if you use a Mac and want to replace Apple Music with a straightforward but feature-rich music player. The fact that this tool supports a variety of audio formats is one of its best features. Additionally, the application runs on Windows OS and the iPhone.

The tool not only supports the widely used media formats MP3 and MP4, but it also supports FLAC, CUE, APE, and M4A among others.

DearMob iPhone Manager

With DearMob iPhone Manager, managing media and music, transferring files between computers and iOS devices, setting up automatic backups, and encrypting your data for complete security are all made simple. In essence, DearMob allows you to do everything that iTunes does.

Although the software has many features, it has managed to keep the user interface clear and straightforward. I never had any trouble using any of its capabilities and found it to be quite simple to use. The way the app lets me manage my images is my favourite feature.

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