Freeze the Firewall : A Full Guide for how to Unblock Websites Behind a Firewall

There are numerous situations when you try to access a website but discover that it is restricted. Even when the internet connection is stable, the webpage will not load! Typically, certain websites are restricted by the government, while others are prohibited by the proprietors in your location. If you work for a company, they may also ban access to various social networking and entertainment websites. If you really want to visit any prohibited site, we’ll show you how to disable the firewall and unblock websites now.


What is Freeze the Firewall?

By freezing the firewall, you are bypassing it. You can either disable it or attempt alternative methods to get around it. You can change networks or visit websites using the IP address assigned to them. In this essay, we will show you how to do so and simply access banned websites.

Bypass Firewalls by Switching the Network

You may not be able to visit several websites on the network if you are at work or in education. Because network managers typically restrict social media sites and high-traffic sites like YouTube. If this is the case, you can use your mobile data to visit these websites and view them.
If you can access the website over your 4G network, it signifies that the network administrator has prohibited this website on Wi-Fi, and you cannot use it through their Wi-Fi. If you believe the site should not be blocked, you can request that it be unblocked.

Restart your modem

Restarting your modem may also assist if your modem or internet service provider assigns you a dynamic IP address. If a website has blocked your IP address, restart the modem to obtain a new dynamic IP address. However, if your supplier has assigned you a static IP address, this method will not work.

Visit the Website through IP Address

An IP address is assigned to each website. When the government prohibits a website, they usually block not only the domain but also the server IP address. You can, however, give it a shot. There are numerous tools accessible on the internet for determining the IP address of a specific website. Simply input that IP address into the ULR bar of your browser and press enter to visit the website.

This IP address leads you straight to the server that hosts the prohibited website. It will also load all of the material, including text, images, and videos, on your URL.

IPvoid’s Website IP Finder is one such IP finder tool that you can use for this purpose.

Access a Blocked Site by viewing its Google Cache Version

Google caches every website that shows in search results on a regular basis. If the site you’re attempting to reach has been cached by Google and you don’t wish to see any of its member pages, you can verify it from the cached version of the page.

Follow the steps below to access a cached page:
1. Use Google to find the webpage.
2. On the search results screen, click the three-dot menu next to the URL of the website you want to visit.
3. Select cached from the menu, and you’re done!

Use a VPN or Proxy

When you use a VPN or proxy, your original IP address is hidden behind a bogus one. If a website is blocked in your area, using a VPN or proxy may allow you to access it.

You can use a proxy or a VPN from another country. There are numerous free and paid VPN services on the market. Some VPNs are accessible as browser plugins and can be installed. Simply connect the VPN to a chosen location and navigate to the website.

Try Tor Browser

If nothing else works, Tor Browser is your final resort. Tor, like a VPN or proxy, conceals the user’s location and IP address. As a result, when you use Tor Browser to access the website, you will be issued a new IP address.
Tor routes your traffic across many servers run by volunteers all around the world. That is, if you use the Tor browser, you can visit websites that are restricted by other browsers.

How do I get past Access Denied sites?

You can get around accessing prohibited sites by utilizing a VPN or Proxy, or you can use the ways listed above.

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