Everything You Need to Know: Friend Suggestions on Facebook

Facebook has a one-of-a-kind algorithm for ordering or suggesting friends on someone’s profile. To improve friend suggestions on Facebook, the algorithms on this most popular and widely used social media platform are constantly updating “People you may know.” As a result, you may see random friend suggestions on Facebook from time to time. However, sometimes you’re just astounded to see people you don’t know or don’t want to add as a friend. So, what is the logic or reason behind these Facebook friend suggestions? This is the place to do it correctly.
This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about Friend Suggestions on Facebook, including the information used to display such suggestions, as well as how to add or remove a friend suggestion. So why wait any longer? Let’s get right into it and learn more about it.


Facebook friend’s suggestion

Facebook has a feature that suggests a few profiles for you to connect with in order to broaden your circle on the platform. However, it is not always the person you want to add as a friend, and sometimes the algorithms get it wrong and recommend people who are not even close to you.
The “People you may know” feature on Facebook can assist you in connecting with an increasing number of people. This will allow you to make new friends while also allowing others to contact you on Facebook. The friend suggestions on Facebook may give you an idea of who you might want to add as a friend and include profiles you haven’t seen on Facebook before or other users who have just created a profile on the platform.
Having said that, you may be wondering what factors Facebook usually considers or what set of information it requires for Facebook to suggest certain profiles for you to add as friends. Here’s a solution….

How Facebook show suggestions in People you perhaps you are aware?
Friend recommendations on Facebook under the “People you may know” section can be friends of friends, people from the same network, or people you may have something in common with. The list of factors and pieces of information required by Facebook to show you friend suggestions or recommend people in the “People you may know” section is as follows.
It is important to note that Facebook friend suggestions are derived from factors such as:

Mutual Friends:

The first and most important factor, and the most common reason for getting someone’s profile as friend suggestions, is that you share friends. As a result, most people are suggested for mutual to add to your friend list. The Facebook friends of the person added to your Facebook friend list will appear in the “People you may know” section, and you can easily connect with them by sending them a request or clicking on the Add friend button on their profile. You can also message them directly.

Your Profile Information:

The suggestions you receive in Facebook’s “People you may know” section are heavily influenced by the personal information and networks you have mentioned in your Facebook profile. This personal information (for example, your school, university, or place of employment) is widely used by Facebook to show friends suggestions. The algorithms simply look for profiles that match any of your personal information and display them in the “People you may know” section.

Your Facebook activity:

Your activities and the most recent information you have shared on your Facebook profile are the next types of information that Facebook considers when making these recommendations. Joining groups, being tagged in certain photos, and other similar activities serve as a foundation for Facebook to recommend people in the relevant section. Facebook collects all recent data and suggests people who match the specific information, displaying them in the “People you may know” section.

Other Factors:

Aside from that, other important information that Facebook uses to show suggestions includes people who contact you, people who have saved your Contact Number, people you may have searched on Facebook, and people who looked at or visited your profile.
Furthermore, if you upload your contact list to Facebook and someone else has just uploaded theirs, which includes your phone number, Facebook will automatically show both of you in friend suggestions on your respective profiles.
Thus, these are the factors that influence the appearance of friend suggestions on Facebook. But what if you don’t want to respond and delete a specific friend suggestion? Let’s take a look at it as well.

How to remove a friend suggestion?

If you see someone you don’t want to be added as a friend, you can take the following steps:

  • Click the Remove button next to their name in Friends. This will update your People you may know section, and you will likely receive more improved suggestions in the future.
  • Click the cross sign located on the picture of the person you don’t want to add from your News Feed.

Aside from that, you can also Block the profile of someone you want to remove. Blocking someone will permanently remove them from your “People you may know” suggestions.

Closing Remark:

The common feature that everyone can see on their Facebook is friend suggestions. Friends of friends, personal information (education, work, etc.), recent activities, and other factors are considered when displaying friend suggestions on your Facebook profile.

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