Download Helakuru for PC on Windows 8/10/7 Latest Version 2022

Download Helakuru for PC on Windows 2022: Do you worry that you won’t be able to download Helakuru or use Helakuru on your computer? This is the manual you need if you want to install Helakuru on your computer. In this piece, we’ll go through where to buy a Helokuru keyboard and how to set it up. Some of the most widely used social media platforms now allow users to type in Sinhala or use voice input.


There is no way to get Helakuru for PC right now. Check out this handy downloads instructions for Windows 7, 8, 11, and 10 on laptops and Macs. Many websites now offer multilingual keyboards for use on their sites. The default language in each of these applications is English. If you’re working on a PC and need a Sinhala font, Helakuru is the best application to utilise.

More than 12 million individuals have downloaded the Helakuru Sinhala Keyboard for PC. Keyboard features accessible via the Helakuru app include emojis, voice typing, word predictions, and clipboards. It has been recognised as the top Sinhala writing platform in real-time.


If you want to type in Sinhala on your computer, you’ll need the helakuru app. An Android emulator is a must-have for your desktop or laptop computer. Due to the fact that the official website does not currently host the Helakuru PC version app for download. Now you may get Sri Lankan typeface for PC and Windows with the aid of android emulators.

Lots of Android emulators may be found on the web. On the other hand, in my opinion, the Nox App Player is the greatest and most popular of all app players. Also, it works flawlessly with any electronic gadget. Please read the instructions I provided below carefully before proceeding with the download and installation.

App Name HelaKuru APK
Category Lifestyle
Downloads 10,000,000+
Developer Bhasha
Size 48MB
Supports Windows (10/8/7/11/XP) PC Laptop


software in my application folder. It’s safe to say that this software has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a useful tool in 2011. Helakuru has amassed a sizable audience that rely on it on a regular basis, whether for data from the continuing pandemic or the newest news from all corners of the globe.

Bhasha’s mission statement is a desire to give people a voice in the digital world, and the Helakuru mobile app has made that a reality. It has made it easier than ever for millions of people to maintain relationships and reconnect with old friends and acquaintances while also discovering new ones.

How to Install Helakuru for Windows 10 PC Download Laptop & Computer

  1. It all starts with a download of the Nox App Player onto your computer.
  2. Launch Nox App Player’s installation file from your computer’s downloads folder.
  3. Accept the conditions and proceed with the setup.
  4. As a result, you should set aside some time for the installation process. It will appear on your desktop after installation.
  5. Launch the Play Store application; first-time users will be prompted to sign in. Then enter the information used to access your Google or Gmail account.
  6. The next step is to launch the Google Play Store, type in “Helakuru,” and hit the install button.
  7. Once this is done, the installation process will begin and finish in due time.
  8. To activate the Sinhala keyboard after it has finished installing, simply double-click the app’s icon.


This is how you can get Helakuru for PC for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista/Mac OS X (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions). I trust that you have fully grasped the material and have finished the installation on your computer. For those who speak Sri Lankan, the award-winning Helakuru app provides a convenient keyboard. If you have any questions after reading this, feel free to contact us.

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