How to Hide Chats in GBWhatsApp

How to Hide Chats in GBWhatsApp: There are several functions available when you use GBWhatsApp. One of them has your chats hidden. In GBWhatsApp, users can now hide conversations. This article explains how to unhide and hide chats in GBWhatsApp. If you can’t find a chat you want to revisit, you can unarchive it by following these instructions. The ability to archive conversations is available in GBWhatsApp. By holding down the long-press key while selecting the three-dot icon on a chat, you can turn off this feature. You must input the security code one more in order to reveal a particular chat.

Hide Chats in GBWhatsApp

I’m confident that the majority of people are unaware of GBWhatsApp. Netizens, it essentially is the original WhatsApp that has been modified. GBWhatsApp is an acronym for a team of enthusiastic developers that collaborate to add some new features to popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube. You can learn more about GBWhatsApp here: GBWhatsApp: Hide Blue Tick, Second Tick, Last Seen & More On WhatsApp.
Coming back to the main topic, which is how to conceal or unhide the WhatsApp chat without archiving, at this time, WhatsApp does not offer this option, however it is feasible with GBwhatsApp.

  1. Please use the aforementioned link to install GBWhatsApp.
  2. Open the GBWhatsApp once it has been installed.
  3. The chat that you want to conceal is now open.
  4. Hold down while choosing that specific chat.
  5. After choosing, click the three dots that are provided on the right top side.
  6. Once the options menu appears, select the Hide option.
  7. The GBWhatsApp will prompt you to create a new pattern as a security measure.
  8. Upon completion of setup, you will see that your conversation has been successfully hidden.
  9. Now, if you want to reveal your communication, open the GBWhatsApp main screen and tap the WhatsApp text that is displayed on the left top side.
  10. The screen will open so that you can input the lock pattern as soon as you tap the WhatsApp text.
  11. All of your secret talks will be visible.
  12. On the same page, tap the right side again and choose “Mark conversation as Visible” to make the chats visible again.

How to Hide Chats in GBWhatsApp

You need to register your phone number with the app after downloading the GB version of WhatsApp. Users can now choose to hide chats in GBWhatsApp. In essence, unlike the original WhatsApp programme, you can choose to archive any chat. Later, the talks can be unarchived and made visible.

To hide any chat in GBWhatsApp, you have to proceed like,

  1. Launch the GB WhatsApp App.
  2. Open the chat window for the conversation you wish to archive.
  3. Head over to the chat you want to conceal.
  4. Long-press the conversation.
  5. Navigate to the three dots (options) in the top right after choosing the chat.
  6. To conceal the chat, choose the hide option from the drop-down menu.
  7. To hide/unhide chats in GBWhatsApp, you’ll probably need to enter a security code. You don’t use the same security code to unlock your phone as you do for this.

You may need a GB WhatsApp update to get the updated features if you are unable to accomplish this or are not seeing the “hide chat” option.

Unarchiving Chats in GBWhatsapp

An alternative to the official WhatsApp app is GBWhatsapp. You can choose this option if you want to see your private chats. On your phone, open the GB Whatsapp app, and then tap the WhatsApp icon in the top left corner to accomplish this. Your previously saved conversations will open. You must tap on the chat’s menu at the top and choose “Mark as unread” to make the chats visible again. The selected chats will be instantly unhidden and sent to your GBWhatsApp home as a result.
You’ll need to check in with your current phone number and enter a one-time password in order to utilise this function. To access GB WhatsApp’s advanced capabilities, you need the password. Select the chats you want to conceal after logging in. Then, hit the additional options icon, choose “Hide,” and a patterned screen with a lock code will show up. Enter a pattern that is distinct from the one you use to lock your phone.
Follow the same procedures you used to archive chats in GBWhatsapp in order to unarchive them. To begin, swipe left to display the primary chat panel. Next, look up the contact’s name or the group’s topic. Finally, tap the icon like a “up-arrow”. By doing so, the conversation will resume on your chat screen. It will then be added back to your conversation history.

Disabling the “Keep Chats Archived” option in GBWhatsapp

Go to the top right corner and click the three dots to disable this option. From there, a box with the label “Archived” will appear. Disable this setting if you want to keep previous chats in the app. In the future, you can watch the chat by just swiping left on the screen. New chats and message notifications will still be sent to you.
You can also enable the “Keep Chats Archived” option if you want to keep earlier chats private. You must access the settings menu, then choose Chats>Archived Chats to enable this option. When you’re finished, a box labelled “Archived chats” will appear on top of all of your chats. The talks are yours to retain or to remove as you please.
As an alternative, you can disable the choice. Launch GBWhatsApp and press the “archived” box to enable the option. To access the archived chats, tap the number if it appears next to the word “Archived.” When you’re finished, the word “Archived” will be followed by a number. Disable this option if you don’t want to see archived talks.

Unhiding Specific Chats in GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsApp’s hidden conversation option should be used if you want to erase specific talks. You are not required to archive any particular chats, and you can unhide them whenever you want. With the screen lock option that comes with GBWhatsapp by default, you can hide particular chats without having to worry about their re-appearing in your chat list. With GBWhatsApp, you may also silence particular chats.
You can tap a chat and select the three dots icon to reveal or conceal it. Click the three dots icon on the ensuing screen. Select the “Unhide Chat” menu item. After that, click “Show discussion.” The user will need to enter the security code again after the conversation has been unhidden. The chat will then show up on the user’s home screen.

In Conclusion

Because it offers so many more functions than the original WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp is more practical. The capability to hide particular chats without archiving them is one of these functions. All you have to do to accomplish this is sign in using your Android device and unlock the conversation by entering a pattern or PIN. 

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