How To Bold In Whatsapp

How To Bold In Whatsapp: In India and other foreign markets, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used applications. The numerous features the Facebook-owned instant messaging software provides improve the user experience while keeping it straightforward account for its appeal. One of these features on WhatsApp is the ability for users to format text or alter the typeface used in messages. Text in a message can be formatted in one of three ways: bold, italics, or completely struck through. On WhatsApp, formatting text or changing font styles is a simple process that takes just a few seconds to complete.

How To Bold In Whatsapp

Text can be formatted in bold, italic or strikethrough in WhatsApp

The most popular method for formatting text in WhatsApp is using the keyboard. There are a few easy ways to change the format of your text whether you’re using WhatsApp’s desktop program or its web version. Simply type an underscore (“_”) before and after the text to format it with bold, italics, or strikethrough.

Hold down the text you wish to format on an Android device. Choose the formatting option after tapping Select on iOS. You can also select Text. The format menu will then be visible. You can use the same technique used to alter the text box’s font style on a desktop computer to change the font style in WhatsApp.

Additionally, you can use several formats at once. For example, you can highlight the content by bolding it and using italics. In WhatsApp, you can also strikethrough the bolded text.

our different text formatting options are available in WhatsApp, making it simpler for you to express yourself. WhatsApp also gives you the option to highlight text using special characters. To format something in bold or italic, use the star (*) symbol or the underscore ( ).

On all platforms, WhatsApp offers text formatting. The formatting you set in the Android version will also be used in the PC version. Additionally, WhatsApp supports markdown text formatting, so formatting text on the Android app will be consistent with formatting text on the iPhone or WhatsApp’s online version.

The underscore symbol can be used in WhatsApp to add bold, italic, or strikethrough formatting to text. The formatting choices are comparable to those in the PC version, though. If you want to use these formatting options, make sure to upgrade your WhatsApp app to the most recent version.

In WhatsApp, you can also underline text using the apostrophe. The apostrophe will be highlighted in this manner, making it simpler to read. Text can also be typed using the Monospace typeface. When sending a password or other sensitive information, the monospace option is helpful. For a message that is more secure, you can also use the strikethrough option.

Using monospaced text

It’s easy to change the text formatting in a Whatsapp message. Tap the menu icon with the three dots, then choose “send” to format text. You have the option to make one or more selections. Font type and size are also editable. Bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospaced text are all options.

With WhatsApp’s text formatting feature, you may bold, strikethrough, or modify the font style of any text. You can enter two asterisks, two underscores, or three backseeks to change the typeface. You can enter the text you want to format after selecting a font style. Type “*name” before and after the word you want to be bolded. Text formatting shortcuts are also available.

Numerous formatting options are supported by WhatsApp, including bold, italic, strikethrough, and underline. No matter what formatting method you employ, it’s critical to ensure that there are no gaps between the syntax and the text block. You can make your message more visually appealing by formatting your text.

In WhatsApp, you must use the asterisk (*) or underscore to bold monospaced text (as in the font above). The most prevalent type of text in WhatsApp is monospaced text. In WhatsApp, you’ll see a little menu with formatting options when you click on text.

WhatsApp offers you the option to alter the font style in addition to the two primary text formats. By pressing the text field in WhatsApp for Android and iPhone, you may select bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace. If you want to turn off this feature in WhatsApp, you are unable to select text.

Creating links with bold text

An asterisk (*) must be placed on both sides of the text in order to make it bold. To make text bold on WhatsApp, for instance, type *This is a sample text*. Another method is to carry out the following actions:

  1. Go to the Contact you wish to send the message to on WhatsApp by opening it.
  2. Once you’ve finished writing the text, long-press it to select everything.
  3. When finished, the BIU option will appear. By clicking it, highlight the text.

WhatsApp will automatically format the chosen text once you type the asterisk at the end of the text you wish to make bold or take the preceding actions. The result will resemble: This is an example of a text that WhatsApp users can bold.

By styling text, links can be made on WhatsApp. This can be accomplished by adding bold or italic text to a conversation thread. You can alter your device’s default font option if it runs the Android operating system. Asterisks can also be used to indicate bold writing. The asterisks and the other characters in your text should be separated by a line space.

Adding links with strikethrough text

Making your writing more readable in WhatsApp is as simple as adding links with strikethrough text. Although there isn’t a specific strikethrough option in WhatsApp, users can manually type unusual characters. For online links, strikethrough text is a typical format. WhatsApp users can include links to messages in addition to web URLs. You might include a link to your online shop, for instance, and ask buyers to copy and paste the URL into their WhatsApp conversations.

Text formatting choices supported by WhatsApp include bold, italic, and strikethrough. Simply enclosing the content in special characters will add strikethrough text to your text. Italic text should have an underscore (“_”), and bold text should have a single star (*).

You must install the most recent version of WhatsApp in order to use strikethrough text. The BIU icon is located on the pop-up menu’s right side. To activate it, you only need to tap this icon once. Watch this YouTube video to learn more about adding text formatting.

Put a tilde () at the beginning and end of a text or message on WhatsApp in order to strike it through. This is a sample text to strikethrough on WhatsApp, for instance.

Additionally, you can send an SMS with a strikethrough by following the instructions below:

  1. Select the contact on WhatsApp to whom you wish to send the message.
  2. Type the text first, then choose it.
  3. When finished, you’ll observe that

WhatsApp will automatically format the chosen text once you add the tilde character to the end of the text you wish to strikethrough. The output will appear as follows: This is a sample text to be strangled via the text.

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