How To Change Font Style In Whatsapp

How To Change Font Style In Whatsapp: WhatsApp has been offering a few native font-styling tricks within chats that allow you to change your font styling into italic, bold, and strikethrough format. Do you have any idea about it? If not, no need to worry because here in this article you will learn how to change the font style on WhatsApp.


Formatting your messages can help you in stressing a particular word like the way you speak. So if you are also bored with the same text format then you can change your font style. Here are the steps you need to follow. But before you go for it remember that there is no option to disable this feature.

You want to alter WhatsApp’s font style, then. There are various approaches you can take. There are mod applications for this as well as built-in options that you can use in their place. Compared to using mod apps, using these apps is safer and simpler. You can format text quickly by using the built-in options.

Text can be formatted in a variety of ways

Changing the font style in WhatsApp is one technique to make text appear more aesthetically pleasing. There are numerous alternatives available to you. It’s easy to create a cool font style by using the Whatsapp Font Generator. You can choose from a range of hip fonts by just typing or clicking the buttons. Copy the desired fonts, then paste them on other websites or in WhatsApp chats.

The typewriter typeface is a unique and entertaining choice. The best thing about adopting this font type is that it can be used by those who aren’t designers. To switch to a different font style, just write a symbol in the text field (not the letter “). Even the iOS and Android keyboards have this option.

Additionally, WhatsApp users have the option to alter their background colour, which is helpful when sending pals’ images. You can continually press on the colour icon, which is adjacent to the T icon, to view all the colours you can employ. There are third-party apps like BetterFonts and BlueWords available for Android users. Visit the Google Play store to download these applications.

To alter text style, you can also use the native text formatting options on your phone. To make plain text bold, for instance, add an underscore to both sides of the text. Use a Tilde or the strikethrough symbol to alter the font size.

There are several apps that offer this functionality

When it comes to sharing documents, photographs, and videos, WhatsApp provides a plethora of alternatives. Users of the app can also share their location. Users have the option of sharing their location for 15, 60, or 96 hours. Users of iOS can decide whether to publish their location for a particular chat.

You can use the data report function to view how much data is being used by each of your chats if you’re concerned about how much data is being used in each of your talks. Both iOS and Android devices can use it. You can use this function to view your data usage and potential savings.

The ability to design unique warnings for particular contacts is one of WhatsApp’s most useful features. This makes it simpler to remember which messages are crucial. Simply double-tapping a message or holding the button down while you select a chat thread will enable these alerts.

The option to create groups in WhatsApp is another helpful feature. These groups, which can hold up to 256 individuals, give the service a more social network-like vibe. Despite being a phone and text messaging service, WhatsApp resembles a social network more than a messaging app because of its group messaging and encryption features.

Additionally, WhatsApp has a storage feature that makes it simpler to remove big files. Additionally, this section displays the most popular and message-rich contacts. Additionally, users can swipe left on a message to check message stats. Long-pressing the message and then touching the menu button is another method for Android users to accomplish this. The software also gives users the option to mute talkative group conversations.

Using these apps is safer than using mod apps

While modifying could seem like a simple method to access all the features of your preferred game without spending a dime, it might have negative safety implications. Before installing a mod, always read its description. You can purchase luxury items and more lives in some game mods. People who rely on these games for entertainment risk being hurt by others. There are ways to prevent them, so read reviews and inquire whenever possible.

Modified mobile apps are not produced by the original app’s developer. Instead, they are created by a random person or a team of programmers. Mobile device hacking is often facilitated by modified apps. A popular app can be copied by a hacker, who can then enhance it with free features.

Getting software from a dependable source is the greatest approach to prevent downloading changed versions of them. It’s never a good idea to download programs from sources other than the Google Play store. You’ll frequently receive a warning while downloading programs from unknown sources on mobile devices. Modified apps can give game hacks and aggressively push advertisements in addition to being risky.

Every year, malicious apps improve in sophistication and risk. These malicious programs go to considerable lengths to seem to be genuine apps. By researching the developer’s credentials and reading reviews, you can defend yourself against these apps. Use a VPN or similar third-party service that will let you use the app if you’re unsure.

Using the built-in settings

You might be shocked when someone replies to a message you send them using a bold typeface. Bold text is more substantial than the words around it. Important words are highlighted in this text style to draw the reader’s attention. The font style in WhatsApp can be changed in a number of ways.

You can navigate to the application’s settings to alter the font style in WhatsApp. The message’s font style, color, and size are all customizable. You may also customize the notification light’s tone. If you’re attempting to make your message stand out, you might refrain from changing the font style, though.

Choose from bold, italic, or monospace text with WhatsApp’s built-in font style choices. While the text that is struck out has a dramatic effect, the bold style is useful for emphasizing crucial elements of a message. You can also use a third-party keyboard if you want a different font style.

You can alter the font style for individual messages in WhatsApp. For instance, you can add an underscore to make the text italic. Alternatively, you can use the monospace font to change the font style across all messages. However, the iOS version of the WhatsApp app does not offer this option. You must first switch to the Number keyboard in order to utilize the monospace typeface. The character selections will then appear when you long-press the “Apostrophe” character. then pick the character that is on the left.

Using the app’s native text formatting choices is another way to modify a message’s font style. You have the option of choosing monospace, strikethrough, bold, or italics.

Using apps like BlueWords or Fancy Text

If you’re tired of WhatsApp’s one-liner, boring fonts for its about status, you may utilize third-party apps to change the font style. Download apps like BetterFonts or BlueWords from the Google Play store. They can change the font and color of your texts.

With the help of the independent app BlueWords, you may change the color and font style of your messages. From among the many color options offered by this application, you can pick the one that best suits your preferences. WhatsApp can also be used to paste text. The software gives the text a polished, tidy appearance. After using WhatsApp, you can modify the text’s color, size, and style.

If you don’t want to spend money on apps, BlueWords is a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative. Use the free Google Play application BlueWords to change the font color and style of your messages. You may utilize gorgeous fonts when writing on WhatsApp thanks to BlueWords’ custom keyboard and font style adjustments.

If you have an Android phone, BlueWords is a fantastic option. The program is available for free download and includes a FAQ section and a number of font variations. It also offers an extra 1,000-font bundle that is optional.

By using apps like Fancy Text or BlueWords to alter the font style in Whatsapp, changing the font style on your mobile device is easy. The app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

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