How to Do Nationality Challenge Video in Instagram Reels (App & Filter Name)

How to do a Nationality Challenge Video in Instagram Reels: Instagram is where you may find the most recent examples of the trending social media challenges you may have seen on Reels. This new Instagram trend called “The Nationality Challenge” has quickly become popular. The goal of this project is to produce a video depicting how people seem while dressed in traditional garb from different cultures, such as Indian, American, and so on. Keep reading to find out how you can participate in the Nationality Challenge on Instagram. A user can put together a wide variety of clothing items to film a scene in a variety of ethnic, regional, and era-specific garbs. You might also try downloading the app FacePlay if doing it on your own seems too difficult. To learn more about the app and the filter, please scroll down.


Instagram users are increasingly interested in learning how to create nationality challenge videos for their profiles. In fact, Instagram has stated that they would not be adding any filters based on nationality as a challenge. Most people, however, are unaware that Instagram lacks a nationality challenge filter. Instagram’s nationality challenge filter continues to be a popular search term. Instagram’s filter won’t work, no matter how long you try. Because other apps like Faceplay allow you to create Instagram nationality challenge videos.


  1. Take out your Android phone first.
  2. After that, visit the Google Play store.
  3. The “Faceplay App” can be found by searching for it on the Google Play store.
  4. Faceplay is an app that can be used to create videos based on a user’s nationality.
  5. Start up Faceplay now that it has been installed.
  6. The Faceplay app’s list of available nationalities filters appears next.
  7. For specific nationalities, all you have to do is upload a photo and record a short introduction.
  8. You need to make videos tailored to each each nation.
  9. After all, you’ll need to edit each clip into a single long one.
  10. CapCut Video Editor for PC and VN Video Editor for PC are two excellent options for editing videos on a personal computer.
  11. Choose any of the aforementioned video editors and you’ll have a stunning nationality challenge video.
  12. You’ve just finished the final step in creating your Instagram how-you-look-in-different-countries challenge video clip.

Nationality Challenge App And Filter

FacePlay, the Nationality Challenge App, may be grabbed from the App Store or Google Play for zero pennies. The Nationality challenge, on the other hand, is a trend that originated on Instagram and involves wearing clothes that are specific to a particular country. An option for a “Nationality challenge Filter” is available within the FacePlay software.

Instagram Nationality Challenge – FAQs

  1. How do I look in different nationalities apps?  

The New Ethnicity-Shifting Filters in FaceApp Are Not Cool. Period.

  1. How do you do the nationality challenge on Instagram?  

To try on virtual clothes, customers must first download the FacePlay app. The app is available for free on both the Android and iOS app stores. After downloading the app, users can access the various nationality templates under the “For You” tab.

  1. Is there an app to change your race?  

Filters that claim to alter your race have been added to FaceApp, an app that utilises neural networks to alter your selfies in some quite disturbing ways. Uploading a selfie and choosing an Asian, black, Caucasian, or ‘Indian’ filter was possible.

  1. What is the latest trend on Instagram?
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  • So, which one is your favourite?
  • I’m sorry, I did it again.
  • Insane Blink Test
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How do you get trending reels on Instagram?  

To begin, launch the Instagram app and navigate to the platform’s Reels Explore section (center icon). From that point on, you can check out the Instagram-recommended Reels. It’s simple to spot popular music: Check out the audio portion and see if you can identify the “trending” arrow.

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