How To Download Whatsapp Status Videos

How To Download Whatsapp Status Videos: Since its debut in 2017, people have used WhatsApp status updates to communicate their opinions, news, and occasionally amusing posts. Sharing stories on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat is comparable because they all end automatically after 24 hours.

How To Download Whatsapp Status

We frequently find ourselves liking someone’s WhatsApp status but not knowing how to store it on our device. We ask our friends to submit the raw video or photo so that we can share the statuses with others because we are unable to download them directly from the app. Some of us use the screen recorder to record the video that is shared as a WhatsApp status and the screenshot tool to save the image.

What if there was a quick way to download images and videos from a WhatsApp status? Here are some simple instructions that you may use to download WhatsApp status to an Android device.

The function was initially thought of as a Snapchat Stories knockoff. WhatsApp does not offer a formal method to download these statuses, in contrast to Snapchat. While there are methods for taking screenshots of statuses, they frequently result in poor quality.

The function was initially thought of as a Snapchat Stories knockoff. WhatsApp does not offer a formal method to download these statuses, in contrast to Snapchat. While there are methods for taking screenshots of statuses, they frequently result in poor quality.

Download whatsapp status using Files by Google

  1. Obtain Google Files through the Play Store.
  2. In the top right corner of the screen, tap the Menu button.
  3. Access Settings.
  4. Activate “Show Hidden Files.”
  5. Go to Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media > Statuses in your device’s file manager.
  6. You can see the files for every WhatsApp status you’ve seen here.
  7. To save an image or video, simply tap on it.
  8. By selecting your preferred destination, such as the Camera, WhatsApp Images, or Downloads, long-press to store the selected item.

As an alternative, you can download the statuses using a third-party tool called Status Saver.

Save a WhatsApp status

Users of WhatsApp can update their status using the app’s special function. These statuses often disappear after a specific period of time. You can decide to make them enduring, though. You can share amusing videos and memes in your chats this way without having to ask your friends to save them. Follow the steps listed below to do this.

The Status Saver app must first be downloaded from the Google Play Store. You can use the app to save photos and videos to your WhatsApp account. Once you’ve downloaded it, all you have to do is see it and choose the status you want to save. Tap the save icon after choosing the one you want.

Taking a screenshot of a WhatsApp status is another option to save it. Both iOS and Android have the screenshot feature. A working phone number is required to download the app. As an alternative, you can save WhatsApp status images and videos using the File Manager on your desktop. You can use WhatsApp Pocket if you don’t have a desktop or laptop.

You can use the Status Saver third-party app if you don’t have access to your phone’s file manager. You can then store a WhatsApp status video or photo in the internal storage of your phone by doing this. You can then tell your friends about this material.

You can download WhatsApp status directly to your gallery in addition to using the built-in gallery. Just make sure that nobody else using WhatsApp is aware of your download. Otherwise, unless you’ve enabled read receipts, they won’t be aware that you’ve viewed their status. Even more WhatsApp users can see the downloaded status.

Downloading a WhatsApp status to the internal storage of your smartphone is another way to save it. Use Google File Manager or another free programme if you’re on Android. Be sure to get permission before downloading the status, though. You can avoid accidentally deleting your original WhatsApp status in this method.

You may use WhatsApp Pocket for iOS if you have an iOS device. To search for WhatsApp conversations and other files, it connects to your device. After that, a list of chats with accompanying photographs, videos, and status updates is shown. You can preview and export the attachments to your computer after the list is displayed.

Using a screen recorder

You can utilise a screen recorder if you want to download WhatsApp statuses on Android. Any screen on your phone, including conversations and messages from WhatsApp, can be recorded with a screen recorder. It also facilitates audio recording. Visit the Google Play store to download a screen recorder for WhatsApp.

Press the Cmd + Shift + 4 keys to start screen-capturing a selected area of the screen. Then, select New Screen Recording in QuickTime Player. Go to the popup and pick WhatsApp. You will see the content of the screen that was recorded.

The alternative to using a screen recorder is to take screenshots. Nevertheless, videos, GIFs, and other rich media are not saved by a screenshot. Additionally, the screen is saved in its native resolution. Launch the app on your Android device in order to capture WhatsApp status photos. Next, simultaneously hit the Volume Down and Power buttons.

Status videos can also be saved using screen recorders. They record your device’s internal audio and screen. Lossless audio output will be provided. The Google Play Store offers free screen recorder downloads. The PlayStore also offers free app downloads.

Using the messaging app’s Web version is another way to obtain WhatsApp status. You can view the status videos and photographs if you use the app’s Web interface. You have the option to save pictures and videos from your WhatsApp gallery in addition to storing the status. You won’t have to be concerned about other users finding out that you downloaded their status this way.

Another choice for iPhone users who want to download WhatsApp status is to use a screen recorder. Saving screen videos is quite easy with the help of screen recorder apps. After that, you can change them as you see fit and send them to your pals. You can see the video in its entirety on the app.

Using the programme Status Saver, you can also download WhatsApp status updates. The Google Play store has an app that lets you browse and download all of your friends’ status updates. The files are likewise located in the media folder. The status can be readily copied, saved, or shared with anyone once it has been downloaded.

Using Snaptube’s search box

Using a free programme like Snaptube is the ideal option to get WhatsApp status videos. You can download any video from this app in any format you require, including WhatsApp status videos. It supports a number of file formats, including MP3 and M4A, as well as 720p HD, 1080p HD, 2K HD, and 4K HD. Additionally, it is totally free to use and devoid of all malware, spyware, and viruses.

Other features that are included with Snaptube include an integrated player, an integrated browser, and the ability to browse social media without leaving the app’s UI. This app also enables you to save TikTok videos without the watermark and save Whatsapp status videos and audio.

Use Snaptube’s search bar to look for a specific video if you’re looking for one. Simply enter the title or URL of the video in the search box. Tap the video to start it playing once you’ve found it. You can download it as an MP3 file once you’re finished.
Snaptube not only lets you watch films for free, but it also provides HD versions, so you ma

 download any love status video you like. Simply paste the URL into Snaptube’s search bar and tap the download icon to start downloading videos. Once the file has been downloaded, you may also select the resolution in which you want to download the video. There are two options: 720p and 1080p. The built-in player in Snaptube allows you to preview any status videos you desire before downloading them.

When you’re through watching the video on Snaptube, you can download it. The download will be kept in the local storage of your phone. After that, you can send it as an attachment or share it on other apps. Additionally, the file can be saved as an MP4 file.

You can download Soundcloud songs using Snaptube. In addition to the Google Play store, this software can also be downloaded through other websites. Before installing the software, just make sure the unknown source option is enabled in your security settings. Snaptube enables you to download Instagram videos. It’s easy and practical! Snaptube is a need if you use an Android device!

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