Full Guide: How to fix if android says Emergency Calls Only and No Service

When our phone indicates emergency calls only and repair emergency calls only on android, we are unable to make a call or connect to the internet via the phone. In this post, we will present some tips and suggestions that will cause this message to appear on your phone and restore it to normal operation.


Why does my phone say emergency calls only?

There are numerous reasons why a cell phone may display just emergency calls, and resolving this issue may be difficult. This article will mostly focus on what you must do to resolve your cell phone issue. All of the suggestions given below are aimed at resolving this problem.

Bill payment

If you have a postpaid phone and have not paid your bill, your vendor will turn off the service, and the phone will only show fix emergency calls on Android.

SIM card fitting

If the SIM card is not properly inserted, the phone will only accept emergency calls and will display the message “No SIM.” In this instance, users should open the phone from the rear and properly insert the SIM card. Users can check the location of the SIM card on the phone, and if they cannot find it, they can consult the manual or visit a shop to resolve the issue. It is also possible that the inserted SIM card is malfunctioning, in which case you must insert a replacement card.

Android emergency calls only

If the phone only shows emergency calls. Turn off the phone and then restart it after a few seconds. It is possible that if the phone is not shut down and restarted, the only problem will be emergency calls.

No service

If the network carrier has a difficulty, the phone may display no service, emergency calls only, or both. In this instance, customers should search for a network and choose a network carrier to resolve the issue.

Signal problem

If the phone attempts to connect to a wireless network, it may experience a signal difficulty and display only emergency calls.

A solution to the problem

The following are the solutions that users can utilize to solve the problem.

Resetting the phone

Users can reset the phone to get rid of the emergency call, but if it does not work, they can fix the problem by removing the battery while the phone is turned on. This will also aid in the resolution of minor software issues. Users should keep in mind that the phone should not be plugged in while the battery is being removed. This type of reset is not possible in phones with non-detachable batteries.


There are some areas where the network is not available. As a result, only emergency calls may be made. In this situation, each user can connect to a distinct network. They can do this in Settings by clicking More Networks and searching for the network. After searching for networks, select one and restart the phone to see if the location is available.

Change the network mode

Users can resolve the issue by changing the network mode to GSM exclusively. To do so, navigate to Settings, Mobile Networks, and Network Mode. Select just GSM under Preferred Networks.

Dirt in SIM

The dirt in the SIM card could potentially be the source of the issue, thus customers are required to clean the SIM and the slot where the SIM was inserted to resolve the issue. Rub the chip with a soft cloth before re-inserting it into the slot.


Some mobile phones must be chopped to a microsize, and users frequently damage them during the process. It is preferable to get the cutting done by a professional. If the SIM is cut incorrectly, it must be replaced. Check to see if it is getting the network and not causing the problem after replacing the SIM.

Airplane Mode

If the user notices that the phone is only showing emergency calls, he should check to determine if the phone is on aeroplane mode. If this is the case, he should turn off the setting, and the phone will resume normal operation.


Installing certain programs may also be the source of the issue with emergency calls only. If this occurs, the user must uninstall the application. Many program updates are also released on a regular basis; if any application has been changed, it may be the source of the problem. If an application has been updated, the user should remove it to address solely the issue of emergency calls.

The phone’s operating system also requires updates, as various changes are available at regular intervals. If an update is available, users should upgrade the system to ensure that services run smoothly. Users should also double-check the IMEI number. Users should double-check the number, as this can also cause the issue.

Bug and viruses

Many applications introduce bugs and viruses to mobile devices that do not have antivirus software installed. If the phone includes a virus or a bug, it may cause an emergency call to fail.
Even if the user uninstalls such an application, the problem may persist. Users should do a factory reset to resolve the issue, which helps to delete everything from the mobile device, including programs and viruses. Because a factory reset erases all data, users should store data such as phone numbers, photos, and movies on a laptop or other device before doing the factory reset.

Remove SD card

Memory cards may not be the source of the problem, but if it persists, customers can remove the card to see if the problem has been rectified. Before removing the card, make sure the phone is turned off. After removing the phone, check to see if the problem has been resolved.

Wrapping Up

These are the elements that can cause the solve emergency call only on the android problems, but if users follow these steps, they can quickly get rid of them and make a call or connect the cell to the internet.

No service and emergency calls are two of the most aggravating problems to have on a phone, but if you follow our instructions, you will be one step closer to determining the true cause and, of course, getting your phone working properly again.

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