Easy Ways to Know: How to Get your Discord Token

Every Discord account is given a unique token at the moment of registration. But first, let’s talk about what a discord token is and how it can effect the security of your account. Please skip this part if you are already familiar with it. Let us explain this to you in simple terms if you don’t already know. Having a Discord Token provides you a distinct identity. You can’t log in with your discord account if you don’t have your username, tag, or password in any of those places.

how-to-get-discord-tokenYou read that correctly! If a hacker knows your Discord token, they can easily access all of your personal information. In other words, you should consider a hundred times before inputting your Discord token on any website or handing it out to anyone.

How to Get your Discord Token

Here’s how to acquire your Discord token. To finish this process, you’ll need to use a desktop browser to log into your Discord account.
Step 1: Using your preferred web browser, log in to your Discord account.
Step 2: The second step is to press Ctrl + Shift + I on a Windows keyboard or Cmd + Option + I on a Mac keyboard to open Developer Tools.
Step 3: In the Filter area, type /api, and then click library from the results that show below the filter field.
Step 4: In the library, go to the Headers tab and scroll down until you find authorisation. An authorization key with numbers and letters next to it signifies your Discord Token.
We sincerely hope you had no trouble locating it. This information is confidential and should not be shared or entered into any untrusted websites or apps.

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