How To Hide Online In Whatsapp

How To Hide Online In Whatsapp: We have all been waiting for WhatsApp to launch a certain function, and it has now done so. The instant messaging service said last month that users would soon be able to conceal their online status even when they are actively using the app. The messaging service owned by meta announced that the official feature would take some more time to become available. There is a workaround if you simply can’t wait and want to keep your online status a secret from your contacts.

How To Hide Online In Whatsapp
The option labelled “Last Seen” will be shown. Two options will be available: My Contacts and Nobody. Your online status will only be visible to your contacts after selecting the My Contacts option. Nobody, the second selection, will keep the online status a secret from everyone.

While this option serves its intended function, it should be noted that selecting it will also conceal other users’ online statuses. Simply put, you won’t be able to tell whether your friend is online. So, if you’re okay with it, activate the option right away. Or, for a better experience, hold off until WhatsApp formally launches the hide online status function in the upcoming weeks.

WhatsApp stated when the functionality was first introduced that it had been enabled for users who wanted to keep their online identities private. The messaging service acknowledged that it will begin distributing the feature to all users in August, but nothing of the sort occurred. Therefore, we may anticipate the corporation officially launching the conceal online feature this month.

You only need to open WhatsApp and navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy once the feature is activated. You can now hide your online status by selecting the “Last seen and online” option at the top of the screen.

Changing your profile picture on WhatsApp

There are a few options you can utilise if you’re having problems altering your profile photo on WhatsApp. You may decide who can view your profile image, for example, by choosing the privacy setting. Only the people on your contact list will be able to see your profile image as a result.

First, access your device’s Settings menu. This menu can be found in the lower right-hand corner of your home screen on an iPhone. You can pick one from your gallery or take a new one from here. To suit the profile, the new photo will be cropped. Alternately, you can modify your profile photo using an outside image editing tool. The changed image must be saved. WhatsApp will update the image for all of your contacts once you make the adjustment.

Additionally, you can completely delete your WhatsApp profile photo. The profile symbol can be accessed by tapping it in the top-right area of the application. You must select the photo you want to replace in the following step. You will need to select one from your gallery or camera.

beyond WhatsApp.

Select Settings by clicking the three dots icon in the top right corner.then click on your picture when it shows up at the top. If you don’t yet have one, a grey area will appear. Your picture ought to be there.You are now in the “Edit Profile” area. You ought to tap your image one again.

You have three choices: delete the picture, take a new one, or pick one from your gallery or camera roll. Pick one.
Choose photo from the menu if you already know the image you want to use as your profile picture, and then select it from your gallery. You can scale and reposition the image however you want your contacts to see it.
Make a selfie if you feel beautiful by selecting the Take photo option. Of course, you are under no obligation to save it if you don’t like it. You can choose a picture from your collection or take a new one.

Changing your status on WhatsApp

There are several ways to update your WhatsApp status. You must first visit the settings page. You may decide who can and cannot see your status from here. Both Android and iPhone smartphones go through a similar procedure. You have the option of sharing your status with everyone or keeping it private from specific contacts.

You can also create a text-only status as an alternative. You must first log into your account in order to do this. The WhatsApp Status feature will then be available to you. Your screen’s bottom contains this area. You can select a photo or text to replace your profile picture after logging in. Emojis and stickers can also be added to your status.

The data you’ve entered into your WhatsApp profile is editable. You should navigate to your account settings page and select the profile section to do this. You can then select the status choice from there. From the list of available statuses, choose one or enter a new one. You can utilise a third-party programme to alter the status of an individual contact.

Making a text-only status is an additional choice. Tap on the pencil icon that is located underneath the camera icon to start. Enter the wording you wish to appear in your status here. Then, click “Save” after tapping on the chosen status. You may also create a replica of your WhatsApp status by taking screenshots of it.

You have the option to hide your status for a full day or for 24 hours after making it public. Both iPhone and Android users can access this feature. The messages won’t be seen anymore when the allotted amount of time has passed. You can still download or forward them, though. Additionally, your alerts will still show a preview of your message.\

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