How to Hide Online Status in GBWhatsApp

How to Hide Online Status in GBWhatsApp: Our preferred messaging app is WhatsApp, which despite several privacy complaints remains the most utilized app on our cellphones. However, a common query is, “How do I hide my WhatsApp online status?” Every user of WhatsApp has a feature that records the time they were online and publicly shows that information. The platform also displays other user behaviors in a public way, such as the status “Typing…” while a user is offline or the “Last seen time,” which corresponds to the time the user last used the app. Additionally, not all users feel comfortable disclosing this information to other users.

How to Hide Online Status in GBWhatsApp

You would have had to answer inquiries like, “You were online yesterday but haven’t responded to my messages,” or “Why did you sleep late yesterday?” if you hadn’t turned off this setting.

If so, you already know that Whatsapp messenger’s online state raises issues like these in our day-to-day interactions. However, it doesn’t follow that you can’t modify technology to protect your privacy. Of course, you can, which is why Whatsapp has a few settings so you may personalize everything, including how to hide your WhatsApp online status. Wondering? Keep an eye on how to disguise your WhatsApp online status.

How to Hide Online Status in GBWhatsApp

Thankfully, you can adjust your GBWhatsApp settings in a variety of ways, including by using the app’s web version, to hide your online status. The web version has fewer customization options for your online status, though. You’ll need to install plugins in order to make this happen.

With WhatsApp’s “Hide Your Online State in GB,” you may prevent contacts from seeing your current status by deleting the blue tick that appears after you receive a message.

Alternatively, you can disable the “Last Seen” feature if you choose to remain anonymous. However, unless you’re barring them from doing so, this won’t stop folks from viewing your Last Seen status. By default, GB WhatsApp shows everyone your online status.

GBWhatsApp is the name of this modified version of WhatsApp. It is the very first mod that is still being updated today. Without deleting your default WhatsApp, you can install GB WhatsApp.

To provide you with more information, we’re concentrating on this application and some of its key features in this article. You can assess its value using this. A well-liked modified version of WhatsApp called GBWhatsApp comes with a number of extra features that make it more effective than WhatsApp’s default interface. This program offers more sophisticated features, such as privacy controls, better messaging capabilities, Anti-Ban protection, DND mode, etc. Furthermore, it is asserted that the most recent version of GBWhatsapp is safe, secure, and swiftly responsive. There are countless modification possibilities because it is always adding new functionalities.

Other GBWhatsApp Chat Features

Voice recording status can be hidden. Voice recording status can be hidden.

Hide message typing status: While writing a message, it is also possible to hide the message’s typing status.

Hiding the double tick marks: With GB WhatsApp, you can also choose to hide your double tick marks for a single contact or for a group of contacts. You can receive WhatsApp messages using this capability, but the recipient will believe the messages haven’t arrived yet.

No maximum file size restrictions: Using this software, you can email your contacts a music clip that is 100MB in size as well as a 50MB video clip. This programme differs from regular WhatsApp in that it enables you to send up to 90 images at once.

These are the characteristics that set GBWhatsApp apart from regular WhatsApp.

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The capability to view and remove deleted stories is another feature of a customized GBWhatsApp program. When deleting big files, this capability comes in handy. It also displays the contacts you speak with the most. You can swipe a message left or hit the “info” button to view its stats. Then, you may put an end to noisy groups and pals by muting them or turning off their audio and video features. To get these capabilities, one needs also to download the latest version of GB WhatsApp at the appropriate time.

By installing third-party software, you can also make your GBWhatsApp online status inactive. You can hide your online status in the free version, but third-party apps let you further modify the program. These programs frequently have more capabilities and are made to obscure your online activity. They are also the finest methods for remaining anonymous on GB WhatsApp. Additionally, you can choose whether to make GBWhatsApp appear offline to all of your contacts or just some of them.

Disable Last Seen in GBWhatsApp

After discussing the prerequisites, let’s look at how to hide your online status on GB WhatsApp. The entire process is thoroughly explained in this section.
Without further ado, here’s how to chat while being hidden online in GB WhatsApp.

  • If you haven’t already, download and install GB WhatsApp on your Android device by clicking the Download button below.
  • Log into your WhatsApp account by opening GB WhatsApp.
  • Choose GBSettings by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choose “Privacy And Security” from the list of choices.
  • Freeze Last Seen should have the toggle next to it set to “Hide Online Status.”

Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent other people from seeing your Last Seen status. Although this functionality isn’t available in the official WhatsApp app, you can still get a GB WhatsApp download to use it. The only way to download this version of WhatsApp is via an APK file from a file-sharing website; it is not available in the Google Play Store.

Your WhatsApp application will restart itself after you install this modification. This will stop the Last Seen feature from displaying your most recent online activity. The “read receipt” feature can also be disabled if privacy concerns are a concern. You won’t have to stress about your phone showing the incorrect time when you get messages from others. Everyone will be able to see that you are online once the Last Seen status has been removed, but they won’t be able to see when you were last seen online.

If you’re worried about privacy, numerous users have expressed privacy concerns about the Last Seen status on GBWhatsApp. One way to make sure that your contacts can’t see your online status – or even yours – on GBWhatsApp is to disable the Last Seen status! Your contacts won’t be able to view your profile photo or read your stories if you disable the Last Seen status. Simply launch the app, tap on the chat, and then choose “Block” in the lower left corner to complete the transaction.

In Conclusion

GB WhatsApp will provide a way to turn off the Last Seen status on your phone in addition to eliminating the “Last Seen” notification. You may limit the “laser” on your phone by turning it off.

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