An easy guide on How to Outline in Paint.NET in 2022

The most common activity for every site or email designer while modifying photographs is to outline text and other objects to make them more feasible and visible. Outlining text or an object can be used to create memes, add captions to photographs, or even highlight the text on an image to make it more clear and readable. As a result, designers must know how to highlight text and other objects in 2022 using Paint.Net or similar photo editing programmes.


What is Paint.NET and how to use it?

Paint.NET (or just Paint) is an open-source photo editing tool that includes many advanced features that are typically found in high-end photo editing software. It is a fantastic image editing and art production tool that is completely free. Not only is this a good budget application. Paint is a really useful tool that is reasonably simple to learn and utilise.
Paint is an excellent choice if you need an editing and painting programme for a lesson or as a pastime. Highlighting or outlining an item in Paint.NET is a simple and painless operation that can be completed in just a few clicks.

Here are the steps that will help you understand how to outline a text or object in Paint.NET:

Step 1: Launch Paint.NET and enter/copy the necessary text.

Step 2: In the menu bar, select “Magic Wand” from the “Tool” category. Choose the words or characters you want to highlight. (You can choose the entire text with a single click or several characters using the “Ctrl” button.)

Step 3: Next, navigate to Effects > Stylize and select “Outline.”

Step 4: Adjust the thickness and intensity to your liking, then click OK.

Step 5: Your changed text will now be shown with the colour outline you chose for your text.

Step 6: If you want to add another colour to the text, simply select a colour from the colour picker and use the paint bucket to fill the character/text.

Concluding Remark: Paint.NET, with its reputation for being quick and easy to use, is an excellent tool for new or inexperienced designers. If you only need to make minor changes or create basic artwork, Paint can help you save time and money while producing really appealing and engaging results.


How do you outline an object in a picture in Paint.NET?

In Pain.Net, you can use the pencil tool to draw an outline of an object in an image. However, doing it in the paint will undoubtedly take a long time. So, upgrade your software instead.

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