How to Restore Deleted Chats in GBWhatsApp

How to Restore Deleted Chats in GBWhatsApp: Billions of people use WhatsApp every day for both personal and professional discussions. The most frequent problem that WhatsApp users run across is deleted conversations. So how can deleted WhatsApp messages without a backup be recovered?

How to Restore Deleted Chats in GBWhatsApp

If you accidentally delete a communication, you may quickly recover it from a backup. But what if your Android devices don’t have any backups?

Check out what the official WhatsApp spokesperson had to say about recovering lost messages: We do not keep a record of WhatsApp chat histories on our servers, thus we are unable to get back any deleted messages for you. Your chat history can be backed up and restored using our iCloud backup service. — from the official WhatsApp website
That is so disappointing! You can retrieve lost WhatsApp messages on Android without a backup using FoneDog, so don’t panic! Check out the solution below.

We have assisted numerous individuals in recovering deleted WhatsApp messages without the use of backups ever since the debut of the FoneDog Android Data Recovery app. Several of the retrieved WhatsApp communications date back up to four years. The more quickly you act, the greater your chances are of recovering the WhatsApp data. Click the download button below to start scanning your deleted WhatsApp messages for free!

GBWhatsApp can restore any deleted chats, unlike any other messaging app. There are techniques to locate deleted GBWhatsApp messages if you mistakenly erased a chat and wish to retrieve it. The GBWhatsApp folder can be found in the internal storage first. Any Android File Explorer App will suffice to help you find it. Once you’ve located it, hold down the folder for a few seconds to reveal further options.

Restore Deleted Chats in GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp only works with Android-based handsets. Therefore, if you mistakenly delete a chat or lose one, GBWhatsApp allows you to recover it. After downloading and installing WhatsApp for GB, you can register with your phone number. Finally, start a conversation.

All stored data, including conversations and texts, is backed up and restored using this program. You’ll be able to see your deleted chats after the application has been installed successfully. Just be careful not to turn off your device’s internet connection before the installation is finished. Additionally, you might need to manually check your phone number. The verification code should be copied and entered in the relevant box. The files on your phone will then be scanned and verified by GB Whatsapp.

You must log into your WhatsApp account in order to use GBWhatsApp. After doing that, select GBWhatsApp Settings from the menu, and then click the green Back Up button. The backup folder should then be named WhatsApp. You may then restore your chats after renaming it. You can move the chats to the original WhatsApp program once you’ve recovered them.

Update GBWhatsApp to Get Restore Deleted Chats

newest variation. The app might not display last seen chats if you’re using an old version of it. An unreliable connection or a slow network could be another factor. Whatever the root cause, changing to a more reliable network could resolve the issue. Additionally, be sure to review your privacy settings. The latest seen conversations of everyone will not be displayed if you have it set to “nobody.” You can view your most recent chats if your privacy option is set to “my contacts.”

  • Install the GBWhatsApp app after downloading it, then log into your WhatsApp account.
  • Select Settings by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner of GBWhatsApp. To create a fresh backup, go to Chats and choose Chat backup.
  • Return to the GBWhatsApp home page. Go back to GBSettings > Universal > Backup and Restore by tapping the three dots a second time. To build a fresh backup, select Backup, and then select “Restore WhatsApp data.”
  • Then tap “OK” to confirm. Navigate to Phone Settings > Apps > GBWhatsapp and tap “Clear all data.”
  • To remove GB WhatsApp from your phone, select Uninstall.
  • Delete all of the files in this folder by going to File Manager > Internal Storage > GBWhatsapp > Databases.
  • Copy all files from “Temp GBWhatsapp,” then paste them in GBWhatsApp > Databases.
  • Restart your phone after installing the GBWhatsApp software once more.
  • When GBWhatsApp opens and you are prompted to restore a backup, touch “Restore” after your device has restarted.

That is all there is to it for recovering deleted GBWhatsApp messages from a backup. You should now have access to your locally backed-up GBWhatsApp chats, including the deleted messages.

It Can’t Recover 1-year-old Messages

If you want to recover a communication that was deleted a year ago, it might not be possible. However, if you have a backup of your data, it can be restored. You may simply recover deleted chats that are more than a year old if your chats and media are backed up.

You might not be able to view deleted GB WhatsApp messages in the event of data loss or erasure. But utilizing a backup file, it is possible to recover deleted GBWhatsApp messages.

You need to back up your account first. The next thing you need to do is download and set up Android data recovery software on your PC. Connect your Android device to your computer using the provided USB cord after the program has been loaded. Select the data folder you want to recover after making your choice.

After downloading the program, your Android smartphone has to have USB debugging enabled. The application will show your device’s GBWhatsApp data after it has been detected. Before the recovery procedure starts, you can choose which messages you want to restore and preview them. No matter how long ago the GBWhatsApp messages were deleted, you can still recover them using these methods. The Android Data Recovery program can also be used to recover lost GBWhatsApp conversations.


This is how to get your deleted GBWhatsApp chats back. You must upgrade your APK if this does not work and you are unable to recover any erased text. Contact their customer service if you are using an upgraded version and are still unable to do this task.

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