Teasing Trick to Try: Here’s How to Send a Black Message on Social Media

A select group of notorious internet users frequently pull one or another prank to tease other users on social media sites. If you want to make your friend laugh or make them scratch their head, you can be seeking for such a thing. This blog post was put together to explain a unique prank that involves sending blank mails. You may have attempted it in the past on your Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp profiles using spaces but were unsuccessful. You will discover how to send a blank message in this article, which will leave your pals perplexed as to how you did it.

how-to-send-a-blank-messageLet’s learn the trick right now, and then get ready to torment other people by looking blank at them.

Why Sending Blank Message on Social Media?

Sending empty messages through social media platforms like Whatsapp or Messenger sounds interesting but also a little strange. To be really honest, the only clear motive for sending someone a blank message is to tease them. You most likely want to have fun or pull a prank on your friends or other users when you want to send them blank messages, merely for them to laugh at.
This may be the best location to learn about and practise sending blank messages to individuals on various platforms if you want to know how to do so.
Without utilising an additional programme, it is fairly feasible to send empty messages on social media. You must follow the detailed instructions in this post to send a blank message to a friend or another person without using any special apps. Additionally, you may benefit from using specific third-party apps to send users of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms blank messages.
Learn how to send blank messages on various social media networks by going through each one one at a time.

Send blank messages on WhatsApp & Messenger [without App]

By pasting the blank character into the chat box, you may easily send blank messages on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media messaging apps.
All you have to do is copy the blank character (given within the brackets), paste it in the chat box’s typing area, and press submit.
This is unquestionably the quickest and most efficient way to send a blank message on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Simply copy and paste the above-mentioned blank character into your message box.
As an alternative, you can utilise programmes to produce blank characters that you must copy and paste in order to send an empty message.
Having said that, let’s proceed to comprehending the comprehensive step-by-step procedure for delivering blank messages across many platforms.

How to Send blank messages on WhatsApp

You must follow these procedures in order to send a blank WhatsApp message:

  • Open the Chat tab in the WhatsApp Messenger app on your device.
  • To send a blank message to someone, tap on their chat window.
  • You’ll see that the submit option won’t appear if you keep typing only blank spaces using the spacebar; instead, the MIC symbol will appear.
  • You must type or place the blank character copied from the blank character “” in order to access the submit option (within the quotation).
  • Once you paste the identical character into the chat box, the send button will appear (paper-plane icon)
  • Finally, touch on this icon to send the user on the other side of the conversation a blank message.
  • No matter how many times you paste and insert the copied blank character into the chat inbox, this method will only allow you to send a single space-delimited blank message.

How to Send Blank Message on Messenger (Facebook)

You may certainly attempt the same technique to send a blank message on Facebook Messenger if you are thinking about doing so. To your surprise, the approach still works well there and will provide you with results that match. The actions you must take in order to send a user on Facebook a blank message are listed below:

  • On your device, open the Facebook Messenger app, and sign in to your account using your legitimate credentials (if you are not logged in)
  • Simply open the chat window with the recipient of your blank message now.
  • If there is nothing to transmit to the person in Facebook Messenger, you’ll notice that a “Like” symbol displays in the chatbox. Similar to WhatsApp, you can access the send option by entering spaces.
  • You must paste a blank character from here, “,” into the chat box to enable the send option (blank character inside the inverted commas).
  • The send button will appear as soon as you paste the copied character into the chatbox. Press that send button to finish the task.
  • A blank message will be sent to the user on the other end. Therefore, sending a blank message on Messenger only requires only one action.

How to Send Blank Message on Snapchat using character

On Snapchat, you have the option of sending the user a snap or messaging them by typing some text or stickers in the chat section. You won’t have the ability to send a message if you only want to type something. There is no need to panic, though, because Snapchat uses the same technique.
You should take into account the following procedure in order to send a blank message on Snapchat:

  • Swipe right on Snapchat to access the chat section.
  • Choose the chat with the person you want to send an empty message to.
  • The character that appears between the inverted commas (“) should be copied and then pasted into the chatbox.
  • Your blank message will be gone after you press the send button.

Send a Blank Message using App

Using third-party apps is an option if you’re looking for another way to SMS a blank message to family, friends, or other social network users. To send a blank message, use one of the many apps that are accessible.
You may just visit the Google Play store and download apps like Blank Message, Empty Messages, and Blank Empty Message Generator, among others. The usage of such applications is not, however, something we would advise you to do because there is always a danger involved.
Install any of these applications if you still want to follow them. Open the installed programme, then start typing while choosing a specific contact on WhatsApp, Messenger, or another platform.

Summing Up:

You only need to do that to send someone a blank message. You’ve just learnt how to send blank texts; use the tips above to continue making fun of your friends and family by sending them blank texts.

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