How to use two WhatsApp on one Smartphone

The world is running by technology, as well as people also became technical. If you’re looking for how to use two WhatsApp in one smartphone this means you need not to carry two devices just to use two WhatsApp. It is as simplest as stirring salt in water. Each and everything on WhatsApp comes quite handy.

You can happily have two WhatsApp accounts with two mobile numbers without any inference and receiving notifications from both. Offically you cannot use two WhatsApp account in one smartphone. WhatsApp puts limitations on it’s app users. WhatsApp as an app does not depend on number of sims you have in your device. Is it still possible to use two WhatsApp? Yes, Many Android phones come with a feature called Clone app or App twin. It does not work in iOS.

So below are some easy steps to use two WhatsApp on one smartphone.

1. From PlayStore install WhatsApp.

2. Go to phone’s Settings. Every device brand may have a different name for dual WhatsApp.

3. Look for Dual App/Clone app and tap on it.

4. Turn the toggle on for WhatsApp to enable this feature.

5. To setup the second WhatsApp. Tap on Agree and Continue and allow WhatsApp to access your files and contacts.

6.Now the app will ask for your phone number, give your desired number. This will allow you to run two WhatsApp accounts with different phone numbers on one smartphone.

For phones that do not have App cloning feature/ dual app there are third party-apps such as Parallel Space, Dual space, Parallel U etc which can be installed from Play Store and used for dual WhatsApp.

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