Download iBooks for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop

With this free app and e-book reader accessible on the Apple App Store, users may search for, download, and read books on Apple iOS-powered gadgets including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Along with sections devoted to free books and special deals, Apple Books also includes a “Top Free Chart” of titles that may be downloaded for nothing. In this location, you can read countless novels. This article explains how to get and read iBooks on your Windows PC if you’re attempting to get it on your computer. The ebook reader iBooks (also known as Apple Book) is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac computer. To find out more about it and how to obtain it, read the article below.

iBooks for PC

Download iBooks for PC

Name iBooks
Size 25.6 MB
Requirement Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Author Apple, Inc.

How to Get iBooks for PC – Windows

What if I want to use iBooks on my Windows computer, though? If your query is the same as mine, we can use iPhone emulators. However, that will call for a more complex procedure. Here is a quicker method to get iBooks for PC. Continue reading to discover more about iBooks.

Since iBooks, like Final Cut Pro, is only available on Apple devices, getting it on a PC needs some technical know-how. Although the Windows device cannot be used to build the programme, you may still buy books from the Apple iBookstore.

Therefore, if you really want to know how, keep reading. If you truly want to know how, you need to utilise another application that can make iBooks possible on Windows PC. The steps that you must take are listed below.

  1. Download iTunes

    iTunes should be downloaded in a new tab. After discovering iTunes, you must download and set it up on your Windows computer.

  2. Launch iTunes

    Launch iTunes once it has been installed on your computer.

  3. Find iBooks

    Right-click on the stored iBook you found on iTunes. Click “Show in Windows Explorer” after that. The iBook you selected will then be downloaded to your PC.

  4. Choose where to view ebook

    You must right-click the book’s document one again when the transfer is complete. Where you read and watch the book is entirely up to you. It is preferable if you have an ebook reader like Adobe Reader installed.

  5. Repeat process for multiple files

    Repeat the process and choose all of the files at once when transferring if you wish to send numerous files. This technique can also be utilised using Senuti for PC.

You can obtain an iBook for your PC in this manner. You only need to add the books to your library to start reading.

Key Features of iBook for PC

  • There are countless volumes in the iBook collection from every genre and author you can imagine. You can find everything you’re looking for here, including comedies, romances, thrillers, mysteries, works of fiction or nonfiction, biographies, and autobiographies.
  • The app has a feature referred to as Top Charts. Users are shown both new releases and the bestsellers and bestsellers of the moment here.
  • As previously indicated, the Apple library has millions of audiobooks that well-known authors, performers, voice actors, or celebrities have read. In this day and age, audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular, and iBooks is doing everything it can to promote audiobooks.
  • There is a small membership cost needed to access the books inside the shop, but you can also obtain a free preview where you can look at sample books and audiobooks. Some of the samples are also available for free download.
  • Any book you buy from iBook will, as is customary with Apple devices, appear on all synced Apple devices thanks to iCloud.
  • You can change the display illumination, the backdrop colour of the screen, and add bookmarks to continue reading from later to make reading more comfortable. The Auto-Night setting makes it easier to read at night or in dimly lit areas.

Did You Know?

Apple Inc. unveiled iBooks on January 27, 2010. Unlike before, iBooks must be downloaded and installed from the iTunes App Store rather than coming pre-installed on the iPhone. After iOS 8 was upgraded in 2013, the creators made the decision to combine this programme on iOS and Mac.

Today, after purchasing an iOS device, Apple users can visit iBooks. Alternately, utilise the iOS emulator if you’re using Windows. For book lovers, it is a fantastic tool. Through this programme, you may access anything from fiction to nonfiction, thrillers and mysteries, and even audiobooks.


Drag an ePub file to the program’s home screen to start reading it right away after downloading it for free from our website. Instead of using the small screens of IOS devices, many individuals prefer to read on larger screens or screens with higher resolution, such Mac and Windows desktop computers. You can pick from a huge range of books on Amazon Kindle.

IBooks is now available for download for Windows PCs. You can discover the download links for it if you have read the aforementioned article. Additionally, iBooks is a fantastic Apple device application. However, neither Windows computers nor any other systems support this.

Consider ePub books as an example. You may use an ePub reader application or reader plugin to read ePub books on Windows.

Apple thankfully made iTunes available for other operating systems so that files from iOS and Mac could be transferred to and viewed on Windows. Simply download and buy all of the books on your Apple device, then read them on your computer.

If you possess a Mac, you can easily download the e-book there before moving it to a PC via a USB drive. There are a few pieces of third-party software that support iBook-formatted files that are unique to Apple. This post is ideal for you if you love reading and need a simple eBook reader for your Windows computer.

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