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Many acronyms and abbreviations have recently become overused on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Slang like this is nearly impossible to understand, but you can always keep learning and adding new slang that isn’t already in your dictionary to your vocabulary.
Here, in this blog post, you’ll learn about “Ops,” which is a slang term for “Ops,” which is frequently used on Instagram.


Wondering what OPS mean on Instagram? Here’s an Answer

“OPS” is an ambiguous word that appears frequently on Instagram stories and in the captions of many posts. On Instagram, you may be wondering what the acronym ops stands for. What does the term ops mean and how do you use it on Instagram? Read this article to find out.
So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what it means and how it’s used in context.

What Does Slang Ops Mean on Instagram?

The Internet is a place where people from all walks of life, from all walks of life, from all walks of life, come together. There is a lot of overlap between them, but they are all distinct individuals. Using slangs has been a common practise for a long time now.
Ops is a commonly used acronym on social media these days. A common Instagram caption is “Doing Ops,” which is frequently used by teenagers. Using this feature indicates that the user is either giving or soliciting feedback from other members (subject to the context provided).
Ops is an Instagram slang term for “opinions” or “opinions on me.” For lack of a better term, this phrase allows you to solicit the opinions of your fellow netizens and other users. People can write about you and share their thoughts on the subject at hand if they so choose.
When used in conversation, “Ops” is more like the slang “tbh,” which encourages people to express their true feelings about something.

What Ops doesn’t mean?

The majority of people confuse the term “Ops” with other terms like “Original Poster,” “Out of Place,” or “Oops” (Expression of Surprise). However, it’s important to keep in mind that the

Usage of Ops Slang:

Since 2016 to 2018, the slang has gained popularity on Instagram, where it is more prevalent than on other social media platforms. It is primarily used to solicit others’ thoughts. ‘Ops’ is also very popular on “Ask and Answer” platforms such as Ask.fm and Tellonym, in addition to Instagram. This slang term can be used in the following ways.

Usage #1: On Instagram

When posting a story on Instagram with the message “Ops on me,” you can ask your followers for their thoughts. At times, it appears as a caption on a number of posts (photo or video). You can also use it in chat to get someone’s honest opinion on something.
As a result, when utilising Ops, Instagram users have the choice of posting a story or sending a direct message.

Posting Instagram Story with “Ops”:

You can post an Instagram story with the acronym, “Ops on me” to ask your followers’ about their opinions of you. When you post an Insta story, with Ops, you can also add a Question Sticker to it. Your followers will be able to see your story by tapping on the sticker, and respond to it by doing the same.

Here’s how to add ops as a Question Sticker to an Instagram story:

  • Head to your Instagram feed and tap on the camera icon provided at the top-left corner.
  • Now tap on “Aa” to access Instagram Create.
  • Swipe left on the bottom carousel to find the Questions Sticker and tap it.
  • Then type your question (for example – Ops on me).
  • Finally tap on “Your story” to post it.

Using Ops on Chat:

You can also use ops in Instagram direct messages to communicate with a friend. To get feedback from others, you can use this method.

Usage #2: On Ask and Answer Platforms

On “Ask and Answer” platforms, the slang Ops is frequently used to solicit feedback. Ask.fm and Tellonym are two of the most popular places to get the perspective of another person on someone or something.
However, when it comes to putting it into practise on these platforms, there is a bit of a difference. It is typical for Ask.fm users to ask people what they think of someone else (like “Ops for Jane Doe?”), but on Tellonym users will typically ask about what they think of someone else (e.g. “Ops for Jane Doe?”).

Examples of ops

Tellonym: Ops on Jane Doe?

Ask.fm: Likers get ops.

Responding to Ops on Instagram?

Ops is a way for people to open a poll on a social media platform in order to get an answer to a question. Users of Instagram can connect with their followers on a personal level, allowing them the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions in the comment section of their posts.
Using Ops slang on Instagram is as simple as sharing your thoughts. You must be extremely polite and considerate when responding and executing Ops, and you must avoid being rude, sarcastic, or abusive. Always treat others with respect and kindness, as this is expected of you.
Codes of conduct must be followed at all times. Rather than focusing on a person’s flaws and weaknesses, you should focus on providing constructive feedback. In order to bring out the best in the people you’re around, keep up the positive OPS and socialise as much as possible.

Summing Up:

Although the acronym “Ops” can have a variety of connotations. Opinions are what Slang Ops carries on Instagram and other social media platforms.
A growing number of social media users are turning to the “ops” trend to solicit their followers’ candid feedback on a variety of topics, such as a celebrity’s Instagram stories or a private chat with a friend.

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