Here is How to Know Recently Added Friends On Facebook?

People are always curious about what their friends and family are up to. People often want to peek into the daily lives of people they care about, whether they are members of their immediate family or someone from their social circle. It is essential for all of us to stay connected as civilised people. However, in today’s world, people prefer to connect virtually rather than in person.


Facebook, as the most popular social media platform, is a popular and ideal destination for people to socialise and keep up with what’s going on in and around their lives. However, regardless of how old or cultured a person is, it is humane to breach or violate some social norms by peeping into someone’s personal space. It’s also natural for people to be curious about who’s on another person’s friend list or who added who on Facebook.


So there are obvious questions that come to mind, such as, “How to see someone’s recently added friends on Facebook?” Is it possible to see recently added friends in the Facebook app? How can I see who has recently added friends on Facebook?
The following section of this article will explain how to see recently added friends or new friends on Facebook.
In response to the question of how to see someone’s recent Facebook friends, the process appears to be similar for users using various digital devices. However, we will cover it separately for both PC users and those who use an Android or iOS device. So here we go…
Make yourself at ease; set aside some time to read this helpful tutorial that will show you how to see the list of people with whom one of your contacts has recently made Facebook friends. Continue reading and put an end to your inquiry!
Facebook, on the other hand, provides a plethora of features to keep its user base interested and enthralled. Facebook sort friends by date added by default, but the app also allows users to categorise and sort their friend list or friends in a variety of ways. Users can also learn about’recently added’ friends and’recently interacted’ people on Facebook.
However, Facebook’s ‘Recently Added’ tool is intended to track who all you have added as friends in the last few weeks, and you can also view with whom your friends have joined by visiting their profiles. Despite the fact that this feature is not available in the mobile version, users of cell phones and tablets can visit and browse a request for the deaf.

How to see someone’s recently added friends on facebook

Stop wondering how to see someone’s recently added Facebook friends and simply follow the steps below to put an end to your concerns:

1)The first step is to search for the person using Facebook’s search bar and visit their profile.

2)Now, select the Friends tab, and then select the recently added option.

3)Simply click recently added, and you’ll see who they’ve recently become friends with.

Note : 1) This is only possible with a web browser. You can use your mobile phone’s web view or desktop site, or you can use a PC/laptop. 2) You can only see someone’s recently added friends if the person has not made their friend subject to the person’s Who can see your Friends list selection.

How to see your recently added Facebook friends

This can only be done with a web browser. You can use the web view or desktop site on your mobile phone, or you can use a PC/laptop. 2) You can only see someone’s recently added friends if the person has not selected Who can see your Friends list.

1) Go to your personal profile.

2) Find the horizontal 3 dot icon and click on that.

3) You will see a drop down list, from which you should select activity log.

4) On the top left side you will see a filter button click on it.

5)In the centre of your browser screen, a pop-up window will appear. Select added friends from the categories tab and save changes.

6) Now you can see which friends you’ve recently added from the latest to earliest ones as Facebook sort friends by date added automatically.

Check your recently added friends on Facebook Mobile App

On a mobile phone, there are two options. But we’ll get to that later.

1) On mobile app, navigate to your profile. You can go to your profile page just by tapping on your profile pic from news feed/home page.

2) Below your profile picture you will find add to story button and just beside that you can see those 3 horizontal dots.

3) Tap 3 horizontal dots icon and you will land to profile settings from there, go to activity log.

4) Tap filters from the top of screen a popup named filter will appear on bottom. Select categories from it.

5) On category page, under “Your Connections section”, select “Added Friends”.

6) Now you will get the list of people you have added recently.

Hope we got an answer for your query. Stay tuned with us for more tech tips and tricks.

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