Every Thing You Need To Know: Here’s how to Restore Snapstreaks

A popular and enjoyable social networking tool, Snapchat allows you to talk with your friends, explore, learn about, and read stories from all around the world. Using this messaging software, users may send and receive photos and videos that are automatically deleted as soon as they’ve been seen. However, a snap can only be reloaded once per 24 hours. Snapstreaks are created when you and your friends send and receive regular snaps while applying exciting and interesting Snapchat filters, lenses, and other effects. But what if you misplaced a Snapstreak with a beloved friend that you treasured? Are you trying to find a solution to get Snapstreak back? As you read this blog post, set your anxieties aside and discover the solution to your question.


In order to restore your Snap streak, you must first grasp how it works and the advantages it provides.

What is Snapstreak?

An everyday Snapstreak involves the exchange of amusing images between two Snapchat acquaintances. For three days in a row, two Snapchat buddies send each other direct snaps (i.e., photographs or videos).

A fire sign will appear next to your name and the person with whom you were conversing as soon as you acquire a Snapchat streak. It also shows how long you and your partner have been working on it together.

How Snapstreak Works?

In order to build a Snapstreak, people must work together and respond to one other’s snaps in a timely manner. In order to have a Snapstreak, you’ll need to talk to a few of your pals and come to an agreement on what you’ll do in advance (a mutual agreement is more common than not).

When you and a friend trade snaps every 24 hours for three days in a row, you begin a streak. Your friend must respond to you within 24 hours of receiving a snap that you sent them. This has to go on for at least three more days.

A fire emoji will appear alongside your names and the number of days the streak lasted on the third day. The number next to your names indicates how many days you have Snapped (not spoken) with each other.

Snapstreak won’t work if you share photos from your camera roll, video calls, or chat sessions. For the purposes of Snapstreak, photos submitted with Memories or Spectacles content aren’t counted.

Why Snapstreak Matters?

Snappers who are engaged and outperform their peers on one or more metrics are routinely rewarded by Snapchat. There are a variety of incentives available, including custom emojis. Maintaining a Snapchat streak will raise your overall score on the app.

Why You May Lose a Snapstreak?

Snapchat streaks can be broken for a variety of reasons. When your friend hasn’t responded within 24 hours, this is the most fundamental and realistic reason for them. Because of a network or connectivity issue, you may lose your snap streak altogether. Snapstreak may potentially be lost due to a flaw in the application.

If you’ve lost your Snapstreak for any reason, and you’d like it restored, the actions listed below can assist you in doing so.

How to Restore Snapchat Streak?

In most cases, Snapchat will restore a Snapstreak if you contact the support team and provide a valid explanation for why your streak was lost. Follow these simple steps to get started:

Step one

Take a look at the official Snapchat website. To contact us, go to the support page and click on Contact Us.

Step two

Choose “My snap streak has vanished” from the drop-down menu that appears. Contact information such as your email address, username, and phone number will appear on the screen soon afterward in a contact form.

Step three

Besides the length of the streak, you’ll also need to explain why you lost it and the precise day you did so. Aside from being honest, make sure to include as much information as you possibly can.

Step four

Wait for a response after submitting the form. Snapchat will reinstate your Snapstreak if it determines that your cause is valid.


By all means, if for some reason Snapstreak has been deleted, you can retrieve it. To regain your lost streak, all you have to do is contact Snapchat’s customer care service, explain what happened, and then patiently wait for a response while crossing your fingers.

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