Accessing Samsung TV Service Menu without Remote: Feasible Ways

Smart remote control is the best and easiest method to access your Samsung TV Service menu. This enables you to easily configure your TV settings for optimal results and performance. But what if you have to manually access the menu? Of course, you can use your Samsung TV service menu without a remote control; however, it is a somewhat hard task that necessitates knowledge of a few topics addressed in this blog article.



About the Samsung Service Menu

The Samsung TV Smart Service menu, which is by default hidden by the manufacturer, allows you to reset the digital tuner, activate or disable various modes, do a total factory reset, and perform other activities.
The service menu on Samsung TV gives a wealth of information about your television set, including:

  • Manufacturing date and year
  • Specifications for the model and version
  • TV port specifications
  • Instructions for wall mounting

In addition, the menu allows you to adjust the following settings on your television:

  • Altering the TV mode
  • Managing Color Levels
  • Choosing a Contrast Level
  • Sound level control
  • Using channels to navigate
  • And so much more…..

By hitting a precise series of buttons on the remote control, any user of the Samsung TV can access the service menu.

How to access the Samsung TV service menu (without remote and with remote)

All newer Samsung TVs include a TV control button for turning the TV on, altering the volume, and changing the source input. Aside from that, the majority of TV models allow customers to utilise a remote control to access the Smart Hub, Menu, and Settings. Although you can use your Samsung TV without a remote, you will have slightly fewer functionalities.
This guide will go over how to reach the service menu on your Samsung TV without using the remote. So here we go……

Locating the Control Button:

The first and most important thing to understand before beginning to operate a TV without a remote is the location of the control button and other functions. It usually changes depending on the model of the Samsung smart TV you own. The three primary locations where you can locate and find the TV Control button is listed below.

  • The most typical location for the TV Controller is at the back of the television. Long-pressing the centre button turns on the Samsung TV without using a remote. Typically, the control stick in the lower-left corner toggles up and down as well as side to side. When you hit the middle button, the menu options appear on your TV screen, and you may navigate through them using the arrow buttons.



  • In the centre of the Front Panel: Sometimes, in a few models, the TV Controller button is situated on the front, in the centre of the panel. The control stick has roughly five buttons. The TV will be turned on by long-pressing the centre button. The rest of the features are depicted in the image below.


  • On the right side of the Front Panel: Aside from the positions indicated above, some other TV models have their controller near the bottom of the front panel, to the right. The menu is accessed by a single push of the button. Following that, a single click of the button will allow you to navigate through the menu, while a long press of the centre button will allow you to make a selection.



It is always recommended that you read the user handbook for your Samsung TV.

Accessing the Samsung TV service menu without remote

After you’ve grasped the preceding principles, here’s how to access the service menu on a Samsung Smart TV without using a remote:
Turn on the TV by pressing the power button; the menu button will appear at the bottom of the screen while the screen is loading. You may now navigate the menu and make appropriate selections by using the volume controls.
Alternatively, you may simply download a remote app on your smartphone and use it to access the Service Menu. It will function almost identically to a smart remote.

Accessing the Samsung Service Menu with a smart remote

If you have a smart remote, follow these steps to access the Samsung service menu via smart remote:

  • Allow the Home Screen to load by pressing the Home Button on your remote.
  • Using the directional keys, navigate to the Settings item and click on it.
  • Wait for the service menu to appear on your screen.
  • Now, select the option from the menu that you want to change, mark the correction, and save the changes by selecting OK.

Note: In addition to the Home button, specific key combinations can be used to reach the service menu. Because each model has a unique key combination, you can use the Samsung TV service menu guide to get the correct combination for your model. Standard combinations, on the other hand, are as follows:

  • Combination 1: Info, menu, mute then power button
  • Combination 2: Mute button then 1,8,2 then the power button
  • Combination 3: Display, menu, mute then power button
  • Combination 4: Display, P.STD, mute then power button

Concluding Remark

Using a smart remote is the simplest way to reach the service menu on your Samsung television. You can, however, adjust the settings on your Samsung TV service menu without using the remote. The endeavour is doable but requires a full comprehension of the concepts presented in this blog article.

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