How to See Liked Videos on TikTok

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, offer a direct option, such as the bookmark icon, to save a post for future viewing, with the post being added to your “Saved” posts. Unfortunately, TikTok does not have a direct feature for saving videos that you want to watch again.
If you’re wondering how to save a video on TikTok, you should know that you can do so by liking the video. This blog post will explain how to view liked videos on TikTok and answer frequently asked questions.


Seeing Liked Videos on TikTok

The TikTok heart icon allows you to bookmark/save videos that you have previously enjoyed watching and would like to watch again in the future. So, whenever you come across a video that catches your attention, the best thing you can do is like it and watch it later.
However, viewing your favourite videos on TikTok is quick and easy. You can easily access these videos by visiting your TikTok profile and tapping on the heart icon. This will display all of your favourite videos in a grid, sorted from last to first.
To see videos that you have liked on TikTok, you must go through the following two steps:

Step #1: Head to your TikTok profile

To begin the process, launch TikTok and then navigate to your profile. This is possible with both the TikTok mobile app and the desktop version.
To see liked videos on TikTok, first open the app; once you’ve logged in to your TikTok account, you’ll be taken to the “For You” page.
You can see the profile icon on the bottom navigation bar here. Simply tap it and you’ll be taken to your TikTok profile.
After that, proceed to step 2 to find and view your favourite videos on Tiktok.

Step #2: Navigate to the heart icon

When you arrive at your TikTok profile, you will notice three icons beneath your profile. These are the grid, heart, and lock icons.
The grid icon displays all of your uploaded videos, whereas the lock icon displays only those videos that you have designated as private. Because you want to see liked videos on TikTok, tap on the heart icon, which will display a list of all the liked videos.
Tapping on the heart icon displays all of your TikTok favourites in a grid list, arranged in reverse chronological order, from newest to oldest. In other words, the most recently liked videos will appear first, while the first video you liked on TikTok will appear at the bottom of the list.
If you do not want a particular video to appear on this list, you can remove it. To do so, first tap on the video, and then tap on the heart icon to dislike it. If you tap the heart icon and unlike the video, it will no longer appear on the list and will be removed from your favourites.
When a video is removed from the list, there are a few options for viewing it. If you remember the username of the person who posted the video, you can view it on their profile. Alternatively, you can submit a request for your data file to view your TikTok watch history.
Kudos!! You’ve finally learned and comprehended how to view liked videos on TikTok!

Can you see someone else’s liked videos on TikTok?

Yes, it is entirely possible to see someone else’s TikTok likes. However, if they have set their favorited videos to private, the videos will be hidden and you will be unable to view them.
According to TikTok’s default settings, liked videos by a person are only visible to themselves because they are set to “Only me.” There is no way to see the liked videos unless the user changes it from “Only me” to “Public.” Thus, in order to see other people’s liked videos on TikTok, they must have made their liked videos public.

Why your liked videos get disappeared on TikTok ?

There is a good chance that your favourite TikTok videos have vanished. It could be because the user removed the video or made it private for whatever reason. Otherwise, TikTok may remove it for violating its policy guidelines.
Another possibility for not receiving a liked video is that the user has blocked you, preventing you from viewing their videos.

Summing up:

Liking a video on TikTok is more than just expressing appreciation for someone’s content; it also increases the likelihood of the video appearing on someone’s “For You” page. Furthermore, tapping on the heart icon to like the video serves as a “Save” option, as it adds the video to your liked videos, which can be viewed at any time. It is quite simple and straightforward to view your favourite videos on TikTok and can be accomplished in a couple of steps as mentioned above in the article.

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