Quick Guide: Take Snapstreaks to the Next Level: Effectual Streaks Ideas for Snappers

To attract the attention of other Snapchat users, you can use Snapstreaks. The majority of Snappers enjoy this feature, despite the fact that many others find it irksome. This list of Streaks Ideas will come in handy if you’re looking for some outlandish but effective ways to boost your Snapstreaks like the rest of us. To help you keep your Snapstreaks going for longer, we’ve gathered all the information you’ll need.


 About Snapchat Streaks:

Snapchat streaks, or “Snapstreaks,” are a lot like “Karma” for Redditors, who use the service. Aside from the app itself, Snapchat streaks have little practical value. Streaks are simply a sign of how much you enjoy using the app and how much you enjoy snapping with your loved ones. Streaks may seem like a waste of time in the real world, but they are a source of pride for Snapchat users who are consistently active.

Basic Rules And Requisites For The Snapchat Streaks

Snapstreak is an agreement between two Snapchat users to share amusing snaps. Snapchat chat friends who share direct snaps to each other for three days in a row are referred to as Snappers (Snap chat friends). As a result, the rules are crystal clear: each user must send one snap to the other within a 24-hour period.
To begin, you’ll need to find someone who can keep a streak alive. A fundamental rule is that you should focus on making streaks with a small number of people rather than distributing spans to everyone. The following are some examples:

  • When a “100” emoji appears, it means that you’ve reached 100 streaks with your friend.
  • When you get to see the “hourglass” icon, it indicates that you’re running short of time and must reply immediately to your friend with a snap so as to keep up your streak.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that streaks have a number of restrictions. Following interactions do not count toward your Snapstreak, to be more specific:

  • Chat: Snapstreaks only counts the number of times you and a friend send videos and photos, not the number of times you and your friend text each other.
  • Stories: It is hard to argue with the success of Snapchat’s Snap story feature. In this way, your fans can see what adventures you’ve been on.been up to, but these stories won’t be helping you to maintain a streak.
  • Memories: Snapchat Memories enable you to revive events from past and share them afresh. Unfortunately any memories shared with your friend will not be considered as a part of Snapstreak.
  • Snapchat Spectacles: Snapchat Spectacles are another buzzword and fun feature of the app, still it won’t be increasing your Snapstreak.
  • Group chats: Remember when it comes to Snapstreaks, snaps sent to group chats won’t do you any good. As to grow a streak you need to snap on an individual basis rather than sending it to groups.

Thus, only two types of content will help you develop and maintain a long Snapchat streak. Sending a photo or video to a friend individually is one of them.
Streaks will not work with images stored in your phone’s Gallery. You must do it in real time.
You now understand what constitutes Snapstreaks and what does not. Let’s look at some ideas to help you keep your Snapstreaks going for as long as possible.

How to Maintain Perfect Streaks? Easy and Best Snapchat Streaks Ideas

If you’re stuck for ideas and don’t know how to make Snapchat streaks, check out these Snapchat Streaks.

  1. Find your Buddy: Focus on Someone you often Chat with

The best way to maintain a long streak is to have one with someone you frequently interact with. If you start it with someone with whom you don’t usually get along, the person may become bored and eventually stop responding to your snaps. As a result, you might lose your streak.

  1. Be Mindful of the Time: Pick a proper Time to send Snap        

Knowing when to send a snap so that you can make the most of the 24-hour time frame is critical. For example, if you send a snap to a friend late at night, the 24-hour time limit will generally expire at midnight, and your friend may be sleeping. And if they don’t respond, you’ll both lose the streak. As a result, it is preferable to send snaps and maintain your streak.

You should consult with your friend ahead of time to determine the best and most convenient time for both of you.

  1. No Fancy Pics Required: Use Blank Photos

To keep the streak going, you don’t have to send high-quality, picture-perfect photos. All you have to do is send an image and wait for your friend to respond with another. It’s as simple as taking a blank photo and adding a caption. You could even just call it “Streak.” Because you will not be judged by anyone, sending similar types of pictures every day may result in an increase in your Snapchat score.

  1. Food is always Good: Make Streak with Daily Foods

If you find it difficult to capture images of nature, there are people everywhere. Instead of photographing random people, it is always a good idea to inform a friend about what you are having for lunch or dinner. Simply take pictures of your food and send them to your friends as a streak. We all have different food tastes and preferences, and it’s always fun to share and ask for likes and dislikes by making streaks with everyday foods.

  1. Explore the World around: Snap while Traveling

Another Snapstreaks idea is to look for small details while travelling to college or the workplace. You don’t have to be travelling to tourist attractions or other destinations to take photographs. You can simply continue to photograph various areas and regions that you visit on a daily basis. Capture those locations in frames and send them as snaps to your friends.

  1. Going an Extra Mile: Share your Snapchat QR in Other Social Medias

Okay, if you have a great sense of humour and are creative with your streaks, there is a good chance that your social media followers will appreciate it and want to streak back. However, if you don’t want to start a streak with strangers, you can ignore and disregard this.


To keep up with a long Snapchat streak, you’ll need some great, one-of-a-kind ideas. I hope the above Snapchat Streaks Ideas help you achieve your goal. However, you do not need to spend a lot of time brainstorming a perfect streak idea. It could happen to you at any time and in any place.

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