V380 Pro for PC, Laptop (Windows 11 and Mac)

V380 Pro App for PC can be easily downloaded and used. Please read and follow the steps outlined below.
In order to monitor IP cameras, you can use V380 Pro, a video monitoring and control app. Installed security cameras at your home, office, or any other location can be streamed live using this app. With the help of an internet connection, it provides a Live HD preview of the camera on smartphones. Ordinary security cameras will not work with this application. Only WiFi cameras are supported.


How to Configure Cam through V380 Pro

V380 Pro camera configuration is explained here if you’re not familiar with it. V380 Pro is incredibly user-friendly. To add a new device, simply select the Add a device option. Now enter the camera’s name, port number, and IP address in the fields provided. You’ll be able to see a live feed from the camera after you’ve entered the correct information.

Features of V380 Pro

Here are the main key features of the V380 Pro app.

  • Remote Monitoring: Remotely view HD video from an IP camera using the app. It has a resolution of 1080p HD quality.
  • Voice Talkback: It has voice-activated feedback. As with Walkie Talkie or Intercom, users can engage in two-way communication.
  • Device Sharing: The device can be shared with others using this app. Meaning you can watch the video with a group of people.
  • Motion Detection Alarm: When it detects movement in the video feed, it immediately sends a notification to the user’s phone. It has a motion detector and a human face recognition feature.
  • Video Recording & Playback: Every live video is captured. The Playback function allows users to see any previously recorded video.
  • Cloud Storage: Cloud storage services are also available through this application. It is, however, a premium service. You must pay for it on a monthly or yearly basis.

How to Download V380 Pro for PC

Currently, V380 Pro isn’t made available for PCs by the manufacturer. V380 Pro for PC can be easily installed on a PC by using an Android emulator. You must install an Android Emulator if you want to use V380 Pro on your PC. V380 Pro can be installed on PCs and laptops by following the instructions below.

Download V380 Pro for Windows 10/8/7

There are a plethora of Windows OS emulators available, but BlueStacks is the best.

  • Download and Install BlueStacks on PC just like other PC software.
  • After complete installation, Open BlueStacks and enter details to activate it.
  • Once done, you will see the main homepage of BlueStacks.
  • Click on My Apps > System Apps > Google store.
  • Use Google store search bar, type V380 Pro and press enter.
  • Select the application and click on the Install button.

It will now start installing V380 Pro for PC. After complete installation, click Open to use V380 Pro for PC. Now by using the app on PC, you can control IP cams from Windows PC.

Download V380 Pro for Mac OS

If you want to install V380 Pro on your Mac, you can use BlueStacks, but we recommend Nox App Player instead.

  • Download and Install Nox App Player on your MacBook.
  • Once installed, open it and from the homepage click on the folder of Google.
  • Now select PlayStore. Enter your Google Account to activate Google services.
  • Doing this you will see the main homepage of Google Playstore as you see it on Android devices.
  • In the search bar type V380 Pro and press the enter key from the keyboard.
  • From search results open the app and hit the install button.

After complete installation, click open to use V380 Pro for Mac. That’s All.


V380 Pro Windows Download:

V380 Pro for Windows 10 can be obtained from the company’s official website, or it can be installed by following the steps outlined above.

How can I use V380 Pro on PC?

After following the steps outlined in this article, V380 Pro for Windows 10 can be downloaded and installed by following the company’s website.

How do I connect my camera to my V380 Pro?

Please watch the video below for step-by-step instructions.

v380 Pro for Windows 11:

The V380 Pro for Windows 11 and Mac OS Monterey can be downloaded using BlueStacks and NOX App Player respectively.

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